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How to Get Out of Gambling Debt

How to Get Out of Gambling Debt

Gambling can be a relaxing and entertaining way to unwind after a long day. It can, however, become an issue for some people. According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, about two million people in the United States fulfill the criteria for pathological gambling. At the same time, another four to six million are considered problem gamblers.

Even if you’re not addicted to gambling, the truth is that gaming debts can swiftly mount – and endanger your financial well-being. If you’re drowning in debt, here are several options for getting out and getting gambling debt relief.

Ways to get out of gambling debt

The majority of the time, figuring out how to pay off gambling debt is similar to dealing with other ConsolidationNow types of debt.

Determine how much you owe.

After that, sum up how much you owe. It’s critical to know where you stand with this plan, just as with any other debt repayment strategy. List all of your debts, including total amounts owed, monthly payments, and interest rates. You may realize that you have a mix of personal loans, credit card debts, or other sorts of borrowing from loan sharks or bookies due to gambling in many circumstances.

Looking at a list of debts can be intimidating, but the reality is that you need to know what you’re up against before moving forward.

Do not add to your debt.

It’s critical to avoid accruing gaming debts as soon as possible – and seeking aid can assist you in doing so. Consult with friends and family for support during the process, or hire a professional to assist you in overcoming harmful behaviors. Both can assist in holding you accountable and encouraging you to quit accruing debt.

Consider substituting another hobby for gambling. Outdoor activities, movies, and learning a new hobby are all options for entertaining yourself and your loved ones. Fill your life with additional activities, especially ones you can do with family members, to help you cope while you seek expert assistance.

Admit to yourself that you have a problem.

Recognize that you may have an issue as the first step in moving forward. “Like alcohol, cigarettes, or other drugs of abuse, gambling can become an addiction,” according to the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Gambling conduct that causes injury, distress, or negative life consequences may indicate a gambling condition.”

According to the APA, if you feel compelled to lie to family, friends, or coworkers about how much you gamble, or if you feel made to keep wagering more money to come out ahead eventually, you may have a problem. Visit the National Council on Problem Gambling or look for a meeting of the support group Gamblers Anonymous to learn more about receiving treatment for a gambling problem.

If you cannot repay, look into debt relief options.

For other people, the debt may be too much to bear without a more comprehensive gambling debt relief strategy. Here are several debt relief options that may be able to assist you in getting out of your gambling debt and moving forward with your finances and life:


For the vast majority of people, bankruptcy is a last resort. However, if your gambling debt is so large that no other option appears viable, it may be worthwhile to file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Be warned, however, that in the case of gambling, your creditors may object to the action. Some attorneys advise waiting until your most recent gaming debt is at least 90 days old before filing.

Furthermore, your debt may not be discharged if the creditor can show that you had no intention of repaying the amount when you took it on. And, of course, bankruptcy has a long-term negative influence on your credit.

Work out a payment plan with your creditors: 

You can also approach your creditors and ask for their assistance in coming up with a payment plan. With a payment plan, you may be able to manage your monthly cash flow better, and in some situations, you may be able to get a reduced interest rate and pay off your debt faster.

Debt management

The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) will assist you in identifying a debt management counselor in your area. A professional NFCC firm can assist you in developing a debt management plan and a payment schedule that matches your budget.

Debt settlement

Debt settlement allows you to pay a lower amount than the entire amount you owe on your debt. 

In some circumstances, this will necessitate a one-time payment. Some firms can assist you with debt settlement, but you must be cautious of scammers. Furthermore, debt settlement can harm your credit score. Before you proceed, carefully consider debt settlement firms.

Debt consolidation

If you have strong credit, you may be able to obtain an unsecured debt consolidation loan to assist you in repaying your gambling debt. This type of loan would allow you to consolidate all of your debts into one convenient payment, with a (hopefully) cheaper interest rate.

Gambling debt relief is handled similarly to any other unsecured debt, so it’s crucial to consider your alternatives and choose which scenario is most likely to work in your situation.

Think about how you’re going to receive the money.

It’s time to establish a plan to get out of debt now that you know where you stand. Raising funds for gambling debt relief may assist you in moving forward. Consider the following ideas for earning extra cash to help you pay off your debt:

Home equity line of credit: 

Most certainly, your home is your most precious asset. You may generally acquire a decent interest rate with a home equity loan. You do, however, run the risk of losing your home if you don’t make your payments.

Loans from a 401(k) plan: 

This may not be the best alternative because it pulls some of your money out of the market. 

If you have the financial means, you may be able to borrow money to pay off your gambling obligations. You reinvest the interest you pay in your 401(k) (k). However, keep in mind that you may face penalties and taxes if you don’t repay the loan on time.

Sell unused items

Think about selling some of the products you don’t use anymore. Local classifieds, Craigslist, and eBay are all viable options for selling. You can use this money to pay off your debts.

Look for a second job

You might need more money than you can get by cutting back on your spending and selling your belongings. A second job can help you make extra money to pay off your bills, and once you’re debt-free, you can stop working.

Reduce your monthly spending: 

Examine your earnings and outgoings. Do you have any places where you could save money on services or products? You can put some of that money toward paying off your gambling debt if you cut out the wasteful spending. 

Make use of the sharing economy: 

If acquiring a second job isn’t an option, the sharing economy may be able to help. You can use Airbnb to rent out a room in your house or drive Uber or Lyft on your own time. You have a little more flexibility in earning more money in the sharing economy.

Consider what steps will be most beneficial in reducing your debt and assisting you in getting back on your feet. You might be able to get out of your gambling debt faster if you use a combination of tactics.


Finally, your gambling debt is likely to be regarded similarly to any other debt. The first step toward recovery is recognizing that you may be a compulsive gambler and seeking help to stop gambling. After that, you can consider your possibilities for obtaining gambling debt relief.

5 advantages of the BJ credit card


Image source: Getty Images

This store credit card gives you instant savings at BJ’s Gas and your cash back.

Key points

  • BJ’s offers two credit card options, and which one you can get depends on your BJ’s membership.
  • Both cards give you a $0.10 per gallon rebate at BJ’s Gas.
  • They also earn cashback and sometimes offer special bonus offers.

If you shop at BJ’s often, you may have thought about opening a BJ’s credit card. Technically, the popular warehouse club offers two credit card options. You must be a BJ’s member to get a card, and the card you get depends on your membership level:

  • With an Inner Circle membership, which costs $55 per year, you can get BJ’s Perks Plus® Mastercard® credit card.
  • With a Perks Rewards membership, which costs $110 per year, you can get BJ’s Perks Elite® Mastercard® credit card.

The cards are mostly the same except for the amount of cashback they earn. To find out if you should apply for a BJ credit card, here are the most valuable benefits you’ll get.

1. Save $0.10 per gallon at BJ’s Gas everyday

With the two BJs credit card, you save $0.10 per gallon at BJ’s Gas. You must pay with your BJ credit card to receive the discount. The discount is available up to a maximum of 30 gallons of gas or $99 per fill-up, whichever comes first. Drivers with large fuel tanks could easily reach this limit. It should also be noted that purchases at BJ’s Gas do not earn cash back.

Petrol at BJ’s normally costs less than the national average, although prices are often not as low as they are at Costco Gas Stations. Still, for BJ members, his credit card will help keep your gas bills down.

2. Earn up to 5% cash back

BJ’s credit cards earn cash back which you can redeem at checkout. There is a key difference in their cashback:

  • BJ’s Perks Plus® Mastercard® Credit Card Pays 3% cash back on most club purchases and on BJs.com.
  • BJ’s Perks Elite® Mastercard® Credit Card Wins 5% cash back on most club purchases and on BJs.com.

In the other categories, their cash back rates are the same. They win 2% back on dining out and non-BJ gas purchases. They win 1% back on other purchases.

Your cash back rewards are automatically loaded into your account and are redeemable in $10 increments during checkout. Rewards expire six months from the date they were earned and cannot be reissued. However, you can claim your cash back in the form of a paper check before it expires.

3. Earn more with special bonus offers

BJ’s frequently runs special promotions that allow you to earn more money. For example, there is currently a $40 rewards offer for first-year members only. The retailer also sometimes offers double or triple cash back on certain types of purchases, such as tires.

4. No annual fees

Like most store credit cards, BJ’s credit cards have no annual fee. As mentioned earlier, you must be a BJ member to apply, which costs $55 or $110 per year, depending on the type of membership you want. If you are already a member, that’s no problem.

5. Use your BJ’s credit card as a membership card

Once you have a BJ’s credit card, you no longer need to carry your membership card. Since your credit card is linked to your account, you can use it at checkout instead of scanning your membership card.

Should you apply for a BJ’s credit card?

A BJ credit card is only worth buying if you do most of your shopping there and refuel at its gas stations. These cards aren’t exactly what you’d call feature-rich. They offer high cashback rates on purchases at BJ’s and they help you save on gas, but that’s about it. There are others rewards credit cards which offer more return. There is also credit cards with sign-up bonus worth $200 or more, which is way better than the $40 you can get right now at BJ’s.

For BJ’s super shoppers who spend at least $2,000-$3,000 there a year, one of his credit cards might be worth it. For everyone else, it’s probably best to keep looking.

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% for up to 21 months! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

American online poker may make a comeback in 2023

2023 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for American online poker

© USA Today

Long before sports betting, online poker was the online gambling product that everyone wanted to legalize. But poker’s paltry income compared to sports betting and online casinos has made the product an afterthought in state houses and corporate offices.

Meanwhile, poker players continue to yearn for the good old days when tens of millions of poker players worldwide could log on and find non-stop action at multiple online poker sites. This is impossible in today’s legal and regulated landscape with its delimited player pools. The good news is that the landscape has never been better placed to undergo drastic change.

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In poker, it’s all about liquidity

Poker is unlike any other casino game in that it is played peer-to-peer. And as anyone who has tried to host a poker game at home can attest, you need players to make it happen.

The advantage of online poker is its accessibility, and the larger the pool of players it can draw from, the more games a site can offer, and it becomes easier to maintain those games. This is especially the case if the players are in different time zones.

Historical analysis provides two key elements:

  • The tipping point for a sustainable online poker industry is a population of around 40 million. This may vary depending on structural and economic conditions and the culture of the game, but 40 million is a good starting point.
  • In a sustainable market, you can expect an average of 50-100 poker players sitting at online poker tables per million people. The smaller the market, the lower this number will go.

Legal online poker in the United States is slowly approaching these benchmarks, but the pace may pick up thanks to recent developments.

The (almost) end of the Wire Act

The Wire Act has been a significant impediment to legal online gambling for nearly a decade. Sheldon Adelson used the existence of the Wire Act and how it could apply to online gambling beyond sports betting as a cudgel against poker and online casinos. Adelson’s campaign (which included the threat of a federal rewrite of the Wire Act) did not stop legal online casinos and poker. Yet it has slowed him down, including the willingness of several states to enter into interstate gaming pacts.

This threat is virtually over. Sheldon Adelson died in 2021 and Las Vegas Sands dropped its vehement opposition to online gambling, going so far as to form an online division.

The overarching view of the Wire Act that the DOJ presented in 2018 has also been thrown out in court. First, losing to the New Hampshire Lottery, then suffering a second loss when IGT won their lawsuit to ensure they wouldn’t be retroactively targeted by a future DOJ.

Eyes turn elsewhere after sports betting success

States are always looking to increase revenue, and gambling is one of the wells they constantly pump. Lately, that has meant legalizing sports betting. But the rapid proliferation of legal sports betting across the United States has left few viable candidates. Given the widespread availability of land-based casinos (44 states), state lotteries (45 states), and now sports betting (35 states), the only uncharted frontier that remains is online casinos (six states) and of its little brother, online poker (seven states).

Conclusion: Because they’ve pumped the game well repeatedly, lawmakers will have to look elsewhere, which means online casinos and poker.

2023 could be a great year

If online poker hopes to return to something resembling its former glory, we should see hints of it throughout 2023, with no less than five positive developments achievable.

Michigan joins the MSIGA party

Michigan joined the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA) in May. The MSIGA is an interstate agreement between member states that allows online poker operators to aggregate players across state borders.

The state and carriers have been tight-lipped about a potential in-service date, but even if it’s announced within the next two weeks, we can still call it a 2023 development for the purposes of this column.

Michigan’s entry into the MSIGA is a massive deal for two reasons:

  • The state’s population (approximately 10 million) nearly doubles the current pool of MSIGA tri-state players, bringing the total to 23 million.
  • Coupled with Wire Act developments, Michigan’s entry should ease any lingering legal concerns that other states may have.

Pennsylvania RSVP for 2024

As noted, Michigan’s joining the MSIGA will likely pave the way for Pennsylvania, which has been extremely cautious about the Wire Act, to join as well. Pennsylvania will likely wait to see how things go in Michigan before announcing that it will join the MSIGA as well, paving the way for a late 2023 or 2024 in-service date.

Adding Pennsylvania’s population would bring the MSIGA player pool to approximately 36 million.

Connecticut and West Virginia come off the sidelines

Two other states that have legalized online poker have yet to get started, Connecticut and West Virginia. Both states have small populations that are not conducive to online poker cash demands.

The special case of Arkansas

There is an eighth state that has somehow legalized online poker, or at the very least, has put in place the mechanisms to approve online poker if it chooses. That state is Arkansas.

When Arkansas legalized sports betting, it included some interesting language in Rule 5 on Interactive Poker (beginning on page 77):

6. “Inter-Operator Poker Network” means a group of Authorized Players from two or more Operators who come together to play Poker on an Interactive Gaming System.

The question is, will Arkansas allow online poker? Just because he can doesn’t mean he will. However, his chances will only get better with each new state of the MSIGA.

Legalization in Indiana, New York, or a Darkhorse State

The big wild card in 2023 is the possibility of legalization in Indiana, New York or another state.

With so few states having legal online poker, every win matters.

Indiana is the strongest contender in 2023 and would give American online poker a huge boost. New York, with 20 million inhabitants, would completely change the game.

The New York Senate has passed numerous online poker bills over the years, and Senator Joseph Addabbo (Gambling.com Policymaker of the Year recipient) seems determined to pass another in 2023. The hurdle is the Assembly, where the online poker bills have gone to wither and die.


Legal online poker in the United States has several opportunities to make significant progress in 2023.

If the MSIGA can incorporate enough states to eclipse the 40 million threshold described above, we could see renewed interest in online poker in many more states.

Don’t cash in your RRSPs to pay off your credit card debt — advice from two financial experts who answer your debt questions


Do you lose your home when you declare bankruptcy? Should you cash in your RRSPs to avoid it?

Too many people rely solely on creditors or collection agencies for debt advice – at least according to a member of our CBC Calgary text messaging community.

So we made a call. Then we put your questions to two experts: Taz Rajan, Community Engagement Partner at Bromwich and Smith, and Jolie Viguers, Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Financial Coach.

Read the summary below. Listen to the podcast or watch the video for the full interview. Or, if you have more questions, listen to the CBC [email protected] provincial phone show. These guests are now booked for Monday. It’s at 99.1 FM or online here.

32:41Your debt questions answered, a special CBC Calgary Q&A

When is declaring bankruptcy the right solution?

Alison has spent years racking up debt and paying it off while working for her family business. But that spending cycle started to catch up with her after the business was sold, she started a family, and interest rates took off. She now pays about $1,000 a month just to cover interest on her line of credit and credit card.

“I don’t know where to turn… I’m also a little ashamed because I had money before.”

Alison asks if she should declare bankruptcy or cash in her RRSPs to pay off her personal debt of $75,000?

Taz Rajan says bankruptcy is always the last option, not the first.

She says the best way to determine what’s right for you is to get a free, no-obligation consultation with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee who can help you determine your expenses, income, assets and liabilities.

Rajan says only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can file for bankruptcy on your behalf.

To file for bankruptcy, the fees are around $200 per month or more, depending on your income, for six months.

It now offers insight into bankruptcies from both sides of the table.

Seven years ago, Rajan was the victim of a serious car accident which left her financially ruined. She had a concussion and couldn’t work. But she says that hasn’t stopped the bills, her mortgage and utilities from having to be paid. She says she eventually ran out of savings and RRSPs and couldn’t make her payments.

She says she had no choice but to file for bankruptcy.

“But today I’m using this as a springboard, and I hope my story helps someone realize that this could happen to anyone, and it’s not the end of your life or of your credit as you know,” Rajan said.

Taz Rajan, a Community Engagement Partner with Licensed Insolvency Trustees, Bromwich and Smith, offers insight into bankruptcy from both sides of the table. (Elise Stolte/CBC)

What are the pros and cons of declaring bankruptcy?

Julia is a musician and music teacher who owes $90,000 in credit and student loans. She wants to know how declaring bankruptcy would affect her life.

Rajan says it’s up to each individual to weigh the pros and cons of bankruptcy.

On the plus side, she says, bankruptcy instantly stops creditor harassment and sometimes cancels all your debts, including CRA tax debt. It allows you to retain some equity in your home, various household items and RRSPs, as all of these items are legally exempt.

This is why Rajan advises people not to cash in RRSPs to pay off their debts.

“Anything registered, RRSPs, LIRAs, all those things, they’re protected under the Insolvency Act, which means your creditors are not entitled to them,” Rajan said.

“Guilty as accused, that’s what I did. Now I’m kicking myself.”

On the other hand, Rajan says, a bankruptcy wouldn’t necessarily forgive Julia’s student loans — they’re only eligible under certain conditions.

She also says that bankruptcy is the worst score you can receive on your credit report. And he stayed there for almost seven years.

But she says it’s important to put that worry into perspective, because not paying bills or using multiple credit cards is also hurting your credit.

Moreover, with bankruptcy, there is an end in sight.

“As long as you meet your obligations and are discharged, you can get credit again. It’s not the end of the world, there is life after debt,” Rajan said.

What is the difference between a consumer proposal and bankruptcy?

“Consumer proposals are one of the most powerful alternatives to bankruptcy. They are amazing and they are talked about so little,” Rajan said.

Rajan says it’s a negotiated settlement where the Licensed Insolvency Trustee makes an agreement between the consumer and creditors to pay off a portion of the debt, interest-free, over a period of up to five years. She says creditors get back more than they would get in bankruptcy, but less than what is owed to them.

Similar to bankruptcy, a consumer proposal puts an end to letters and phone calls from creditors, judgments, garnishments of wages or bank accounts.

Yet, unlike a bankruptcy, you can keep most if not all of your assets, and there are no fees. The trustee is paid out of the payment that the consumer makes to creditors.

“So that’s huge for people who maybe have a bit of equity in their home, maybe they have a decent car, have other assets, but are still struggling, don’t want to necessarily liquidate all of that,” Rajan said.

Rajan says a consumer proposal also impacts your credit report, but not as badly as a bankruptcy.

“But once you finish it, you can qualify within two years to get the best rates and the best terms. It’s really not that bad.”

Jolie Viguers, a chartered professional accountant and financial coach at Well Bean Coaching, says people struggling with mounting debt should know they’re not alone. (Elise Stolte/CBC)

Rising Credit Card Debt: What’s the Best Way to Get Out of It?

Michelle, 59, lost her job, went back to school to retrain in a new field and racked up around $35,000 in credit card debt. She wants to know how to pay.

“If I have to pay off this credit card debt, I’ll have to work until I’m 90 unless I file for bankruptcy, which I don’t want.”

Jolie Viguers says the first thing Michelle needs to do is relax and know that she’s not alone and that there are solutions.

She says anyone in this situation needs to take stock of what they owe and how much money they are bringing in, in order to create a budget.

Once that’s established, says Viguers, people can start with two things: either make more money with a side hustle, or cut expenses.

“It becomes a very fine line as to what we can cut, because it’s not just Starbucks that’s throwing your budget off balance,” Viguers said.

Viguers and Rajan also suggest that people reach out to their creditors to try to get a lower interest rate or set up a payment plan because avoiding them will create more problems in the long run.

“‘This is my situation, let’s help each other, I don’t want to have to do a consumer proposal or file for bankruptcy. I don’t want to let you hang around. I want to pay you back. But this is my situation,'” Rajan told about the approach she suggested.

“They are much more likely to work with you than when we avoid them.”

Rajan says that when it comes to another option – debt consolidation – she cautions people to do their homework first.

It is not the same as debt cancellation.

Rather, it says you are borrowing money to repay other borrowed funds, so having an exit plan is important.

And they both caution against using a line of credit or using home equity to pay off debt because it doesn’t solve the root problem.

“Or we just borrow from Peter to pay Paul and maybe get ourselves into a little bit more trouble,” Rajan said.

Are there general guidelines on how much to spend on rent, groceries, extras?

Viguers says the problem with personal finances is that they are personal, so each household will have a different budget.

“But what I would say for most of my clients, whether they come to me with a lot of debt, or they have no debt and they’re trying to sort out their cash flow or their investments, the #1 thing that they come to me because it’s just because they don’t care about their money.”

Rajan says the word budget – or the “B” word, as she calls it – is misunderstood.

So, she says, call it a spending plan or a cash flow analysis, if that helps.

But she says that at a time when she hears so much anxiety and concern in people’s voices, she says it’s important for customers to look at their bank statements to understand their financial situation.

“Once you’ve done that, it’s so empowering. Now you know what’s coming in, what’s going out, what I can do, and I’m responsible for my dollars and where my money goes,” Rajan said. .

Texting with CBC Calgary

Last year, we launched a text messaging effort to hear from Calgarians about everyday topics like food costs, utility bills and transit safety.

We send out regular updates and appreciate the ideas we receive. That’s where the idea for this Q&A came from, and we’re also talking about housing in Calgary this fall.

To register, leave your mobile number in the box below. It’s free. Confidential. Unsubscribe at any time.

Will my credit card interest rate increase in 2023?


Inflation has made most things more expensive in 2022, including credit card debt. So what does 2023 look like? No one knows for sure, but we can make an educated guess. Here’s why your credit card interest rate, also known as APR, which stands for Annual Percentage Rate, may go up.

Will my credit card interest rate increase in 2023?

It is certainly possible that your credit card interest rate will increase in 2023. Most credit cards have variable interest rates, which means that the interest rate on your account is linked to an index reference such as the prime rate. When the Preferential rate increases, the APR of your credit card also increases.

The prime rate itself is influenced by what is called the federal funds rate, set by the Federal Reserve. In 2022, the Fed increased this rate six times, trying to fight against inflation.

Every time the Fed raised interest rates in 2022, credit card accounts with varying APRs also raised rates. If this continues into 2023, you can expect to see your card’s APR increase.

It’s also important to note that credit card issuers can raise your interest rate even when the prime rate doesn’t change, as long as they notify you 45 days in advance.

How Much Does Credit Card Debt Cost?

It’s well known that credit card debt doesn’t come cheap. Consider this assumption: if you were to pay off a balance of $2,000 over 12 months on a credit card with an APR of 20%, you would need to make payments of approximately $185.27 per month and pay approximately $223.23 in interest charges.

A reason credit card interest can be so costly is that it is compounded daily. In other words, the interest you owe is calculated daily and added to your balance. When tomorrow’s interest is calculated, it is based on this new balance, including the previous day’s interest.

Can I avoid paying interest on my credit card?

There are generally two ways to avoid paying credit card interest. The first is to pay off your card in full each month, allowing you to enjoy your Grace period. But be aware that if you carry over a balance from one month to the next, for example if you only make the minimum payment due, you will lose your grace period and incur interest charges. Plus, you’ll be charged interest not only for the month you carried a balance forward, but also for the following month.

The other way to avoid credit card interest is to take advantage of a card with a 0% launch APR. These cards offer introductory periods of 0% interest for new cardholders, often ranging from 12 to 21 months. Some cards have introductory APR offers on new purchases, some on balance transfers, and some on both. But be aware that you must always make at least the minimum payment due each month, even if you are not charged interest during the promotional period.

Also be aware that 0% intro APR credit cards are generally reserved for applicants with good or better credit. A good credit score is generally considered a FICO score of 670 or more.

stay away from deferred interest offers. These may seem like 0% APR introductory offers at first glance, but they’re risky: if you don’t pay your balance within the promotional period, you’ll be charged interest on the full purchase amount at from the date of purchase, not just what’s left.

How can I get out of credit card debt?

When paying off debt, there are two main strategies—debt snowball and debt avalanche.

With the snowball method, you pay off your debts from the smallest to the largest. You must make at least the minimum payment due on each account, of course, but whatever extras you have in your budget each month must go to the account with the lowest balance.

What it does is provide motivation. You get the easy wins first and you see visible progress.

With the debt avalanche method, you pay off your debts from the highest interest rate to the lowest interest rate. This ends up saving money in the long run on interest charges.

In addition to the methods above, you may want to consider a balance transfer card or a debt consolidation loan. With a balance transfer card, you transfer debt from one or more cards to a new card (from a different issuer) with an introductory APR of 0%. There is usually a 3% to 5% balance transfer fee. However, even after the fees, you will likely save over the interest charges. Just make sure you can pay off what you owe in full before the end of the introductory period.

A debt consolidation loan will not allow you to avoid interest charges. However, you can get a better rate than what you pay on high-interest credit card debt. And, with a loan, you have a fixed monthly payment and a predetermined repayment date, unlike a credit card, which lets you keep going. minimum monthly paymentspotentially bogging you down in a cycle of increasing debt.

If you’re so underwater that these strategies and tools won’t work for you, consider talking to a reputable nonprofit. credit counselor who might be able to help with a debt management plan.


Without a crystal ball, you can’t be 100% sure that your interest rate will go up in 2023. However, if 2022 is any indication, the chances of you paying more to carry a balance are high.

More Advisor

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

Here are the best credit card tips we found on Instagram


Image source: Getty Images

Instagram got this credit card advice right.

Key points

  • Only charge what you can afford to pay in full so you don’t pay interest on your purchases.
  • Make more than the minimum payment. Interest will accumulate quickly and make it difficult to pay off your debts.
  • Credit cards can offer three key benefits: travel protection, rewards, and sign-up bonuses. But they must be used responsibly.

With so many influencers on Instagram, it can be hard to know who to trust when it comes to financial advice. And while there’s plenty of terrible financial advice online, we’ve found some real gems on Instagram that can help you save money, improve your credit score, and make smart financial decisions.

Pay your credit card balance each month

It may seem obvious, but Americans pay about $120 billion a year in credit card interest, or about $1,000 a year for every American household. Credit cards are one of the biggest sources of consumer debt, but it’s important to pay down your balance every month.

It’s one of the best credit card advice there, and that’s something far too many people overlook. Just because you have a high credit limit doesn’t mean you have to max it out every month. If you can’t afford to pay your balance in full, you need to re-evaluate your spending habits. Otherwise, you will find yourself in debt before you know it.

Make more than the minimum payment

If you hit a snag and can’t pay it back every month, try paying more than the minimum. @modernmoneyinc in an article explains how credit cards work and “how the high interest rate associated with most cards can add up if you have an outstanding balance”. The post gives an example of Mark splurging on a trip to Europe and spending $5,000 on his credit card. If Mark can only pay $1,000 on the due date and $500 per month, he will pay a total of $330 in interest assuming an interest rate of 19.99%.

However, if Mark only pays $100 a month, it would take him 67 months (over 5½ years) to fully pay off the debt and he would pay $2,647 in interest. It’s an expensive trip to Europe. Credit card companies want you to pay only the minimum. This is how they make money. @modernmoneyinc says “credit card debt is often the worst kind of debt a young professional can have!”

How to Use Credit Cards Positively

If used correctly, credit cards can offer significant benefits. In an article, @thriftlondoner claims that credit cards offer three benefits: travel protection, rewards and sign-up bonuses. Many credit cards offer purchase protections or travel coverage. They offer fraud protection as well as liability coverage. This means that if someone uses your credit card fraudulently, you are not responsible for any purchases you did not make.

Many credit cards offer rewards like cash back or points that can be redeemed for travel. Do your research to find the credit card that best suits your lifestyle. Some offer additional rewards for catering and restaurants, groceries, gas and travel. If you don’t have a credit card that offers rewards, offers, or cashback, you’re leaving money at the table.

Finally, some credit cards offer excellent sign up bonus. “Many cards will offer a welcome bonus when joining. This can be in the form of cash, points or vouchers.” Many rewards cards offer sign-up bonuses worth hundreds of dollars in cash. Although bonuses can be lucrative, you must earn them by spending money on the card. It’s important not to go into more debt just for the sign-up bonus.

If you’re like most people, you probably have a love-hate relationship with credit cards. On the one hand, they are incredibly practical and can help you earn loyalty points you can use for travel or other shopping. On the other hand, it’s all too easy to get into credit card debt if you’re not careful. Paying off your credit cards each month can help you take advantage of the benefits they offer.

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% for up to 21 months! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

Global Sports Betting Software Market Size and Forecast


New Jersey, United States – The report offers a comprehensive and accurate research study on the Global sports betting software market while focusing primarily on current and historical market scenarios. Stakeholders, market players, investors, and other market participants can significantly benefit from the in-depth market analysis provided in the report. The authors of the report have compiled a detailed study of crucial market dynamics including growth drivers, restraints, and opportunities. This study will help market players to fully understand the future development of the global sports betting software market. The report also focuses on market taxonomy, regional analysis, opportunity assessment, and vendor analysis to aid in a comprehensive assessment of the global sports betting software market.

Importantly, the report digs deep into critical aspects of the competitive landscape and future changes in market competition. Additionally, it provides price analysis, industry chain analysis, product & application analysis, and other vital studies to paint a complete picture of the global Sports Betting Software market. Additionally, it offers players comprehensive market analysis to help them identify major business prospects available in the global Sports Betting Software market. The result-oriented recommendations and suggestions provided in the report could help players expand their businesses, increase their profits, and make significant changes in their business strategies.

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Key Players Mentioned in the Global Sports Betting Software Market Research Report:

Playtech, Microgaming, Betconstruct, Softgamings, Betsys, BetRadar, SBTech, Digitain, GammaStack, EveryMatrix.

Global Sports Betting Software Market Segmentation:

Sports Betting Software Market, By Type

• On the site
• Cloud-based

Sports Betting Software Market, By Application

• Online Bookmakers
• Game operators

The research analysts who authored this report are experts in the competitive analysis of the global sports betting software market. They have deeply profiled the major as well as other players in the global Sports Betting Software market with a focus on their market share, recent developments, business overview, markets served and growth strategies. The report not only provides valuable insights into the competitive landscape, but also focuses on minor and major factors influencing the businesses of players. The product portfolios of all the companies profiled in the report are compared in some detail in the product analysis section.

The global sports betting software market is segmented on the basis of type, application and region. Analysts have carefully studied each segment and sub-segment to provide broad segmental analysis of the global Sports Betting Software Market. The segmentation study identifies leading segments and explains key factors supporting their growth in the global Sports Betting Software market. In the regional analysis section, the report authors have shown how different regions and countries are growing in the global Sports Betting Software market and predicted their market size for the upcoming years. The segmental analysis will help companies focus on high growth areas of the global sports betting software market.

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What to expect in our report?

(1) A comprehensive section of the global sports betting software market report is devoted to market dynamics, which includes influencing factors, market drivers, challenges, opportunities, and trends.

(2) Another major part of the research study is reserved for the regional analysis of the Global Sports Betting Software Market where important regions and countries are assessed for their growth potential, consumption, market share and other vital factors indicating their market growth.

(3) Players can use the competitive analysis provided in the report to develop new strategies or refine their existing strategies to meet market challenges and increase their share of the global sports betting software market.

(4) The report also examines the competitive situation and trends and sheds light on company expansions and ongoing mergers and acquisitions in the global sports betting software market. Moreover, it sheds light on the market concentration rate and market shares of top three and top five players.

(5) Readers receive the research study findings and conclusion provided in the Global Sports Betting Software Market report.

Key questions answered by the report:

(1) What are the growth opportunities for new entrants in the global sports betting software industry?

(2) Who are the key players operating in the global sports betting software market?

(3) What are the key strategies participants are likely to adopt to increase their share in the global Sports Betting Software industry?

(4) What is the competitive situation in the global sports betting software market?

(5) What are the emerging trends that may be influencing the growth of the Global Sports Betting Software Market?

(6) Which product type segment will have a high CAGR in the future?

(7) Which application segment will grab a nice share in the global sports betting software industry?

(8) Which region is lucrative for manufacturers?

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What happens when your credit card’s 0% APR period ends?


If you have a balance on your credit card when the 0% introductory APR period ends, you will begin to accrue interest charges. The standard purchase APR will be applied to your balance immediately, and depending on how much you owe, it could quickly get expensive. As such, you should establish a plan to pay off your outstanding balance as quickly as possible. That said, there are other options for managing a credit card balance, including trying to negotiate a lower interest rate or making a balance transfer. Read on for our tips on how to manage a credit card balance after the 0% APR promotional period ends.

What is a 0% Introductory APR?

A Credit card 0% APR can be a useful tool when making a new purchase or consolidating an existing debt. These cards offer interest-free periods, during which you pay no interest on your purchases or balance transfers, or both. Typically, 0% APR intro offers last from six to 21 months.

You will need to make a minimum payment on time each month to meet the terms of the promotion. However, it will be in your interest to make more than the minimum payment so that you can pay your balance in full at the end of the 0% introductory APR.

What happens after your introductory 0% APR ends?

At the end of your introductory period, you will start paying interest on any remaining balance. Your purchase APR will determine the amount of interest you will be charged. Your standard variable APR is determined by the specific card product, the federal funds rate and your credit score. Interest charges can add up quickly and make it harder pay off credit card debt.

What are your options if you still have a balance after your 0% introductory APR ends?

The best way to reduce your interest charges is to get rid of your debt as soon as possible, preferably before the end of the 0% APR introduction. But if that’s not possible, there are several routes you can take to avoid the standard APR. You can:

  • Repay your outstanding balance as soon as possible.
  • Negotiate a lower interest rate with your credit card company.
  • Consider a balance transfer. You may be able to transfer some or all of this balance to a new credit card with a 0% APR offer to save more time. However, this can be a risky option: Perform multiple balance transfers requires a lot of discipline.

What is the difference between a 0% initial APR on purchases and balance transfers?

Generally, 0% APR introductory cards are better for making new purchases, while balance transfer cards are more useful for consolidating existing debt balances.

For example, if you plan to make a big purchase like a new TV or laptop and you know you can pay it off during the introductory period, a 0% APR card will be great for spreading out your payments.
However, if you have an existing credit card balance that you’re paying interest on, you can consolidate your debt with a balance transfer card, which will give you a set amount of time to pay off your balance without interest.

That said, many credit cards offer introductory APRs on new purchases and balance transfers.

Should you cancel your credit card at the end of the introductory 0% APR period?

Once the 0% introductory APR ends, you should keep your credit card open. Closing a credit card can potentially harm your credit ratings. This could reduce the average age of your accounts and increase your credit utilization rate, both important factors for your credit score.

If you applied for the card only for the promotional APR period, you may consider canceling the account once the interest-free window closes. But it may not be the best decision for your overall credit health.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that a 0% APR credit card can be a great way to make new purchases or consolidate existing debt, but you need to know what happens at the end of the introductory period. At the end of your introductory period, you will start paying interest on any remaining balance, and your interest rate will be determined by your creditworthiness. It’s important to understand the terms and conditions of your card before applying, so you know what to expect when the 0% APR period ends. If you are transferring a balance, use one of the best balance transfer credit cards to get the longest promotions.

Editorial content on this page is based solely on objective, independent assessments by our editors and is not influenced by advertising or partnerships. It was not supplied or commissioned by a third party. However, we may receive compensation when you click on links to products or services offered by our partners.

FDJ launches an online poker offer – Poker


French lottery operator La Francaise des Jeux (FDJ) has announced the launch of a new online poker offering, the company’s first foray into the vertical.

The first poker product launched by FDJ is Jackpot Sit & Go, which will be available via its online ParionsSport mobile application, and will be followed by other games in the future. The company said the group’s experimentation in the new vertical was part of a broader strategy to strengthen the company’s presence in the French online gaming market.

“We are delighted to offer our players a new range of games,” explains Richard Courtois, head of sports betting and poker at the FDJ. “They will be able to use the ParionsSport online application to enjoy a range of recreational poker designed for all types of players.

“This operation allows FDJ to complete our presence in the online gaming market, in line with our strategy of growth and permanent innovation, based on an economic model combining performance and responsibility for the pleasure of gaming.”

The games will be played through the iPoker offering from game provider Playtech. The company said it intends to expand its poker product line to include all online poker formats approved by France’s National Gaming Authority.

Revenue increase

FDJ announced strong revenue growth in its third quarter financial statements, leading to an increase in the group’s revenue forecast for the full year.

“Our digital activity continues to attract a growing number of players, nearly five million,” said FDJ President and CEO Stéphane Pallez. “The good performance expected for the year as a whole reflects the relevance of our strategy, which relies on these two distribution channels and confirms our model of responsible growth over the long term.

7 little-known facts about your credit card

There’s probably more on your credit card than you think. Whether you’re shopping for a new credit card or trying to make the most of what you have, here’s what you need to know to optimize your finances and credit score.

1. Most top credit cards offer pre-approval

Apply for a new line of credit is a great way to increase your purchasing power and boost your credit score – but if you apply for too many credit cards at once, your credit score could drop. That’s why it’s a good idea to get pre-approved for a credit card before applying. A large number of today’s best credit cards offer pre-approval, which gives you the chance to find out if you’re likely to be a good match before you take the time to complete the application. It also allows you to avoid applying for a credit card and being declined.

2. Your APR could go up or down

Credit card interest rates are variable – meaning that credit issuers have the power to adjust your APR up or down in accordance with the prime interest rate. Credit card issuers also have the power to apply a APR penalty if you miss a credit card payment or incur charges that exceed your available credit limit. If you want to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your credit cards, you can improve your credit score, negotiate a lower APR or search for a credit card with a 0% APR introductory period. You can also avoid interest charges by paying off your balance in full each month before your credit card grace period expired.

3. Your credit limit can go up or down

Credit card issuers also have the power to increase or decrease your credit limit. If you practice responsible credit habitsLike making on-time payments each month and keeping your credit card balance low, you might be rewarded with a higher credit limit. Some credit card issuers also offer higher credit limits for people who report an increase in their annual income. If you practice less than responsible credit habits, your credit issuer may reduce your available credit. You could also see your credit limit drop if your income drops or if you stop using your credit card for an extended period of time.

4. Your credit card may offer travel benefits

Many credit cards offer perks that can save you money on your next trip or vacation. The best travel credit cards often come with perks such as free airport lounge access, travel insurance, rental car insurance or statement credits for TSA PreCheck and Global Entry Application Fees. The best airline credit cards also offer plenty of perks for frequent flyers, including free checked bags and the ability to earn elite status faster. Even a everyday credit card can come with money-saving travel perks, like the chance to earn bonus rewards on dining, entertainment, or gas purchases.

5. You may be able to upgrade or downgrade your credit card

Many issuers offer credit cards with no annual fee that complement their other offerings. This gives consumers the opportunity to choose between pay an annual fee and earn higher rewards, or skipping the annual fee and getting a less competitive rewards rate. In many cases, cardholders can contact the issuer to upgrade or downgrade — upgrade to the annual fee version for maximize your rewards potentialor downgrade to the no-annual-fee version if you’re not using the card as much as you’d hoped.

6. Your credit issuer can help you if needed

If you experience unexpected financial difficulties, contact your credit card issuer. All major credit issuers offer hardship programs designed to help people in times of financial need. In some cases, you could get a reduction in your minimum monthly payment. In others, you might receive a lower interest rate. You can also discuss debt consolidation optionsbut be aware that consolidating your debt could hurt your credit score.

7. Keeping your credit card account open is important

There are many factors that affect your credit score, including the age of your open credit accounts. Many people don’t realize that close a credit account – especially an old credit account – could have a negative impact on their credit. It’s also a little known fact that if you stop using your credit card for long enough, your credit issuer could begin the process of closing the account. That’s why it’s good to use each of your credit cards regularly. Consider putting a monthly subscription service on your least-used card and using automatic payment by credit card pay your balance in full each month. This way you can keep your accounts open and continue to build a positive credit history.

The bottom line

Once you understand how credit cards work, you’ll be able to get the most out of each of your cards, whether you’re maximizing rewards, boosting your credit score, or using your credit card’s travel benefits on your travels. next big adventure. Want to know more? We have a guide to help you make the most of your credit cards — and if you’re ready to apply for a new card, we’ve got a guide to help you choose the best credit card for you.

Editorial content on this page is based solely on objective, independent assessments by our editors and is not influenced by advertising or partnerships. It was not supplied or commissioned by a third party. However, we may receive compensation when you click on links to products or services offered by our partners.

Which state is next for US online poker? Part III: Kentucky


Which state is next for US online poker?  Part III: Kentucky

traxlergirl, iStockPhoto

In this series, we’ll look at six states considered most likely to offer legal and regulated online poker over the next year. So far we’ve explored West Virginia and Connecticut, two states that have already regulated online poker – although there are still key steps to take before we can expect an operator to be put in place. line.

We now turn to the states that have yet to pass igaming legislation, starting with one that has tried – and only narrowly failed – to move forward with esports legislation and poker every year for the past three years.

Kentucky: A ruby-red state that, despite being home to the iconic Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby, has proven tricky territory to grow the game.

But attitudes in the Bluegrass State may change. An attempt to legalize online poker and sports betting in Kentucky failed this year. And despite Kentucky’s conservative gravity, the state might be forced to expand online gambling anyway, as potential tax revenue would otherwise cross its borders into neighboring states — some of which also tend to be conservative. , but also seem to be okay with expanding the game.

Real money online poker in the United States is currently legal and operational in five states: Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Kentucky could be the sixth US state to offer online poker, but its availability will likely have to conform to the outlines of sports betting plans. If this were to pass, the state would have seven racetracks, which would likely be the land-based access points for online poker.

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Most Kentucky Neighbors Have Sportsbooks

Kentucky is not a gambling-friendly state. There are very few options available to Kentuckians who want to gamble – other than the state lottery, horse racing, and historic horse racing machines in a handful of sites.

Many Kentuckians would like it to stay that way. It is a socially conservative state, and voters there identify more with the Republican political brand than with the Democrats. With the approach of the mid-term elections, the G.O.P. held supermajorities in both houses of the Kentucky General Assembly – enjoying a 75-25 advantage in the state House of Representatives and a 30-8 advantage in the state Senate. Governor Andy Beshear, a Democrat, leads the state.

Many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle support expanding the games.

Proponents say Kentucky is missing an opportunity and almost all of its neighbors are taking advantage. Kentuckians cross state lines to gamble and give neighboring states tax revenue that would otherwise go to their home state.

Ohio is scheduled to launch sports betting on January 1, 2023. When it does, Kentucky will be surrounded by states that offer legal sports betting – Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia all offer it. The only exception is Missouri, which will consider sports betting in 2023.

For three years in a row, supportive lawmakers have tried to pass legislation legalizing sports betting. Curiously, Kentucky online poker – not online casino games – was in the game.

Previous Proposals for Online Poker in Kentucky

Lawmakers attempted to legalize online poker in the 2020, 2021 and 2022 legislative sessions. The bills under consideration in all three years were similar, but the 2020 and 2021 versions included a directive targeting US PokerStars.

The three bills – HB 137, HB 241 and HB 606, which were reviewed in 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively – would have required online poker operators to pay the state $250,000 for a one-year license, renewable annually for $10,000. A tax rate of 6.75% would have been levied on online poker.

While none of the bills include a limit for the number of poker platforms that can be launched, it is assumed that all gaming facilities that could have launched sports betting – the state has seven racetracks – each would have been authorized to manage an online poker room. .

The three bills mentioned above died in committee.

Fans face headwinds in 2023

HB 606 fell just short of the votes it needed to pass in 2022. Online poker and sportsbook fans have vowed to try again in 2023.

Two peculiarities in the state constitution will make this difficult.

First, the state constitution requires the legislature to meet for 30 days in odd years rather than 60 days in even years — so supporters will have half the time they had in 2022 to convince their skeptical colleagues. to support the legislation.

Second, the constitution states that any legislation that would increase revenue (including a gaming expansion bill) must receive three-fifths of the support of both houses of the legislature. For the House of Representatives, that means getting 60 votes. More support will be needed since HB 606 only passed the House on a 58-30 vote.

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Horse Tracks would probably start poker

If proponents introduce a gambling expansion bill again in 2023, and if it passes this time around, there could be seven online poker rooms in Kentucky – one for each of the racetracks in Kentucky. state, also licensed to launch mobile and online sports betting. Previous legislation listed these land-based facilities as follows:

  • Churchill Downs, Louisville
  • Ellis Park, Henderson
  • Keeneland, Lexington
  • Kentucky Downs at Franklin
  • Oak Grove, in Oak Grove
  • The Red Mile, Lexington
  • Turfway Park, Florence

Kentucky should also enact separate legislation to allow for cash sharing. It would probably require joining a multi-jurisdictional gaming pact like the Multi-State Internet Gambling Agreement (MSIGA) to give online poker a chance to succeed. Membership MSIGA is imperative, and Kentucky’s small population (4.5 million) makes it even more important.

Learn more about American Multistate Online Poker in our comprehensive guide.

Which state is next for US online poker? Part One: West Virginia


    A beautiful elevated train track is seen entering the lush mountains of West Virginia under blue skies with puffy white clouds.

Sharosh Rajasekher, unsplash

In this series, we’ll look at six states considered most likely to offer legal and regulated online poker over the next year. For the first installment, we’re focusing on West Virginia, a state that could see its first online poker operators go live in 2023. This article first appeared on US Gaming Review, and has been reposted on pokerfuse.

Real money online poker in the US is currently legal and operational in five US states: Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Which state will be sixth?

A handful of states are frequently mentioned as contenders to be the next multi-state poker site. Membership Multi-State Internet Gambling Agreement (MSIGA) – an interstate online poker pact that today includes all of the states mentioned above, minus Pennsylvania – is considered an absolute must for getting the vertical off the ground in a new jurisdiction.

Online poker is already legal in West Virginia, and its regulator has said so twice, including in an exclusive interview last month with Poker Industry PRO — that he can’t wait to join MSIGA. It seems incredibly likely that the sixth state in online poker will ultimately be West Virginia.

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The pandemic helped usher in a new era

Online casino games (and, by extension, online poker) became legal in West Virginia after the West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act was passed in March 2019.

When the pandemic hit a year later and the state’s five land-based casinos were forced to close, the West Virginia Lottery Commission (WVLC) was forced to enact a series of emergency rules to facilitate the launch of online casinos in April 2020. The rules, which came into effect in May 2020, allowed casinos to operate up to three skins each for online casino games and sports betting.

The West Virginia Legislature codified the emergency rules into law in April 2021.

Population: a factor that slows down WV

If one of our operators came to us and told us that they wanted to offer multi-state poker, I’m sure we [would consider it]. We are monitoring the situation. Although it is legal to play online poker in West Virginia and there are no apparent barriers to sharing cash with other US jurisdictions, none of the nine operators currently active in the state online poker offer.

The reason for this is likely that the state ranks 40th in terms of population – it only has around 1.8 million people. Operators may be reluctant to roll out online poker until state joins MSIGA or another similar multi-state gaming compact, opening up the WV online poker rooms to a much larger pool of players.

But West Virginia’s membership in MSIGA is probably not the only factor. If it was and the WVLC shared that impression, the regulator would likely have encouraged Gov. Jim Justice and Attorney General Patrick Morrisey to take action.

Other factors are likely at play in West Virginia and other states. Online poker won’t be a huge money maker in terms of tax revenue, and operators have prioritized sports betting launches – fully aware that sports betting is the best tool to open up states to casino games legal online. Online casino games are a real source of revenue for state governments and operators.

West Virginia wants to join MSIGA

Yet the WVLC made it clear that he wanted to join MSIGA.

:In July 2021, the regulator declared fuse poker he was “studying the possibility of joining” a multi-state pact like the MSIGA. This week a WVLC official says Poker Industry PRO in an exclusive he was “definitely interested” in joining MSIGA and would take steps to do so if one of its in-state operators made such a request.

“If one of our operators came to us and said they wanted to offer multi-state poker, I’m sure we would [would consider it]said Deputy Director of Security David Bradley. “We are monitoring the situation.”


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Potential Online Poker Operators at WV

Operator Likely to launch Poker? Land based casino partner
BetMGM Yes Greenbrier Resort
Caesars Yes Mountaineer Casino
Bet Rivers Maybe Mountaineer Casino
PokerStars1 Maybe Greenbrier Resort

(1) = While PokerStars is not a licensed operator at WV, FanDuel is licensed. Flutter owns both brands. PokerStars, or another Flutter brand, could potentially become a licensed operator and launch online poker.

Determine which of West Virginia’s nine operators would ask the state to join MSIGA is a curious exercise, but two stand out – BetMGM and Caesars.

BetMGM is one of three operators (the others are FanDuel and Golden Nugget) on the private Greenbrier Resort license. The operator could wait for Michigan to become a participating member of MSIGA and authorizes its operators to offer multi-state poker. At this point, BetMGM could connect its Michigan and New Jersey player pools to West Virginia once it joins the compact.

Meanwhile, through WSOPCaesars could presumably do the same with its player pools in Delaware, Michigan, Nevada and New Jersey. WSOP NV is the only online poker operator in Nevada. The American network WSOP/888 has a monopoly on online poker in Delaware thanks to three racinos in the state that run poker skins powered by 888.

Caesars is one of two licensed Mountaineer Casino operators. BetRivers may also pressure West Virginia to join MSIGA once he brought a long-talked-about poker platform to market.

PokerStars is another possibility. Although PokerStars is not a licensed operator in the state, another Flutter brand, FanDuel, is. It’s unclear if PokerStars could share access to FanDuel via Greenbrier in a separate vertical or if it should launch under another terrestrial ownership.

The three main gambling facilities in the state are Greenbrier, Mountaineer and the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races. Hollywood partners with Barstool, DraftKings and PointsBet, none of which offer online poker.

A ninth operator, Betly, runs online sports betting at Mardi Gras and Wheeling Island casinos in West Virginia.

Say goodbye to your credit card debt with these 4 tips

Image source: Getty Images

Credit card debt doesn’t have to be something you go through year after year.

Key points

  • To make progress on credit card debt, limit your spending and commit to a monthly payment amount.
  • A balance transfer card or debt consolidation loan can also make the repayment process easier.
  • If you have debt spread over multiple credit cards, set up a payment plan to decide which cards to pay off first.

It’s never a good time to have credit card debt, but if you currently have balances, it’s more important than ever to pay them off. With rising interest rates, credit card debt can get more expensive in the near future.

Getting out of credit card debt isn’t easy. I’ve done it before, so I understand how stressful and difficult it can be. But there are a few tips you can follow to at least make your job easier. They can help you pay off your credit cards faster and save money on interest charges.

1. Limit your credit card use

When you’re in credit card debt, the first thing you need to do is stop the bleeding. The solution might be to stop using your credit cards altogether and only pay with a debit card or in cash. If you continue to pay with credit cards, use them only for essentials.

One of the reasons credit card debt is so difficult to pay off is that many people continue to use their card as normal. Even when making payments, they also take a step back by adding new fees. To get out of credit card debtyou must both repay it regularly and keep your expenses to a minimum.

2. Commit to a monthly payment amount

For this tip, you will need to know your net salary and your monthly fixed costs, ie your needs. Add up all the bills you have to pay, then subtract them from your take home pay. Depending on what’s left, you can decide how much you’ll pay for your credit card debt each month.

Let’s say your take home pay is $4,000 per month and your fixed costs are $2,500. That leaves $1,500. Knowing this, you could commit to paying $750 or $1,000 a month for your credit card debt. Leave yourself some wiggle room here. It’s important to set a realistic goal that you can achieve each month.

What is important is to commit to a specific amount. By doing this, you’re more likely to stay on track and be consistent.

3. Apply for a balance transfer card or debt consolidation loan

These are two popular ways to pay off credit card debt. Here’s how they work:

  • Credit cards with balance transfer offer a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers. The APR intro can last 12 months, 18 months or more, depending on the card. If you get a balance transfer card, you can transfer your credit card balances and avoid additional interest charges for the duration of the introductory period.
  • Debt consolidation loans are personal loans intended to repay a debt. If you get one, you can use it to pay off all your credit cards. Then you can repay the loan in fixed installments.

With both options, you can get a lower interest rate on your debt, saving you money. They also consolidate your debt so you only have to make one monthly payment to one account (your balance transfer card or your loan).

To qualify for either and get the lowest rates, you’ll likely need a good credit score. You can always try to apply if your credit is not there yet. However, it may be better to wait, pay off some of your debt first, and then apply after you have increase your credit score.

4. Decide on a payment plan

You have already decided on a payment amount, but your payment plan is a little different. This is how you will divide this monthly payment between your credit card.

Now, if you’ve opened a balance transfer card or a debt consolidation loan, it’s easy. Since you only have one account to pay, you can simply put your entire monthly payment into that account. But if you haven’t and have multiple credit cards, a payment plan is needed.

There are two common payment methods, known as Snowball and avalanche of debtwhich you can use:

  • Debt Snowball: Make minimum payments on all your credit cards and put all your extra money on the credit card with the smallest balance. Once you’ve paid off that credit card, repeat the process for the credit card with the next lowest balance.
  • Avalanche of debt: Make minimum payments on all your credit cards and put all your extra money on the credit card with the highest APR. Once you’ve paid off that credit card, repeat the process for the credit card with the next highest APR.

The debt snowball is great for staying motivated because it reduces debt the fastest. The avalanche of debt saves you the most money in credit card interestsince you are targeting the debts with the highest APR first.

Credit card debt can seem overwhelming. But if you watch your spending, make a plan, and are consistent, you could see your debt paid off sooner than you think.

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% for up to 21 months! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

4 reasons using a personal loan to pay off your credit card is a bad idea

Image source: Getty Images

Personal loans are a way to borrow money that can be used for any purpose. This differentiates them from a mortgage or car loan, which must be used to purchase a house or a car, respectively. Getting a personal loan is quite simple and involves choosing a lender based on available interest rates (your credit score impact on the rates you will be offered, with the lowest interest rates going to borrowers with the highest credit scores), completing an application, undergoing a credit check, getting approved, receiving money from your loan and repay the loan over months or years, with interest.

Interest rates on personal loans can be lower than you’d get with a credit card, so if you’re struggling with credit card debt, you may be wondering if you should take out a loan. debt consolidation loan to get out from under. Is it a good financial move to make? Here are a few reasons why you might want to think twice.

Discover: These personal loans are the best for debt consolidation

More: Prequalify for a personal loan without affecting your credit score

1. You can’t get a lower interest rate

If you’re struggling with bad credit on top of your card balances, you may not qualify for a low interest rate. There are lenders who cater to those who have less than stellar credit, but you will pay a higher interest rate than if you had good or excellent credit. Depending on the interest rate attached to the credit card(s) you’re trying to pay off, you might not get a personal loan. One way to ensure you get the best deal possible, even with a lower score, is to shop around with multiple personal lenders. Many offer loan pre-approval, so you can get an idea of ​​what terms you’ll qualify for before you get started.

Another problem you might face using a personal loan to repay credit card debt is an additional charge. Some lenders may ask you to pay an origination fee for the loan, often equal to 1% to 8% of the total amount you borrow. Other charges you may face may include a loan prepayment penalty, processing fees, and if you are late with a payment, you may also incur late fees.

3. Secured loans can be risky

If you cannot qualify for an unsecured personal loan, you may need to take out a secured loan. These sometimes come with lower interest rates, but that’s because you’re risking collateral, like your house, car, or other valuables, that will be seized by the lender if you don’t. not refund. It’s a route you could take if you can’t get a loan otherwise, but providing collateral adds another layer of potential problems to using a loan to pay off credit cards.

4. It may not solve your spending problem

This last reason is important. If you can get approved for an unsecured personal loan at a reasonable interest rate, you’ll save money on your credit card debt payment. But unless you really want to dig deeper and get to the root of your spending problem, this won’t solve it. Let’s say you get the loan, pay off the credit cards, and run into trouble again – this time with $0 starting balances on all those credit cards.

Eliminating the credit card temptation altogether may seem like the safest route, but closing your cards once paid, it’s often not a good idea. Closing unused cards will negatively impact your credit score by reducing your total available credit limit and reducing the average age of your account.

In the end, only you know yourself. If you pay off your cards with a loan, can you avoid topping them up again and ending up in an even deeper hole than before? If the answer is no or you’re not sure, a personal loan to pay off your credit cards may not be the best solution for you.

Alternatives to debt repayment

I got rid of credit card debt myself this year, without resorting to a personal loan. There is a some ways to approach debt repayment. I relied on the debt snowball method, where you first invest more money into paying off your smaller balances, then move on to the next balance. By the time you reach your highest balance, all the money you put on your other credit cards goes towards that final balance. Another debt repayment method with a similar concept is called the debt avalanche method, in which you focus on paying off your highest-interest debt first. This way you will save money, but it may not be as psychologically satisfying as snowballing your debt. Watching your debts snowball away can be very motivating.

Many well-meaning people will tell you that you can simply budget your way of solving money problems, but that assumes you earn enough money to start with. Evaluate your expenses against your income to determine your own situation, but you will probably find that it will be more productive for your debt repayment if you can bring in some extra cash, perhaps by get a stampede or a better paying full-time job (or both).

Paying off debts is difficult. It’s hard to be honest with yourself about your finances, but I can tell you that the rewards (both financial and emotional) are huge. Getting a personal loan to help with your credit card debt might be a good fit for you, but be sure to consider all of the above angles before making a sure decision. Good luck – I’m rooting for you.

The Ascent’s Best Personal Loans for 2022

Our team of independent experts have pored over the fine print to find the select personal loans that offer competitive rates and low fees. Start by reviewing The Ascent’s best personal loans for 2022.

We are firm believers in the Golden Rule, which is why editorial opinions are our own and have not been previously reviewed, approved or endorsed by the advertisers included. The Ascent does not cover all offers on the market. The editorial content of The Ascent is separate from the editorial content of The Motley Fool and is created by a different team of analysts. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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4 in 10 shoppers might open a store credit card during the holidays. Should you?

Image source: Getty Images

It’s a decision that may serve you well – or that you may regret.

Key points

  • Store credit cards usually offer in-store discounts and rewards.
  • They also tend to charge a lot of interest which is a bad thing when paying off a balance.
  • Read the fine print on an in-store credit card offer before you jump in and sign up.

The holiday season is a popular time to shop. And this year, you might be eager to start shopping early, especially as a number of retailers are running pre-holiday promotions.

However, during your purchases, you may be asked if you wish to open a store credit card. Contrary to normal credit cardstore credit cards can only be used at retailers that issue them.

In a recent Bluedot survey of holiday shopping, 40% of respondents said they could open a store credit card this season. But is it a smart move for you?

The advantage of store credit cards

With a store credit card, you could be approved within minutes of submitting an application. It is convenient.

Plus, you can often get a nice discount on your original purchase when you open this type of card. Some offers, for example, can reach 25% or 30% off your first purchase. So if you buy a $200 holiday gift and get 30% off, that’s a nice $60 savings.

Plus, store credit cards often make it easy to earn rewards points that you can redeem for in-store purchases or cash back on those purchases. So if there’s a retailer you shop at a lot, then a store credit card might make sense.

The downside of store credit cards

Store credit cards can have their advantages. But one downside is that they tend to charge higher than average interest rates on carried over balances.

To be clear, that’s a pretty big downside. Many people rack up higher credit card tabs while on vacation. But if you run up a balance on a store credit card that you can’t pay off right away, it could end up costing you a lot more than you expected — so much more than you’re canceling out the cash back you got on your original purchase.

And remember, if your credit card balance gets too high and you fall behind, you risk damaging your credit score. This could make it more difficult to borrow money in general.

Also, every time you apply for a credit card (store or otherwise), you have a difficult investigation done on your credit report. Granted, a single serious inquiry isn’t a big deal if your credit score is strong. But if you’ve recently applied for other credit cards, further investigation could have a much bigger impact on your credit score. And that’s a bad thing if you’re planning on asking for a bigger short-term loan, like a mortgage.

What’s the right call?

You might be tempted to open a store credit card while on vacation, and in some cases that might make sense. But before you go down that road, absolutely make sure you read the fine print. In addition to ending up with a higher interest rate, you may find that the benefits offered by your card are limited beyond your initial discount. And if so, it might make a lot more sense to apply for a new credit card that offers a generous sign-up bonus and rewards program at all levels.

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% for up to 21 months! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

Saskatchewan could get online poker as early as December


Saskatchewan could get online poker as early as December


Once poker is launched on our platform, we will be part of the network Saskatchewan will join three other Canadian provinces in a multi-jurisdictional pact for online poker in December, fuse poker has learned.

In an exclusive, a spokeswoman for the nonprofit Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) set a deadline when PlayNow, an online gambling platform developed by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), will add online poker to Saskatchewan.

“Poker is expected to launch in the next phase, potentially in December,” said Alanna Adamko, SIGA’s director of communications and media relations. fuse poker Friday.

PlayNow is going to live in the provinces for online casino games and sports betting on November 3, Poker Industry PRO reported last week.

Saskatchewan will become PRC Member

Once online poker is added to the PlayNow platform in Saskatchewan, the province will become a member of the Canada Poker Network (PRC), an informal interprovincial pact that currently includes British Columbia (BC), Manitoba and Quebec.

The three provinces of PRC share their player pools and enjoy shared cash. Saskatchewan will join them.

Once poker is launched on our platform, we will be part of the network“said Adamko.

PRC was formed in February 2011 and is powered by an outdated version of IGT Software. The network started when BCLC began offering peer-to-peer poker at Espace Jeux, an online gaming site operated by Loto-Québec. British Columbia and Manitoba share the cash, and players in both provinces use PlayNow to access the network.

Canadian Poker Network Details

Province poker website BCLC Partner Release date
British Columbia play now N / A october 2004
Manitoba play now MBLL 1 January 2013
Quebec Games area Loto Quebec February 2011
Saskatchewan play now SIGA 2 December 2022 3

Remarks: (1) MBLL = Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation, (2) SIGA = Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority, (3) Estimated launch date

A small province could have a big impact on the network

An agreement between the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) and the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation (aka SaskGaming) in September 2021 donated SIGA authority to operate PlayNow in the province.

SaskGaming is a Crown corporation owned by the provincial government. Meanwhile, SIGA operates seven tribal casinos in Saskatchewan.

SIGA has entered into a supplier agreement with the BCLC in June 2021. The agreement provided SIGA to operate a custom PlayNow skin for online casino gaming and sports betting in the province, and when launched on November 3, it will be the only legally regulated site for both verticals.

The seller’s agreement also provided for the BCLC to provide online poker on the PlayNow platform.

According to Statistics Canada, Saskatchewan will be the least populated province in the PRC. It has 1.1 million inhabitants, of which 840,000 are aged 20 and over. Saskatchewan will only represent about 7% of the total gambling pact population (16 million) or people aged 20 and over (12.6 million).

But the population metric doesn’t tell the whole story. Data from the Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Helpline (SPGH) show that Saskatchewan people love to gamble. According to SPGHSaskatchewanians aged 18 and older spend on average BODY $799 per year at government-regulated gaming sites — the highest rate in all of Canada. The Canadian average is BODY $535 per adult in comparison.

Bringing this to a regulated platform that offers multi-province online poker could attract a lot of players.

Could Ontario also join the network?

This influx would certainly be welcome: data from GameIntelavailable on the PRO Data platform, show PRC averaged 188 concurrent cash game seats in 2021, but that figure has dropped to 158 this year to date. It is now overshadowed by Ontario’s new online poker market, which opened its doors to commercial ventures earlier this year.

And there is still a chance that an Ontario operator will join the Canada Poker Network. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Crown Corporation (OLG) launched online gambling in 2015 and said at the time that he planned to launch poker on CPN.

Ontario Regulated Online Poker Rooms

Operator AGCO Licence? iGO authorized? Launch status
888poker Yes Yes Launched April 4
BetMGM Yes Yes Launched April 5
partypoker Yes Yes Launched April 12
bwin Yes Yes Launched April 12
PokerStars Yes Yes Launched June 28
GGPoker/WSOP Yes Yes Launched September 30

It never materialized, but the option remains. Despite all the foreign competition, OLG continues to offer its competing online platform offering sports, casino and lottery products to Ontarians.

In July of this year, PRO was told by a OLG spokesperson that he”[continues] to look at the best way to offer poker games to our customers”, but added, “at this stage, we have nothing to announce.”

old casino


OLG The casino is open in Ontario!

  • Great variety of popular slot machines
  • Big progressive jackpots
  • Quality Live Dealer Action

Whether OLG were to expand into poker, it would be a fascinating addition to an already bustling market. There are currently four online poker rooms, and one of them, BetMGM, also hosts two sister skins on its network, bwin and partypoker.

There could be a fifth addition coming this year, with various possible brands merging around an iPoker Ontario network, including Betsafe, Bet365, Coolbet and NorthStar, all potentially interested.

It would already look like a pretty saturated market, but OLG would be a unique proposition: The only online poker room that connects with networks in other provinces. With Saskatchewan and Ontario connected to PRCit would create a five-province network reaching nearly 24 million Canadian residents.

Hypothetical Canada Poker Network (includes Ontario)

Province poker website Vendor Population aged 20 and over 1
British Columbia play now BCLC 4 million
Manitoba play now MBLL 2 1 million
Ontario PlayOLG OLG 11.1 million
Quebec Games area Loto Quebec 6.7 million
Saskatchewan play now SIGA 3 840 875
TOTAL 23.7 million

Will your credit card interest rate increase in 2023?

Image source: Getty Images

It is possible, and for a great reason.

Key points

  • The Federal Reserve raises interest rates to fight inflation.
  • Since credit card interest rates are variable, you could end up spending more on your debt next year due to these Fed rate hikes.

At this point, it’s really no secret that inflation has increased. Across the country, consumers are spending more money than ever to put food on the table, fuel their cars and keep the lights on. And many had to loot their savings or accumulate dozens of credit card debt In the process.

If you’re in the latter camp, you might take comfort in the fact that you’re in good company. But you may also need to prepare for the fact that your credit card debt could start costing you more in 2023.

Why credit card debt could get even more expensive

The reason credit card debt is often hailed as dangerous is twofold. Unlike personal or car loans, which usually come with fixed interest rates, credit card interest can vary. This means that the interest rate on your debt could increase over time.

In addition, too much credit card debt can damage your credit score, making it difficult to borrow affordably when you need it. This remains true even if you make all your monthly payments on time.

Now interest rates credit card load tend to be high to begin with. But next year, you may find that your rate increases even more.

Why is that? Well, it has to do with inflation.

The Federal Reserve attempts to curb inflation by raising interest rates. The Fed does not set credit card interest rates. Rather, it oversees the federal funds rate, which is the rate banks charge each other for short-term borrowing. But when that rate rises, consumer borrowing rates tend to follow. So over the coming year, it will come as no surprise to see interest rates on a range of borrowing products, including credit cards, rise.

What to do if you have credit card debt

If you have a balance on your credit cards that is already costing you money, you can anticipate interest rate hikes by paying it off. Oh, but wait — you might not be able to pay it back because your savings fell due to inflation. And frankly, it’s an ugly situation to be in.

But in this case, all is not lost. First of all, you can always start reduce this debt as much as possible, even if it means putting an extra $10 here and $20 there. You can also try taking a seasonal restlessness and use your winnings to pay down your credit card balances. In the coming weeks, many businesses will likely need more labor during the holiday rush, so you might have a good opportunity to take on some extra work – and cash.

Otherwise, pay attention to the interest rate on your credit card debt and see if you can find ways to make that debt cheaper. One option you can potentially consider is a balance transfer, where you transfer your existing debt to a new credit card with a lower interest rate than you are currently paying. Some balance transfer cards even come with a 0% launch rateso you might be able to get a stay of accrued interest for a while.

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% for up to 21 months! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

Can you replace your debit card with a credit card?

Image source: Getty Images

Debit cards and credit cards do not work the same way.

Key points

  • Debit and credit cards are important financial tools, but they differ in many ways.
  • You can use your debit card to withdraw money from your bank account as well as to pay for purchases.
  • If you use a credit card to pay for your purchases, then you must reimburse the credit card company.

Credit cards are powerful personal finance tools. Although you should use them with care, they can make everyday shopping easier.

You may be wondering if you can replace your debit card with a credit card. While your credit card can’t do everything your debit card can do, it can do a lot – and in some cases, more. In fact, you can manage most of your financial needs using a credit card instead of a debit card.

Let’s go over the differences between these two types of cards below.

What is a debit card?

You can use a debit card to pay for your purchases. Your debit card is linked to your current account, and the money is withdrawn from your bank account when you buy something with your debit card. So you use your own money to buy things when you swipe your card.

What is a credit card?

Similar to debit cards, you can also use a credit card to buy things. However, your credit card is not linked to a bank account. Instead, you’ll borrow money when you make a purchase.

Since your card is not linked to a checking account, you will owe the credit card company money when your credit card statement arrives.

If you don’t pay your balance in full each month when your credit card bill comes in, you’ll be charged interest on the balance, which can be very expensive. Using your credit card to charge what you can afford and pay the full monthly balance is a wiser move.

Can you replace your debit card with a credit card?

So, can you replace your debit card with a credit card? For the most part, yes.

You can purchase items from most in-store and online retailers using your credit card. With rewards credit cards, you can earn valuable rewards on your spending. Debit card rewards are harder to find; they are generally not very generous.

In addition, credit cards include extensive fraud protection. You will be protected if your credit card is used to make fraudulent purchases, as most best credit cards offer $0 fraud liability benefits as a benefit.

So using your credit card like you would a debit card can be a smart move, but it’s essential that you be careful. Do not charge your card without first considering your financial situation. Stick to your budget and only charge what you can afford to pay each month. Credit card debt can be a costly problem that negatively impacts your credit score and finances.

Credit cards can help you build credit

Otherwise, why would you want to use a credit card regularly? If you use your credit card carefully, you can build your credit. You can increase your credit score by charging purchases to a credit card and then making regular payments to the credit card to pay off your balance each month.

Do not use your credit card to withdraw money

Cash withdrawals are something your credit card doesn’t do as well as a debit card. You can use a credit card at an ATM to get cash, but it’s not the best financial solution.

Your card issuer will charge you a cash advance fee. Typically, these fees range from 3% to 5%, which means you will be making an expensive choice. Suppose you decide to use your credit card to withdraw money from an ATM and your card issuer charges a cash advance rate of 5%. If you withdraw $500, you will pay a $25 cash advance fee. Plus, cash advances typically start earning interest immediately, rather than at the end of your credit card’s billing cycle like card purchases. If you instead use your debit card to withdraw cash from your bank’s ATM, you won’t pay any fees.

Should you stop using your debit card?

With the cost of cash advance fees in mind, you probably won’t want to get rid of your debit card anytime soon. Here’s what you can do instead: Plan to use your debit card to withdraw cash from ATMs, but get in the habit of using your credit card for everyday purchases. This way, you can boost your credit, potentially earn credit card rewards, and take advantage of credit card fraud protection.

Thinking of applying for a credit card? See our list of best cash back credit cards to learn more about cards that offer cash back.

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% for up to 21 months! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

The best way to access Microgaming Pachinko


Pachinko is one of Japan’s many cultural phenomena. Any visitor to Japan, if he is a gambler, should try playing pachinko slots. This game is incredibly popular with locals, and in almost every city you can find rooms with all kinds of machines. What is the game, how to play and how to enjoy the process?

What is Pachinko?

Pachinko is a japanese game it’s a combination of pinball and slot machines. Pachinko uses lots of small metal balls that look like car bearings. The original Pachinko machines were completely manual and did not require an electric drive. Over the years, the mechanism of the Pachinko automaton has been improved. Additionally, digital versions of Pachinko have come to the online gambling and casino market.

History of Pachinko

The name of pachinko slots comes from “pachi pachi”, the clicking of small objects in a crackling fire. Pachinko resembles the game of pinball. The player buys metal balls, pours them into the machine and then adjusts the speed at which they are fired across the playing field with a lever. A stream of balls then pours through a maze of different obstacles. Most of the balls disappear, but some of them fall into special holes, and the game continues, only with certain changes in the playing field.

How do the machines work?

This slot machine is a kind of vertical pinball machine, where your task is to put the ball in a hole, after which the screen will start rotating the characters (like in a normal slot machine). Dropped 3 of the same – congratulations, you win. The winnings you get in the form of balls, which will fall into a special basket (sometimes they can simply be credited to a special card).

If the basket is full and you still win, you need to press the staff call button and you will receive a new one, and the filled one will be placed under the chair. It is forbidden to do it yourself. As soon as you decide it’s time to leave or you just want to go to another machine, and you have a lot of baskets, then you have to call the staff back and your balls will be routed to a special machine, which will count them , and you will receive a check, with their number and value.

The rules of the game in Japan

Pachinko is the most popular slot machine in Japan. In its classic version, it is a vertical wooden panel with a large number of metal pins of all kinds, as well as a ball-throwing device, which during the game must move on this panel.

If you find yourself in a pachinko gambling hall and decide to try your hand at this simple yet fascinating game, follow these rules:

  1. After choosing a slot machine, go to the front of the machine, emit balls (usually located to the left of the slot machine), put money in its coin slot and collect the appropriate number of metal balls.
  2. Grasp the trigger lever located at the bottom right of the slot machine. Keep in mind that the angle of the lever determines the force of the ball hit. The more the lever is turned to the right, the more forcefully the balls will fly. You can adjust the throwing force by choosing the optimal position of the lever.
  3. If luck smiles on you and you win the balls, don’t lose them. The pachinko machine is very generous when it distributes large winnings. He can overfill his own tank, overfill the bottom reserve tray, and overfill everything and everyone around those very metallic balls, which will scatter very quickly throughout the playroom. To avoid such an outcome, be sure to stock up on extra trays.
  4. Remember that when you win in pachinko balls, you get more than just balls. Not only that, but it’s an opportunity to play these machines more, using the accessories earned. In addition, the balls can be exchanged for prizes – souvenirs, various small items, perfumes or sweets. If you want to get the cash equivalent of your win, you can easily redeem the prizes for cash.

Online version of Pachinko

There was a time when Pachinko could be played exclusively in Japanese casinos, but Pachinko has gained worldwide popularity. Today you can play Pachinko on Winz.io. Winz.io Casino offers realistic virtual Pachinko games, identical to the real slot machines found in the best casinos in Las Vegas.


The range of machines in Japan is incredibly wide. But there are also leaders here. Among Japanese slot machines, Pachinko is the favorite. Pachinko is a low-stakes game that isn’t exactly won with cash, rather than special prize chips that you can buy from another vendor.


  1. What is Pachinko?

Pachinko is a classic Japanese slot game that has been part of the culture for decades and still exists in a more modern digital form.

  1. How to play Pachinko?

You have to make a bet on the machine and run the process by pressing the start button. At the top of the screen a ball will fall. He will come up against various obstacles. For the player to receive a payout, the ball must come to rest in one of the special cells.

  1. Where can I play Pachinko online for real money?

In Japan, finding “Pachinko” slot machines is not difficult, but in other countries they are rare. You can play Pachinko online for real money at Winz.io.

  1. What do you win in Pachinko?

The reward is determined by the number of balls won. For 400 balls won, the consumer receives a gift worth 1,500 yen in other salons.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a promoted article and should not be considered editorial endorsement. AndroidGuys received compensation for the aforementioned content.

Please exercise caution when using any gambling or betting service that uses real money.

If you reside in an area where gambling, sports betting, or betting on the Internet or through a website is illegal, please do not click on anything related to such activities in this post. You must be of legal age to click on items related to betting or gambling, even if it is legal to do so in your country.

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13% of credit card holders could lose money because of this

Image source: Getty Images

Are you ready to give up the money to which you are entitled?

Key points

  • The advantage of using credit cards is to accumulate rewards.
  • If you don’t manage your rewards well, you could end up wasting money.

Many people use credit card to pay for purchases because it’s more convenient than constantly going to the ATM and paying in cash. But a big advantage of using credit cards is to accumulate rewardswhether it’s airline miles, hotel stays or good old fashioned cash back.

But some consumers lose out on credit card rewards because they don’t read the fine print — or don’t understand it. In a recent Wells Fargo report, 13% of consumers with rewards cards do not understand how their rewards programs work. And if you’re in this boat, it’s time to educate yourself – before you end up throwing away some free money.

Do you know how your rewards program works?

Credit card rewards programs don’t have to be cookie-cutter. In some cases, your rewards may take the form of a certificate emailed to you to redeem. In other cases, you may need to log into your credit card account, select a specific reward, and wait for it to arrive.

Either way, it’s important to know how your credit card rewards programs work. If you don’t, you risk missing out on benefits that could benefit you financially.

Let’s say one of your credit cards offers you an annual credit at a specific retailer that you must redeem by a certain date. If you miss this date, you will forfeit the value of this reward.

Likewise, many credit cards have recurring rewards categories that allow you to accumulate rewards. cash back on your purchases. One of your cards, for example, might offer extra cash back at the pump during the first quarter of the year, extra cash back at department stores during the second quarter of the year, extra cash back at restaurants during the third quarter of the year, and extra cash back at the supermarket during the fourth quarter of the year. If you don’t pay attention to these categories, you might slip a different card and run out of extra cash in your pocket.

Aim for simplicity

It’s true that some credit cards have rewards programs that are harder to track than others. And so, if you’d rather not risk getting lost and missing out on rewards, go the simple route. Find yourself a credit card with a rewards program that’s nice and simple – for example, 3% cash back on gas fill-ups all year round, 2% cash back at restaurants and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Or, you can choose a card that offers 1.5% cash back on all purchases so you don’t even have to commit to remembering which categories earn you the most money. That could mean giving up a little extra cash back when you fill up your car. But it might also be a better choice for you because it’s pretty easy to memorize that 1.5% number.

Credit card rewards could mean a lot of savings and more money in your pocket. And you don’t want to miss out on those benefits because of a lack of understanding.

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% for up to 21 months! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

5 Ways to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates During Spike Inflation

The latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) report showed an overall price increase of 0.4% for all items, seasonally adjusted. It’s not the biggest jump we’ve seen, but the CPI, which shows the average price change for consumer goods and servicesincreased by 8.2% over the last 12 months.

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Retirement at any age: Get retirement advice tailored to every stage of life

Meanwhile, interest rates also continue to climb, with the prime rate hitting 3.25% in September. Credit card companies usually set rates based on an amount plus the prime rate, with the amount depending on your credit score.

Despite rising interest rates, it is possible to get credit card companies to lower the monthly interest charges for you. How? Check out these tactics that have worked for many consumers over the years.

Tips from CardCritics: Pay no interest until 2024 while you earn rewards with these top-rated cards

Call and ask for a rate reduction

Credit card companies may increase your interest rate if you miss payments (this is called a penalty rate) or because of the increase in the prime rate. They might also increase your rate if they notice your credit score decreased. According to Experian, they must give you 45 days notice before increasing your rate for this reason.

However, credit card companies will rarely lower your rate without prompting, except in certain circumstances. (For example, if you pay the penalty rate, the credit card company must reduce this rate after six months of on-time payments.)

So you have to take action. If your credit score has gone up since you got the card and you’ve made all your payments on time, ask for an interest rate reduction.

Be prepared to make a strong case for lower interest rates. Report your credit score and payment history on time. You might get lucky the first time around.

Escalate the call

If the first person you talk to says no, ask for customer loyalty. The people in this office want to keep clients.

You may be able to negotiate with them by threatening to transfer your balance to a low interest card unless they lower your rate to stay.

Take our poll : How long do you think it will take to pay off your credit card debt?

Still no results? Try again

Often, the lowering of your interest rate simply depends on the mood of the person on the other end of the line. It may be advantageous to wait a few days and call back at another time of the day. You are likely to have another person who may decide they can make the switch for you.

If you are actively working on improving your credit, wait for a billing cycle and then call again. Your credit score may have increased enough for your credit card company to justify an interest rate reduction.

Track your threats

If you still can’t get your interest rate lowered with your credit card company, it’s time to shop around for a better rate. First, look at the cards you already have and see if it’s worth doing a balance transfer. Remember to do the math and decide if the balance transfer fee makes the money you’ll save on interest worth it, which depends on how quickly you plan to pay off your balance at the rate. the lowest.

Your best bet is to look at a new card with an introductory APR of 0%. Then, make a plan to pay off your balance in full before your introductory rate expires. Don’t make the all-too-common mistake of reloading your old card that you just paid off.

Consider debt consolidation

Even with rising interest rates, a personal loan or home equity loan will often offer a lower interest rate than credit cards. You can even consolidate multiple credit card balances into one monthly payment. The downside is that you’ll get a lump sum payment each month, rather than smaller payments spread out over the month. You will need to budget cash flow carefully to ensure you can make your payment on time.

Conclusion: Even in times of inflation, there are ways to lower your credit card interest rates. With the holidays approaching, now is a good time to try and lower interest rates so you can pay off balances faster.

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Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon from Microgaming


October 20, 2022

The Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon The online slot is a five reel, three row game with 25 paylines from Microgaming. It comes with wild and scatter symbols, as well as a bonus round and bonus spins. There is also a randomly triggered jackpot bonus, where one of several progressive jackpots can be won by spinning the Mega Moolah jackpot bonus wheel.

The game joins the hugely popular Microgaming progressive jackpot network, offering features such as bonus rounds, multipliers and the chance to win the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega progressive jackpots when the Mega Moolah jackpot bonus wheel is triggered.

Welcome to the spookiest game in the Mega Moolah catalog filled with toads, cauldrons and flying broomsticks! Mega Moolah The Witch’s Moon is a five reel, 25 payline online slot developed exclusively for Microgaming by Aurum Signature Studios.

The game opens on a nightscape with the Mega Moolah jackpot wheel spinning behind the game grid adorned with magic symbols each representing one of the four progressive jackpot prizes. A whimsical melody is played as a cast of animated magic symbols race along the reels.

The full moon wild symbol vibrates when it lands, adding a 2x multiplier when hitting a winning combination. Landing three or more scatter symbols, represented by the young witch, grants access to 15 free spins offering a 3x multiplier.

As if by magic, the Mega Moolah jackpot bonus wheel can randomly trigger on every spin. Once triggered, players are invited to spin and are guaranteed to win one of four progressive jackpots, the largest of which is €1 million.

The online gambling software market is booming worldwide: Microgaming, Softswiss, Gammastack, Realtime Gaming


This press release was originally issued by SBWire

New Jersey, United States — (SBWIRE) – 10/19/2022 – The latest published study of the Global Online Gambling Software Market by AMA Research assesses the market size, trend and forecast to 2027. online gambling covers important research data and proves to be a handy reference document for managers, analysts, industry experts and other key people to have a study ready to access and self-analyzed to help understand market trends, growth drivers, upcoming opportunities and challenges and about competitors.

Key players in this report include:
Cryptologic Inc. (Ireland), International Game Technology (UK), Microgaming (UK), Playtech (UK), Golden Race (Malta), Realtime Gaming (USA), Softswiss (Netherlands) , Gammastack (USA), Aristocrat Gaming (Australia), Rival Gaming (Cyprus)

Download sample PDF report (including full TOC, table and figures) @ https://www.advancemarketanalytics.com/sample-report/160525-global-online-gambling-game-software-market

The online gambling software allows easy and seamless integrations with various gaming and betting providers and also offers a common player portfolio. This way, all player activity and money is kept in one place. Its features include player account management, payment processing, bonuses, loyalty programs, fraud and risk prevention, game management, and more. Moreover, these features help in opening an online game.

Market trend:
– Increased Internet penetration with Smartphone

Market factors:
– Easy access to the casino games platform
– Availability of profitable mobile applications

Market opportunities:
– Increase in disposable income
– Convenience of cashless payment method during gameplay

The Global Online Gambling Software Market Segments and Market Data Breakdown are illustrated below:
by application (online bookmakers, gaming operators), deployment mode (on-premises, cloud-based), platform (desktop, mobile), subscription (annual, monthly, single license)

The Global Online Gaming Software Market report highlights insights regarding current and future industry trends, growth patterns, as well as offers business strategies to help stakeholders to make decisions that can help ensure the trajectory of earnings over the forecast years.

You have a question ? Market a request before purchase @ https://www.advancemarketanalytics.com/enquiry-before-buy/160525-global-online-gambling-game-software-market

Geographically, the detailed analysis of consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate of the following regions:
– The Middle East and Africa (South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Egypt, etc.)
– North America (United States, Mexico and Canada)
– South America (Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, etc.)
– Europe (Turkey, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.)
– Asia-Pacific (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Australia).

Report objectives
To carefully analyze and forecast the Online Gambling Software market size by value and volume.
– -To estimate the market shares of the main segments of online gambling software
– -To present the development of the Online Gambling Software market in different parts of the world.
– -To analyze and study the micro markets in terms of their contributions to the Online Gambling Software market, their prospects, and individual growth trends.
– -To offer accurate and helpful details regarding factors affecting the growth of Online Gambling Software
– -To provide a meticulous assessment of crucial business strategies employed by leading companies operating in the Online Gambling Software market, which include research and development, collaborations, agreements, partnerships, acquisitions, mergers , new developments and product launches.

Buy Complete Online Gambling Software Market Review [email protected] https://www.advancemarketanalytics.com/buy-now?format=1&report=160525

Main highlights of the table of contents:
Online Gambling Software Market Research Coverage:
– It includes Major manufacturers, emerging players growth story and major business segments of Online Gambling Software market, years considered and research objectives. Further, segmentation based on product type, application, and technology.
– Executive Summary of Online Gambling Software Market: It provides a summary of global research, growth rate, available market, competitive landscape, market drivers, trends, and issues, along with indicators macroscopic.
– Online Gambling Software Market Production by Region Online Gambling Software Market Profile of Manufacturers-players is studied on the basis of SWOT, their products, production, value, their finances and other vital factors.
– Key points covered in the Online Gambling Software Market report:
– Overview, Definition and Classification of Online Gambling Software Market Drivers and Barriers
– Online gambling software market competition by manufacturers
– Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the online gambling software market
– Online Gambling Software Capacity, Production, Revenue (Value) by Region (2021-2027)
– Online Gambling Software Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by Region (2021-2027)
– Online Gambling Software Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type {Payment Gateway, Merchant Account, Subscription Management,}
Online Gambling Software Manufacturers Profiles/Analysis Online Gambling Software Manufacturing Cost Analysis, Supply Chain/Industry Analysis, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers, Marketing
– Strategy by major manufacturers/players, standardization of connected distributors/traders, regulatory and collaborative initiatives, industry roadmap and analysis of value chain market effect factors.

Browse Full Abstract & Table of Contents @ https://www.advancemarketanalytics.com/reports/160525-global-online-gambling-game-software-market

Answers to key questions
– How feasible is the Online Gambling Software Market for long term investment?
– What are the factors influencing the demand for online gambling software in the near future?
– What is the impact analysis of various factors on the growth of the global Online Gaming Software market?
– What are the recent regional market trends and how successful are they?

Thank you for reading this article; you can also get individual chapter wise section or region wise report version like North America, Middle East, Africa, Europe or LATAM, Southeast Asia.

For more information on this press release, visit: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/online-gambling-game-software-market-is-booming-worldwide-microgaming-softswiss-gammastack-realtime-gaming-1364452.htm

Microgaming salutes organizations such as Gordon Moody, Betknowmore, Anonymind and Motiv8 – European Gaming Industry News

Reading time: 4 minutes

Working in regulated markets means that operators must implement responsible gambling and social responsibility measures at all levels and regardless of the cost, says Pavlos Sideris, director of Double Up Media.

Over the past few years, gaming jurisdictions, new and old, have significantly strengthened their responsible gaming regulations and frameworks; even Curacao recently announced plans to reform its gambling laws to include player safety guidelines for its operators.

Kidding aside, from wagering limits to betting budgets, reality checks and self-exclusion tools, level of responsible gambling education, investment and in some cases mandatory account limits are now considerable on the main regulated markets.

Proponents of responsible gambling rightly recognize the harm that gambling can cause, the social responsibility that operators must embody, and the need for consumers to be protected from potentially harmful exposure to gambling.

In fairness, the biggest UK operators already have accessibility controls and other responsible gambling measures in place, which is already having an impact on their revenue. But when the UK Gambling Reform White Paper is published and its recommendations are finally enacted, all licensed operators in the UK will have to comply with the new legislation.

Stories and individual cases of problem gambling are inherently emotional, which has led, in some cases, to the issue being sensationalised by parts of the UK press. These stories have also drawn government and public attention, although the current rate of problem gambling in the UK is relatively stable, according to the latest Gambling Commission data.

Critical regulation

The UK market is one of the most highly regulated gambling markets in the world and, as in most other major gambling jurisdictions, responsible gambling is recognized as an essential aspect of regulation, inseparable by design. For the most part, operators are managed by a system of audits and fines.

However, many of the larger operators also flout their own self-proclaimed rules and statements of intent when it comes to responsible gambling, anti-money laundering, or simply protecting potentially vulnerable players.

The list of UK operators who have been fined by the Gambling Commission (UKGC) is long and includes many of the country’s biggest operators, such as Entain, which has received a record £17m penalty in August 2022.

The list of breaches included serious breaches of the group’s social responsibility duties. UKGC said the operator was slow to interact with players who potentially suffered damage to the game and cited examples of Entain allowing a player to spend £230,000 with just one safer game interaction. It also allowed self-excluded players to join other Entain sites working under different brands.

To show its seriousness, the Entain case led the UKGC to say it would not hesitate to call for the license of the group to be withdrawn if similar failures were discovered within the group in the future.

“This is the second time this operator has broken the rules in place to make gaming safer and crime free. “operation a very real possibility. We expect better and consumers deserve better,” says UKGC.

Financial pressures

Importantly, other large companies have also been fined for serious breaches of GR and CSR, 888 and bet fred among them.

The UKGC is, for the most part, market reactive and, due to the nature of the business it investigates, takes a long time to render its decisions. But when major issues are highlighted, such as the slowness of operators to engage with customers exhibiting high-risk behavior, the Commission reacts, exposing a circular relationship between the regulated market and responsible gambling.

What it also shows is that financial pressures are relevant to even the biggest groups and will look the other way when significant revenue is at stake. Indeed, as the UKGC shines a spotlight on the biggest large operators, it is widely believed that RG failures are commonplace among smaller groups.

Despite many UK regulated slots sites take social responsibility and player commitments seriously, this is not always the case as many equate failure to comply with regulations with profitability.


Speaking to the SBC Summit held in September in Barcelona, Maarten Haijer, Secretary General of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA)underlined the current view of stakeholders when he said: “I believe that regardless of the percentage of damage caused by gambling, the operator should focus on safer gambling policies and address this percentage people in a much more engaging and productive way. So I think we have to let go of this idea that the percentage is relevant as an operator. It’s the operators who have a future in the regulated markets.

The debate is currently focused on the need to ensure that new gambling regulations do not unduly affect operators’ ability to generate profits, as stricter responsible gambling regulations have a negative impact on businesses and, from a traditional accounting point of view, increases costs and decreases revenues.

For the UK, gambling reforms are clearly underway and only the timing is uncertain. But with affordability checks, additional know-your-customer checks, restrictions on bonuses and buy-in promotions, the industry is trying to strike a careful balance between player safety, over-regulation and the ability to generate profits.

Additionally, a recent PwC report highlights the link between authoritarian regulations and the growth of unrelated offshore operators. The fact that the report’s conclusions coincide with the gambling industry’s arguments is a factor we should always be aware of, but the need for regulatory balance and proportionality should also not be discounted.

Yet, in the modern age of Internet gambling, it is not possible to separate regulated markets and responsible gambling. The fact that operators are fined when they break the rules shows that regulation works, even if it is reactionary, or after the event. Therefore, come what may, operators will have the choice of bearing the costs of increased regulation or exiting regulated markets altogether.

“I used my credit card to the maximum to pay for unexpected expenses”

I had unexpected expenses this year – expensive car and home repairs on my home property – and used my credit card to pay for them.

They took me by surprise and I had no savings to cover these costs as my salary was cut during the Covid-19 pandemic and has not yet been restored to the original amount.

Since then, I can no longer save money for emergencies.

Because I maxed out my credit card to cover these expenses, I find it hard to keep up with the payments – every month I seem to owe more than the original amount I used to pay for repairs to my car and my property.

I only paid the minimum amount because I also have to take into account daily expenses, as well as rent, utilities, food, my children’s school fees and other incidentals.

I’m afraid I’ll have to pay off this credit card for years because the interest rate is so high and I can’t afford to pay more than the minimum monthly payment.

Is there another way to quickly pay off the credit card and start saving for the future? Please advise. HS, Dubai

Debt Speaker 1: R Sivaram, Executive Vice President and Head of Retail Banking Products at Emirates NBD

A credit card is a financial tool that can help you easily manage your day-to-day payments and transactions, access short-term credit, benefit from attractive shopping offers and discount programs, and to earn rewards based on your spending.

However, if your credit card spending reaches almost the full limit, as you mentioned, monthly payments and accrued interest can increase and lead to potential financial problems if you are unable to repay in full. the unpaid amount.

Paying only the minimum amount required each month is a common practice adopted by many cardholders.

However, keep in mind that it can also lead to continued debt growth due to compound interest, higher regular payments, and the threat of falling into a debt spiral.

One thing you can do right away is talk to your bank and share all the details of your financial situation.

Based on your proactive approach, your bank will most likely be willing to review the situation and possibly consolidate your debt into a low interest installment plan on your credit card or convert it into a personal loan with a lower interest rate and longer payment. term.

Ideally, you should be looking for a low monthly repayment over a longer period, which will give you flexibility while hopefully avoiding having to borrow again.

When approaching your bank for a loan consolidation, you need to have a clear plan detailing your income and expenses – this will help you be clear about how you propose to pay it back and get out of debt.

The bank may also ask you to surrender your credit cards to prevent you from incurring further debt while you pay off the loan. If you have credit cards with another bank, you must also stop using them during this period.

It’s also important to work out a budget plan and set a monthly limit on your discretionary spending outside of essentials like groceries, utilities, tuition, and the like. Try to get into the habit of setting aside a percentage of your income as savings to help out on “rainy days”.

It is commendable that you ask for help with your situation in order to put changes in place before it is too late.

Debt 2 Panelist: Jaya Ratnani, Managing Partner at Freed Financial Services

We all have aspirations and desires for the lifestyle we want to achieve.

While not everything can be quantified in terms of money, many lifestyle decisions we make have financial implications.

This is usually constructive as it motivates us to work harder and have more ambition. However, under certain conditions, it can mislead financially by financing with excessive indebtedness that exceeds our ability to repay.

A credit card can help you manage your daily payments. However, if your spending exceeds the limits, monthly payments can lead to potential financial problems.

Regarding your situation, you should contact your bank immediately and discuss your financial situation.

The bank will assess your current situation and may develop a debt consolidation plan based on your repayment capacity.

You can avoid high interest rates on your credit card by requesting a monthly installment plan that allows you to pay off your debt in a structured way.

Your bank may consider consolidating your credit card debt into a personal loan with a lower interest rate and longer payment term. This will give you flexibility and save you from having to borrow again.

Debt 3 Panelist: Alison Soltani, Founder of Leap savvy savers

The first thing to do is to assess your income and expenses to establish your cash flow.

Write down your household income and anything you’ve spent money on over the past two or three months.

You need to figure out exactly how much disposable income you have left to spend on debt.

Then go through your list of expenses and ask yourself if there is anything you can eliminate or reduce, even temporarily.

Doing a no-spend challenge or a savings challenge can be effective in helping you figure out what expenses you can forego while maintaining your lifestyle.

The other factor to consider is your income.

You mentioned that you had a pay cut during the pandemic. Could you look for another job, retrain or consider a secondary activity?

With inflation and the rising cost of living, having a lower income will prevent you from paying off your debt. Think about how you can make yourself more valuable in your industry and aim to learn high-paying, in-demand skills.

You should also plan for debt repayment and build an emergency fund.

There are online debt repayment calculators – make sure you know the interest rate and any charges applied to the debt, then experiment with a debt repayment calculator, calculating your monthly repayment over different time periods .

Doing a no-spend challenge or a savings challenge can be effective in helping you figure out what expenses you can forego while maintaining your lifestyle.

Alison Soltani, Founder of Leap Savvy Savers

You also need to consider building an emergency fund, otherwise you could find yourself in the same or worse position on your debt repayment journey.

For example, you can choose to pay off your debt over 24 months rather than 18 months and simultaneously build an emergency fund.

For starters, a month’s worth of spending is imperative. An ideal emergency fund is three to six months of expenses, depending on your dependents and your lifestyle.

In addition to a strong emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses, setting up a sinking fund to pay for large anticipated expenses such as tuition, visa fees, or car insurance can help you maintain a sustainable budget.

Determine the major expenses you plan to pay over the next six to 12 months and start putting money aside each month. This helps avoid going into debt or using a credit card in the future to pay these fees.

Finally, you might consider transferring your balance to a credit card or personal loan with a lower interest rate to reduce the overall amount you’ll pay.

The extent to which this is a viable option for you will depend on how the debt affects your credit score, which is readily available to Al Etihad Credit Agency. However, if you can negotiate a lower interest rate, it could significantly reduce your debt load.

Updated: October 19, 2022, 5:00 a.m.

Jackpocket celebrates 20th online lottery prize worth a million or more


jack pocket announced a milestone as 20 players have won prizes of at least $1 million from tickets purchased through its messaging service app. Additionally, Jackpocket surpassed $190 million in combined winnings for its online lottery players.

The Jackpocket app was recently launched in Idaho, making it the 14th active jurisdiction for online lottery play in the United States.

Jackpocket made 20 American millionaires in the online lottery

A couple from Bergen County, NJ, are the latest winners to win a prize of at least nine figures. As permitted by New Jersey law, winners have chosen to remain anonymous.

They won 1 million dollars with a Powerball ticket ordered via the Jackpocket app. The numbers they chose all had meaning for their family. As they explained:

“Everything was an age or a birthday. The first was my wife, then my youngest son. The third was me, then the dog.

The couple were just one digit away from winning the $270 million grand prize in the September 24 draw. The winner joked:

“The Powerball number we picked was 13 and the winning number was 14! That’s crazy! I just wish the Powerball had been 27 or 30, you know? Then it would have been like, d okay, whatever.

The red Powerball choice came from the day the couple got married. When lucky players found out they had won, they were amazed:

“We went to check the app and it said ‘Big Winner’. We clicked on the ticket order and my wife was going crazy turning on the lights. I’m like, ‘Let me see this.’ I saw the word ‘million’ and then that was it!

The couple plan to invest the money to prepare their children for the future.

Other single ticket millionaire winnings ordered on Jackpocket ranged from $1 million to $9.4 million. New York nursing student won $1 million while a lucky New Jersey player scored a $9.4 million windfall. It remains the biggest US lottery win in mobile gaming history.

Jackpocket happy to witness life-changing wins

As the company announced, more than 1.17 million individual winners on Jackpocket have won over $190 million in lottery prizes.

Founder and CEO Peter Sullivan said via a press release:

“In just a few short years, Jackpocket has facilitated life-changing wins for our 20 millionaires in addition to over one million wins for other lottery players nationwide. Jackpocket was founded on the idea that the lottery should be accessible and convenient for everyone. We are proud of our success and absolutely thrilled to celebrate all of our many winners today.

The company says all of these wins represent a remarkable achievement for the app that launched nine years ago.

Microgaming emphasizes the safer gaming charities it supports


Microgaming, which is a leading Isle of Mann based gaming software provider, will be showcasing the charities it supports through its PlayItForward branch during the annual Safer Gambling Week initiative.

Microgaming shines spotlight on charities Gordon Moody, Betknowmore, Anonymind and Motiv8

Safer Gambling Week is an annual event taking place this year from October 17 at October 23 in partnership with a wide variety of UK gaming industry stakeholders.

Its main goal is to spark conversations and raise awareness about the harms of gambling and the available resources and tools that people who think they have a gambling problem can access.

Gaming software provider Microgaming is going to use this platform to highlight a few charities that are doing amazing work supporting individuals and families struggling with gambling addiction – Gordon Moody, Learn more, Anonymousand Motiv8.

The gaming software company has a dedicated department called PlayItForward, whose sole purpose is to address corporate responsibility initiatives such as supporting charities promoting and facilitating safer gaming in the UK.

How have charities used Microgaming support?

PlayItForward has provided funding to Gordon Moody so the charity can set up a special fund to provide assistance to the families of people in treatment for gambling addiction.

Gordon Moody’s main activities focus on treating drug addicts in a dedicated space where they feel safe and supported. However, their latest initiative targeted relatives of drug addicts.

Director of External Engagement at Gordon Moody, rob mabbetexplained that families are under a lot of pressure when a family member is treated, so the charity decided to direct support from Microgaming into a so-called comfort fund, which provides things such as outings with the children and Christmas and birthday presents.

Another benefactor of the PlayItForward program is Anonymind, which is a charity that provides treatment and therapy services to gamers struggling with addiction. Andy Atha, COO at Anonymind, explained how the Microgaming funding was used:

The PlayItForward donation provided earlier this year enabled several people to receive convenient and effective digital treatment directly from a psychologist when they needed it. Gambling harm affects people in different ways mentally, physically and financially and without donations like this we would not be able to continue to provide the most effective treatment to people who need urgent help.

Andy AthaCOO at Anonymind

Betknowmore is another charity that Microgaming has decided to support and salute during Safer Gambling Week. Funding provided by PlayItForward has been used for important research into ways that women in particular can be supported in their struggles with gambling addiction.

As a result of this research, Betknowmore was able to develop a special support program taking into account the needs of women, which the charity called new beginnings. The program facilitates peer groups, as research has shown that group support is most beneficial for women with gambling addictions.

The 6 States Most Likely to Launch Online Poker


The 6 States Most Likely to Launch Online Poker

For the past decade, real-money American online poker has been fully legal, regulated, and lives in three states: Nevada (launched in 2011), Delaware (launched in 2013), and New Jersey (launched in 2013). ).

Over the next ten years, progress was excruciatingly slow. In 2014, Delaware combined its liquidity with Nevada, resulting in the first multi-state online poker network. New Jersey signed this pact, called the Multi-State Internet Gambling Agreement (MSIGA)in 2017.

But players had to wait until 2019 for more states to open up. Pennsylvania entered service in 2019 and Michigan followed suit in 2021. Only the latter of the two signed MSIGA but has not yet allowed online poker operators to connect their operations with those of other states.

So where will online poker be offered next?

Looking back on the past ten years, it would be foolish to be optimistic about the continued proliferation of safe and regulated online poker in the United States. Major developments – laws changed, regulations drafted, operators licensed, shared liquidity approved – have consistently fallen short of even modest forecasts.

That said, there are still crucial developments to watch. Two states have passed online poker legislation and could finally see the launch of its first operator. More and more states are seriously considering regulating online casinos and poker in the coming year. Here, fuse poker looked the six states most likely to launch online poker soon.

betmgm poker

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1. West Virginia

Online poker, alongside online casinos and sportsbooks, has been legal in West Virginia since 2019. Yet despite five online casinos in WV and nearly a dozen sportsbooks, there are no of online poker applications.

This is likely because of the state’s small population – around 1.8 million. The state would become much more attractive to poker operators if it joined the MSIGA – a multi-state gaming compact that includes Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, and New Jersey. A prominent gaming law attorney said he thinks West Virginia could join the deal before Pennsylvania.

The West Virginia Lottery Commission (WVLC), which regulates gambling in the state, has also expressed interest in joining a multi-state pact like MSIGA.

If that were the case, licensed online casinos with an online poker presence in other markets would likely be looking to tackle online poker. BetMGM Poker US, already operational in Michigan and New Jersey, is very likely to launch in WV; Caesars (under the WSOP US brand) will also be interested. FanDuel’s parent company, Flutter, is also expected to look for a way to launch PokerStars.


Like West Virginia, Connecticut is a state where online poker is legal (since 2021), yet none of the operators deployed in the state offer it. But that’s where the similarities end.

Connecticut’s gambling regime does not currently allow shared liquidity. So if the state is interested in joining a multi-state pact like MSIGA, lawmakers must first amend the state’s gaming laws. State law appears to bundle online poker with online casino gaming – a typical arrangement in many states.

The state has issued master betting licenses to the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe and the Mohegan Tribe, which own and operate Foxwoods Resort and Mohegan Sun respectively. The licenses allow each tribal casino to have “a sports betting skin and an online casino,” according to Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection spokeswoman Kaitlyn Krasselt (CDCP).

Foxwoods entered into a partnership with DraftKings, while Mohegan Sun entered into an agreement with FanDuel. Since neither operator operates an online poker platform, there is no online poker in Connecticut.

Despite repeated requests for clarification from the regulator, it is still unclear how the CDCP defines “skin” and “operator”. In April, Krasselt said “the law does not allow multiple operators to be associated with a license.”

This would seem to preclude the idea of ​​PokerStars, or perhaps another Flutter brand with a poker platform, running the online casino and poker at Mohegan Sun and keeping FanDuel as the online bookmaker.


Kentucky lawmakers have been trying to pass legislation allowing online poker and sports betting for three years.

Although online poker supporters failed in 2020, 2021 and 2022, they promised to try again in 2023.

Passing any gambling legislation will be a complex lift in socially conservative Kentucky. Last session, lawmakers couldn’t even agree on how to spend a $300 million settlement from PokerStars to settle an 11-year dispute with the state over online gambling. in Kentucky between 2006 and 2011.

But Kentucky could also allow short-term online gambling lest it leave millions in tax revenue on the table for other states. By early 2023, Kentucky will be almost entirely surrounded by other states with some form of online gambling (with one exception: Missouri).


Another conservative state in the online poker mix is ​​Indiana, which has offered online sports betting since 2019. Legislation that would expand gambling beyond sports betting has since been introduced, but every effort has failed.

The latest attempt included two bills, House Bill 1356 and House Bill 1337, which were introduced in January. Representatives Doug Gutwein (R-Francesville) and Ethan Manning (R-Logansport) presented the former, while Representative Alan Morrison (R-Brazil) drafted the latter.

Both bills were later referred to the House Committee on Public Policy, but did not pass a first reading by the committee.

The senses. Jon Ford (R-Terre Haute), Chris Garten (R-Charlestown) and Ronald Grooms (R-Jeffersonville) have introduced similar legislation to allow online poker in 2021. Senate Bill 417 has been referred to Committee Senate of Rules and Legislation. Procedure but did not go further.

Supporters have vowed to try again in 2023.


Like neighboring Indiana, Illinois has offered legal online sports betting since 2019. An effort to expand online gaming to include casino games and poker failed in 2021.

House Bill 3142, aka the Internet Gaming Act, would have allowed land-based casinos and racetracks in the state to have up to three skins for online casino games. The bill also provided for a tax rate of 12%.

Representatives Robert Rita (D-Blue Island) and Jonathan Carroll (D-Northbrook) introduced HB 3142 in February 2021. After its first reading in the state House of Representatives, the bill was referred to the committee of the rules of procedure. It was assigned to the House Executive Committee and referred to the Rules Committee in March 2021, but made no further progress.

HB 3142 would also have allowed the state to join a multi-state pact like MSIGA for poker. The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) “may enter into agreements with other jurisdictions to facilitate, administer and regulate approved multi-jurisdictional Internet gaming, including, but not limited to, poker.”

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Sports betting also arrived in Iowa in 2019. Unfortunately, no legislative action has been taken since then to expand the games to online casino games or poker.

But both verticals are clearly on the minds of operators in the state and its regulator, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC).

According to an October 6 report from the Iowa Legislative Services Agency (LSA), the IRGC at its September 29 meeting, approved a request from Diamond Jo Casino to Dubuque to modify and restate its online market access agreement with FanDuel.

“One item included in the amendment was a provision that allows [FanDuel] have priority in operating an online casino or online poker game in the event that such future legislation were to pass that allows online gambling,” LSA says the report.

FanDuel operates retail and online sports betting at Diamond Jo Casino in Dubuque. He also runs a retail sports betting site at the Diamond Jo Worth Casino in Northwood.

Here’s What Warren Buffett Says About Credit Card Debt

Image source: Getty Images

The legendary investor isn’t usually a fan of credit cards, and here’s why.

Key points

  • Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has expressed his negative feelings about credit cards.
  • However, most of his reasoning is about interest rates and the potential for impulse spending.
  • If used correctly, credit cards can be a great financial tool.

Millions of Americans use credit cards to pay for purchases, with the average cardholder owing nearly $5,800 in the first quarter of 2022 and nearly $900 billion in total credit card debt in the United States. But despite their popularity, credit cards can be dangerous if misused.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has repeatedly expressed his contempt for credit cards, even saying he pays for 98% of his own purchases in cash. Here’s what Buffett said about credit cards and why he feels that way.

Warren Buffett isn’t the biggest fan of credit cards

At Berkshire Hathaway’s 2020 shareholder meeting, Buffett said a friend who had recently made money asked him for advice. And instead of advising her on an investment idea, Buffett advised her to use it to completely pay off her credit card debt, which had an average interest rate of around 18%.

Check it out: This card has one of the longest 0% interest intro periods.

More: Consolidate your debt with one of these top-rated balance transfer credit cards

His reasoning? “It’s going to be way better than any investment idea I have.”

Think of it this way: the stock market as a whole has historically produced annualized returns of 9% to 10%, depending on the exact time frame of several decades. Even the best investors consistently produce returns in the 12% to 15% range. So, even if your investments are doing very well, by owing money at 18% (or more), you are exposing yourself to losing in the long term.

Also, many people use credit cards rather impulsively. In fact, a 2018 survey found that around a quarter of people in credit card debt spent more than they could afford on unnecessary purchases. As Buffett says, “If you buy things you don’t need, soon you’ll have to sell things you need.”

He scores a point

To be fair, Buffett makes some great points. After all, Americans racked up $1.14 trillion in revolving debt in July 2022, most of it in the form of credit card debt, and the average credit card interest rate is over 18%. It is not uncommon to see interest rates in the upper twenties. But based on the average, that means we’re collectively spending over $200 billion on interest every year on revolving credit debt.

A right way and a wrong way

While Buffett certainly made some great points about credit cards, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use credit cards. And if you have the knowledge and discipline to use them correctly, and only buy things you would buy anyway, credit cards can be great financial tools. Consider the following:

  • Some of the best credit cards offer rewards, including up to 2% cash back on purchases. If you pay off your balance in full every month and therefore pay no interest, it’s free money. It’s actually a very Buffett-like strategy of getting free money for things you were going to buy anyway.
  • Credit cards with a 0% introductory APR or that offer a 0% APR on balance transfers can actually be a great way to fund purchases without a ton of interest.
  • By using a credit card and paying the bill on time each month, you can significantly improve your credit score over time, especially if you have little or no balance.

Ultimately, like many other financial tools, credit cards can be used productively or destructively for your financial life. Buffett’s advice is certainly good, but it ignores the benefits of credit cards.

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% for up to 21 months! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

I haven’t carried a credit card balance since college. here’s how

Image source: Getty Images

Could these tips help you avoid carrying a credit card balance?

Key points

  • Carrying a credit card balance comes with costly interest charges.
  • I’ve taken steps to avoid carrying a balance for the past 20 years.
  • I track my expenses and automate my payments so I don’t pay interest.

Credit cards can be a great tool for earning rewards and building up credit. But if you have a balance on your cards, they can end up costing you a ton of money due to their high interest rates.

I use credit cards all the time because I want to take advantage of the many benefits they provide. However, since graduating from college, I make sure to pay my statement in full each month because I never want to pay those high credit card finance charges again.

After going over my head in college, signing too many cards and working hard to pay them off once I realized I had a problem, I developed a system to make sure it didn’t happen again. Never again. Here’s how I make sure I don’t carry a balance.

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More: Consolidate your debt with one of these top-rated balance transfer credit cards

I follow my expenses

The most important step I’ve taken to make sure I don’t get into credit card debt is budgeting and tracking my spending. I’ve made a detailed plan to make sure my expenses always stay below my income. And I regularly monitor the amount I load onto my card to make sure I don’t go over the limits I have set for different expenses.

Since I keep track of how much I charge to my cards each month, I can make sure I don’t charge more than I can comfortably repay into my checking account. If it looks like I’m going to overspend during the month, I immediately change course and start looking for cuts to make or ways to increase my income so I don’t have to dip into my savings to pay the bill or get stuck. carrying a scale.

I automated my payments

Because I carefully track my spending on my cards, I know I will always have enough in my bank account to pay off the full balance owing. So, in order to be absolutely sure that I don’t have a balance, I have set up an automated payment for the total amount of charges accumulated during the month.

This automated payment happens the day after I get paid for my work, and that’s about a week before my statement is due. The money is withdrawn from my bank account when I am sure I have the money available in the account, so I don’t have to worry about overdraft fees. And it’s paid automatically, so I don’t have to manually remind myself to pay the balance or force myself to make the responsible choice every month. The default is to pay the card in full, so that’s what happens.

Now setting up automated payments wouldn’t work if I wasn’t sure there would be funds for payment, which is why the two-step process of tracking expenses and automatically paying the full balance is so important. This is a process that can work for anyone who wants to earn rewards on their credit card and build credit, but doesn’t want to run the risk of owing interest that could cost them their hard-earned money.

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

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Want to avoid holiday credit card debt? Do these moves now

Image source: Getty Images

A little planning could save you a lot of interest.

Key points

  • Many consumers regularly rack up credit card debt while on vacation.
  • If you want to avoid this fate, now is the time to get organized and start saving.

The holidays may not be on your mind considering it’s only October and fall has barely begun. At the same time, we are only months away from the most wonderful and expensive time of the year.

Even if you promise to keep your vacation spending to a minimum, you could end up racking up a higher credit card balance in November and December than most other months. And the last thing you want is to land in a situation where you’re stuck carrying that balance forward until 2023 because you can’t afford to pay it off.

If your goal is to avoid holiday debt this year, there are steps you can take to get there. But you will have to move quickly.

Check it out: This card has one of the longest 0% interest intro periods.

More: Consolidate your debt with one of these top-rated balance transfer credit cards

1. Assess your available vacation funds

You may have $200 sitting in your savings account that you don’t need for emergency fund purposes. Or, you might have a $100 bonus check from your employer that you haven’t deposited yet.

It’s important to have an idea of ​​how much money you currently have for the holidays, especially since you don’t have a lot of time to save. This should give you a starting point so you can keep your vacation plans realistic.

2. Calculate your non-negotiable vacation expenses

Maybe you go home to visit your parents every Thanksgiving. And maybe it would break your children’s hearts not being able to put up a Christmas tree.

There are some vacation expenses that may be non-negotiable on your book, and that’s okay. The key, however, is to identify what they are and determine how much they are likely to cost you. If you determine that your non-negotiable expenses total $1,000 and you have $300 to work with, that means you have until those vacation bills start rolling in to scrounge up another $700.

3. Increase your savings

Once you know how much shortfall you expect in vacation spending, you can take steps to save that money so you don’t end up with a credit card balance. One option is to drastically reduce expenses for a few months. Will it be difficult? Most likely. But it’s only for a limited period of time, so try to keep that in mind.

Another good way to save extra money for the holidays is to treat yourself to a side gig in addition to your main job. If you’re able to earn an extra $100 a week by the end of December, you might be able to finish the vacation debt-free. And who knows? You may find that you enjoy your side business enough to continue doing it after the holidays are over, increasing your savings for next year’s festivities.

Racking up holiday debt can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated as you prepare for a new year. And that’s not what you want. Rather than take that risk, do your best to avoid holiday debt and the costly interest that can come with it.

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% for up to 21 months! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

These apps can help you maximize your credit card travel rewards

Image source: Getty Images

Ready to optimize your trips?

Key points

  • AwardWallet keeps track of your credit card points, frequent flyer miles, hotel points, dining rewards, and shopping rewards.
  • MaxRewards is another great option for tracking your credit card points and miles, as well as maximizing your rewards.
  • One of the main features of MaxRewards is to recommend the best credit card you should use at nearby merchants and it automatically activates offers, bonuses and credit card offers.

If you’re like most people, you probably have at least one credit card. And if you’re like most people, you probably have no idea how many points or miles you have. Luckily, there are a few different apps that can help you track your credit card points and miles. Here are two of the best.

1. Rewards Wallet

AwardWallet is a great all-in-one solution for keeping track of your credit card points, frequent flyer miles, hotel points, dining rewards, and shopping rewards. AwardWallet has several basic features. The app syncs with over 679 different loyalty programs, tracking your rewards program balances by connecting to websites with your balance information. In addition to tracking your points and miles, AwardWallet tracks upcoming expiration dates and reward redemption options. AwardWallet syncs with your email and travel accounts to pull travel booking data from any travel confirmation email and travel account.

The AwardWallet merchant finder allows you to search for merchants and identify how transactions with those merchants are coded for certain credit card transactions. Some of the most common bonus categories for credit card spending are groceries, gas, travel, and meals. However, not all types of traders are equally easy to classify. To find out, just search for the store in question in the merchant finder and it will show a list of confirmed credit cards that earn more than one point per dollar at that particular merchant.

Check it out: This card has one of the longest 0% interest intro periods.

More: Consolidate your debt with one of these top-rated balance transfer credit cards

AwardWallet is free, but charges $30 per year for additional features, such as viewing historical data and unlimited expiration dates for your miles and points. AwardWallet also has browser extensions that allow you to automatically log into some of the loyalty program websites they have added to the site.

2. MaxRewards

MaxRewards is another great option for tracking your credit card points and miles, as well as maximizing your rewards. The app lets you track multiple loyalty programs in one place, and it also provides detailed information about each program, including earning rates and redemption options. You can see your net worth in rewards along with your overall balance, credit card balances, credit card usage, and credit limit. It offers a handy feature that reminds you of your upcoming bills and their automatic payment status, and it lets you monitor each issuer’s credit cards.

One of the main features of MaxRewards is to recommend the best credit card to use at nearby merchants to maximize your rewards. Credit cards often offer bonuses and offers that you may not be aware of. MaxRewards automatically activates quarterly bonus categories and offers on credit cards from all different issuers. MaxReward also finds and lists all your connected credit card offers so you don’t miss any of them. They integrate these offers with the best card recommendations so you can maximize both your savings and your points. Many credit cards offer a bonus reward if you spend a certain amount, and MaxRewards will track your spend towards the sign-up bonus minimum spend requirement.

MaxRewards is free to download and use, and the majority of the app’s features are free. MaxRewards is only available on a mobile device. You can pay to become a Gold member and access exclusive features such as automatic activation of Amex offers, BankAmeriDeals, Citi Merchant offers, Chase offers and more. Interestingly, the Gold Membership cost is whatever you want it to be, so you can name your own price.

Technology can help you manage your finances

There is no doubt that credit cards offer excellent rewards programs. But unless you keep track of your points and miles, those rewards can quickly go to waste. In addition, credit cards continue to offer more and more offers and bonuses. Luckily, there are a few different apps that can help you keep track of it all. So if you’re looking for an easy way to make sure your rewards don’t go to waste, check out one of these apps!

The best credit card waives interest until 2024

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% for up to 21 months! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

Pay your credit card twice a month (or more) to boost your credit score

Credit ratings are mysterious creatures, but they can be critical when buying a house or a car, renting an apartment, or even applying for a job. The three major credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion and Equifax – have different types of credit scores, but they all generally take into account basic credit factors such as payment history, combination of credit types and average age of your accounts.

Silver Tips Logo

The credit utilization rate is an important part of your credit score that is a little less obvious than the others. This is a calculation based on the amount of available credit you are currently using. Your credit ratio can change from week to week, or even day to day, and it can represent up to 30% of your credit score.

Find out how the credit ratio affects your credit scores and how paying your credit card bill more than once a month can help boost your credit score or keep it high.

To learn more, find out how debt consolidation and student loan forgiveness could affect your credit score.

What is a credit utilization rate?

Your credit utilization ratio is the percentage of your available credit that you are using. For a basic example, if you have a credit card with a limit of $1,000 and your current balance is $200, your credit ratio is $200/$1,000, or 20%.

VantageScore will only consider revolving credit or credit card accounts in calculating your credit utilization rate. FICO will consider your credit score as part of its “Amounts Due” category, which is the total amount of debt you have.

It is important to remember that VantageScore and FICO monitor your total credit usage (using the balances and credit limits of all your credit cards) as well as ratios for each of your individual accounts. If your overall ratio is moderately low, but you’ve maxed out on one card, it could lower your credit score.

Perhaps most importantly, the credit bureaus do not calculate your credit utilization rate using your current credit card balances. They calculate it using the account balances that your credit card issuers report to the credit bureaus. Each issuer has its own system, but the numbers reported are often your monthly statement balances.

Even if you pay off your credit card balance every month, if you have a high credit ratio at any point in your billing cycle, it could hurt your credit score.

What is a good credit utilization rate?

“It is generally recommended that your credit card balances be maintained at 30% or less of your assigned credit limit,” said Bruce McClary, senior vice president of National Credit Counseling Foundationtold CNET.

While a credit ratio of 30% or less is the general guideline, those who want excellent credit scores will need to keep it even lower. According to the rating company Experian“If your focus is on great credit scores, a single-digit credit utilization ratio is best.”

“The truth is, the lower your balance, the better. The more you carry, the more it could lower your score,” Todd Christensen, head of education at Money adjustmenttold CNET.

But do not aim for a credit ratio of 0%. Experian also says that “the only way to be sure that you have 0% usage all the time is to refrain from using your credit cards at all”, which could lead to your account being closed by a issuer, reducing your available credit and increasing your ratio.

How can I reduce my credit utilization rate?

Since the credit ratio is an expression of the money borrowed divided by the credit limit, the main ways to reduce this ratio are to reduce your debt and increase your credit limit. Here are the best ways to achieve this.

Pay your credit card bill twice a month or more

Credit card companies regularly report your balances to the credit bureaus, and this figure often comes from your credit card statements. Even when you pay your credit card bill each month, if your statement shows a balance that’s a high percentage of your credit limit, your credit score will suffer.

If you use your credit card frequently, consider paying it off twice a month or whenever your balance approaches 30% of your credit limit. Online credit card accounts make it easy to make or schedule as many payments as you want, and you can set up notifications (see below) for your balances.

If you have a $1,000 limit and you spend $900 per month on your card, a credit utilization rate of 90% could affect your credit score. If you pay it off when your balance hits $300, or three times a month, your credit rating shouldn’t be affected by a high ratio.

Create credit card balance notifications

Most credit cards now allow you to create online alerts for your account, including your balance amount. These can be emails, text messages, or alerts through your credit card’s website.

To protect your credit ratio, set up a notification when your balance reaches 25% of your credit limit. This balance level will give you some padding to make sure you stay below the recommended ratio of 30%.

Ask for a higher credit card limit

Increasing your credit limit will help lower your credit ratio, as the amount you owe is now a smaller percentage of the maximum you can borrow. It’s easy to request a credit card limit increase – just call the phone number on the back of your card and speak to a representative.

Before asking for a higher limit, however, keep a few things in mind. This strategy only works if you don’t increase your balance owing. If a higher limit tempts you to spend more, you might want to reconsider.

Also ask your credit card representative if the company will arrange a firm credit check before approving your request. Although a higher limit improves your ratio, a thorough investigation could lower your credit score by 5 to 10 points for about a year.

Keep your old credit cards and use them a little

If you have older credit cards that you don’t use much or at all, don’t cancel them. You will only reduce your overall credit availability and hurt your credit ratio, as well as your average credit age.

However, if you don’t use a credit card at all, the issuer may cancel it for lack of activity. Instead, use old cards sparingly, like buying every few months, to keep your accounts open and your total available credit high.

Once you know the principles of the credit utilization ratio, you can use these tactics to lower your ratio and boost your credit score.

To learn more about best practices for good credit scores, find out how build credit quickly and how to get a free weekly credit report until the end of the year.

With the BetSafe license, an online poker network iPoker Ontario could be a step further


With the BetSafe license, an online poker network iPoker Ontario could be a step further

Jan Weber, unsplash

Ontario’s seventh real money online poker room may be on the horizon. playtech may have another candidate for a proposed online poker network that manages its iPoker platform in Ontario.

Last Thursday, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) issued a one-year online gaming operator license to GWN Limitsubsidiary of Swedish Betsson AB. Betsson plans to launch its Betsafe platform in the provinces. According Review of the game in Canadait is one of a series of new online casino and sportsbook licenses issued by the regulator so far this month.

Betsson must sign an operating agreement with iGaming Ontario (iGO) before Betsafe can go live.

betmgm poker ontario


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Betsson is already active on iPoker

Betsafe’s license is interesting because it is a notable online poker platform in Europe. Alongside the Betsson brands, the pair are among the largest in Playtech’s global iPoker network. Besides its multi-jurisdictional Maltese license, the company also offers online poker in Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Greece.

Playtech announced plans in June to launch an online poker network running iPoker in Ontario, but it needs partners to be viable. So far he has only done Paris NorthStar lined up – but NorthStar is a startup and only launched in the province in May.

Betsson previously used online poker skins on the Microgaming Poker network (MPN), but migrated them to Playtech’s iPoker network when MPN closed in May 2020. The iPoker platform would give Betsson a way to offer online poker in Ontario.

Another potential iPoker partner in Ontario is bet365which has been issued a license by the AGCO on March 31 and launched at market open on April 4.

Bet365 is one of the largest online poker operators in the iPoker network. Although it offers poker worldwide, and one of its 19 domains recognized by the AGCO is poker, the UK-based operator has yet to launch online poker in Ontario.

Coolbet is another potential candidate. The Estonian-based operator previously offered sports betting in Ontario through its license in Malta, but left the gray market to enter Ontario’s regulated market on April 4. It offers online poker in some European markets.

Can Playtech align multiple partners?

Betsson has not indicated its intention to offer online poker in Ontario.

“The licensing process is proceeding as planned and we expect to launch our Betsafe brand in the Ontario local regulated market this year,” said Roderick Spiteri Schillig, Manager of Employer Branding and External Relations for Betsson. . Review of the game in Canada.

Considering Betsson has yet to sign the operating agreement with iGO, Spiteri Schillig said the company will announce the products it plans to launch “at a later stage.”

If Betsson wanted to start poker, he could eventually join NorthStar Bets on the iPoker network. But the network still likely needs additional skins before launching, presumably, in tandem in the province. Coolbet and bet365 could fill the need – and both are currently on the platform in Europe and working with Playtech in Ontario.

Potential iPoker Ontario Skins

Operator Have you launched an online casino in Ontario? Interested in online poker in Ontario? On iPoker elsewhere?
Paris NorthStar Yes Yes Nope
bet365 Yes Registered a poker subdomain with AGCO Yes
Coolbet Yes Unknown Yes
Betsafe Nope Unknown Yes

partypoker is live in Ontario

partypoker is open in Ontario!

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How Ontario Compares to Other Distinct Markets

But if an iPoker network does eventually launch in Ontario, there’s also the question of whether the market is already saturated.

Ontario now has four poker networks and six poker rooms, more than any US state:

  • 888poker Quebec
  • BetMGM Ontario Network — which includes BetMGM Poker Ontario and two Entain brands: bwin Ontario and partypoker Ontario
  • PokerStars Quebec
  • WSOP Ontario

The province is also a closed market – traders cannot share cash with other jurisdictions.

The separate setup resembles that of two US states, Michigan and Pennsylvania – although it should be noted that Michigan signed the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA), a multi-state compact for online poker and (in some cases) online casino games. However, Michigan operators have not yet been allowed to launch multi-state poker.

Ontario is the largest Canadian province in terms of population and has approximately 15 million inhabitants. By comparison, the populations of Pennsylvania and Michigan are 13 million and 10.1 million, respectively.

According to gambling traffic provided by GameIntel, which tracks gambling data and is available exclusively on the Poker Industry PRO Data platform, the three active online poker networks in Ontario (888, BetMGM and PokerStars) averaged 418 concurrent cash game players in September. That’s significantly more than Pennsylvania (298) and Michigan (256) – suggesting the market may already be saturated.

But the rate of cash game players per million inhabitants is close. The rate in Ontario is 27.9 seats per million population, while the averages for Michigan (25.3) and Pennsylvania (22.9) are lower. Ontario’s online poker market is already more active per capita than competing U.S. states, and WSOP Ontario is not yet reflected in these numbers.

This could dampen enthusiasm for launching another online poker network in the province. But if Playtech has lined up several operators – including big European brands with an existing player base in Ontario, like bet365, Betsafe and Coolbet – it could give them the confidence to try online poker.

Learn more about Ontario’s most popular online poker apps in our comprehensive guide.

For those juggling credit card debt, experts say consolidation is key

InvestigateTV – Millions of Americans have credit card debt spread across multiple cards. If you’re one of them and your goal is to get out of debt, the experts we spoke with shared two ways to fix the problem.

Kim Palmer, personal finance expert with NerdWalletsuggested that you write down all your debts, how much you owe and the interest rate you are paying on each debt.

With this list, you have two options:

Pay more for higher interest cards: This will save you money by paying less interest over time.

Pay more to the card with the lowest balance: This method could help keep you motivated as you see the cards being paid off quickly.

Whichever method you choose, it helps to use a free online financial calculator, like this one from NerdWallet, to help you stay on track. The calculator can help you figure out how much you need to pay each month to reach your goal.

If you need additional help managing your debt, USA.gov has free resources available for you.

Lottery.com online lottery service identifies potential board members


It’s been a tough few months for the online lottery messaging service lottery.com and in a short time, the situation could go from bad to worse. However, the company has begun to address an issue that could significantly impact its future.

Lottery.com has identified two potential new members of its board of directors, preparing to avoid the sanctions of NASDAQ In the process. While the appointments could help solve this problem, others still weigh on the company in worrying ways.

Online lottery service appoints two pending board members

On September 21, Lottery.com filed a case with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission which announced that it failed to comply with a crucial NASDAQ rule. NASDAQ rules require every company on its list to have:

  • an audit committee of the board of directors composed of at least three members, each of whom is not employed by the company or holds a material interest
  • a Competition Committee of the Board of Directors composed of at least two members, both of whom are also independent

On September 8, Lottery.com decided to partially meet this requirement. An 8-K filing with that date announced that the company had identified two potential board members pending background checks. The filing does not specify what roles these individuals would fill if confirmed in the potential positions.

The Sept. 21 filing says the NASDAQ gave Lottery.com until Wednesday 5 October submit a plan to bring its board into compliance. If NASDAQ accepts the plan before then, it could give Lottery.com up to 180 days to fill those spots.

The biggest problem is that Lottery.com has recently been in hot water not only with NASDAQ but also with shareholders.

Troubled Times on Lottery.com

The September 8 file reveals more of the backstory behind this situation. Among the details are the appointment of a new CEO and the resignation of former members of its board.

The September 8 filing essentially covers all of Lottery.com’s leadership moves during the month. It is said that on September 6, board members Lisa Borders, Steven Cohen and William C. Thompson, Jr. have resigned from their positions on the company’s board of directors. It also indicates that two days later, Lawrence Anthony DiMatteo also quit.

This left Richard Kivel, the chairman of the board, as the sole member of the board. Finally, the company named Sohail S. Quraeshi as interim CEO on September 12. DiMatteo had held the position before his resignation. The resigning board members outlined their reasons for leaving in another 8-K filed Sept. 2.

For example, Borders cited “opaque and contrived processes, singular relationships and a dysfunctional board environment” as factors behind its decision. Cohen listed a meeting that members excluded from the board to discuss a company financing proposal, calling it “the reluctance of some directors to deliberate and consult in an open and reasoned manner”.

This internal conflict was likely aggravated by an ongoing class action lawsuit. The company’s shareholders allege the company’s former executives, including DiMatteo, deceived them and gross mismanagement led to losses in the market.

At the time the lawsuit was filed, the company was also facing a possible delisting from NASDAQ. It did not comply with another rule that requires companies to file their quarterly earnings reports with the stock exchange by June 30. The company has since met that requirement, but more issues could arise next week.

Could the end be near for Lottery.com?

The Sept. 21 filing features Lottery.com indicating that it plans to comply with the NASDAQ rule governing board membership.

“While the company cannot provide any assurance as to the timing, the company plans to identify new independent members of the audit committee and compensation committee as soon as possible to regain compliance with Nasdaq listing rules. “

This statement does not imply that the company will meet the October 5 deadline. It is unclear at this time how the NASDAQ might react if this were the case. Again, Lottery.com does not need to fill any open spots by Wednesday, simply present an acceptable plan to do it.

Radiation (withdrawal from the market) is a drastic measure, but for a company which, in July, doubted that it had enough money to pay its bills, drastic measures might be appropriate. The NASDAQ allows delisted companies to appeal, and the SEC also has its own appeals process, which could save the company more time.

As NASDAQ itself points out, however, delisting is not necessarily a death sentence in itself. It is possible for companies to regain a place in the market even after being delisted. However, given the tumultuous state of Lottery.com, a delisting at this time could dampen any interest in the investment it badly needs. October 5 could be a watershed day for the company and its remaining shareholders.

the favorite online casino game developer of Polish casinos


Polish online casinos cooperate with various software companies. Microgaming is the number one game developer any online casino wants to work with. The company offers highly entertaining slot games or, as Polish players call it, “za darmo online automaton” online roulette, and hundreds of other high quality games.

Microgaming became the pioneer of casino gaming software by releasing the first software in 1994. It was a groundbreaking decision that changed the entire industry. Microgaming was among the first developers to come up with solutions for their websites when casinos started moving online. In 2004, the company used HTML technology to develop mobile versions of its games. And Microgaming continues to introduce new technologies and innovations to its games.

Microgaming Games at Polish Online Casinos

Microgaming offers over 800 casino games, most of which are slots and table games. And every month the company releases new games and adds innovative features to existing games.

  • Polish players’ favorite Microgaming games are based on popular TV series and movies such as Game of Thrones, Terminator and Bridesmaids. They have lucrative promotions, enticing features, and customer-centric offers such as free spins and multipliers that allow players to win big prizes.
  • Progressive jackpots are the favorite game of Polish players because they have a chance to win millions of dollars. Regardless of the size of the prize, these games are also available for people on a tight budget. For example, Mega Moolah set a record for paying out C$1 billion in jackpots, but the game can be played with as little as 25 cents. Other popular Microgaming jackpots are The Dark Knight and King Cashalot.
  • Microgaming is not an active provider of live gaming services, but they have a decent presence in the niche. Polish casinos offer live baccarat, blackjack and roulette for fans of Microgaming games. Luckily, the live dealers speak different languages, including Polish, so players don’t encounter any language barriers when playing.

The advantages of Microgaming games for Polish players

There are many reasons why Microgaming is the most popular software provider for Polish casinos. Let’s discuss a few.

  1. For starters, the company offers over 800 games, including slots, table games, and live casino games. Some of these games are legendary and all-time favorites of Polish gamers.
  2. Microgaming games allow new players to play for free without depositing funds. This gives them the confidence and experience required to try real money gambling.
  3. Progressive jackpots allow Polish players to win a fortune. Nothing can be more attractive to players than the size of the prize.
  4. You can start playing Microgaming games even on a tight budget. The games allow you to place bets ranging from $0.25 to $100.
  5. Some Polish casinos offer no deposit bonuses. Players receive bonuses without depositing funds and can use them to play games and win real money. This feature is attractive to new and existing players.

Microgaming mobile casino

Microgaming was one of the first software developers to take on the challenge of advanced technologies and optimize its games for smartphones. As a result, most slots and table games have responsive designs and can adapt to any screen size. Thanks to these features, most Microgaming games have become accessible to Polish players who spend a lot of time on their phones.


Polish casinos cooperate with Microgaming as they offer a huge selection of casino games. As a leader in the casino industry, the company offers over 1200 casino games with innovative features, entertaining design and simple rules. Polish players love Microgaming games for their generous jackpots, free spins and bonus games.

5 expenses contributing the most to credit card debt in 2022


Racking up credit card debt sounds easy, but getting out of it can be a much more difficult feat.

A recent survey of CreditCards.com found that nearly half (48%) of respondents continue to carry credit card debt on a monthly basis. Of course, if you don’t pay off your credit card balance in full each month, you’ll accrue interest charges, making those monthly bills a bit more expensive.

However, paying off your credit card can sometimes be easier said than done. Here are the expenses that contribute the most to credit card holders with a balance:

  • 46% of respondents say they have a balance due for an urgent expense (i.e. a surprise medical bill, car repair, home repair, etc.).
  • 24% say everyday expenses, like groceries, childcare and utilities, are the reason they still have credit card debt.
  • 11% of respondents said retail purchases, such as clothing and electronics, were the top reason for carrying a sale.
  • 11% cited vacation and/or entertainment spending as the biggest contributor to their credit card balance.
  • 7% said other expenses were the reason they incurred credit card debt.

Popular Strategies for Paying Off Credit Card Debt

Sure, Paying off credit card debt is easier said than done, especially when you have no choice but to swipe your card for daily necessities. But there are some helpful strategies that can make managing your balance easier.

The debt snowball method is a popular strategy for paying off debt faster and involves eliminating the smallest debt balance first while only paying the minimum on all your other debts. Watching those small balances disappear quickly first helps keep you motivated, allowing you to progress to larger amounts until you are completely debt free.

Another strategy, the debt avalanche method, involves eliminating your highest-interest debt first while making minimum payments on others and working your way into debt with the lowest interest rate. This method helps you save the most money on interest charges.

You can also consider using a balance transfer credit card with a 0% APR introductory period to help you make interest-free payments for a limited time. This can be especially helpful if interest charges prevent you from paying down your balance quickly.

The Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card gives you 0% interest for 21 months on balance transfers (after, 16.74% – 26.74% variable). You will also pay a 5% transfer fee on each balance you transfer.

The Wells Fargo Reflect® Card offers up to 21 months of 0% APR (after, 15.99% – 27.99% variable). The balance transfer fee for the Reflect card is only 3% if you transfer within 120 days of account opening

Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card

  • Awards

  • welcome bonus

  • Annual subscription

  • Introduction AVR

    0% for 21 months on balance transfers; 0% for 12 months on purchases

  • Regular APR

  • Balance Transfer Fee

    5% of each balance transfer; At least $5. Balance transfers must be completed within 4 months of account opening.

  • Foreign transaction fees

  • Credit needed


  • No annual fee
  • Balances can be transferred within 4 months of account opening
  • One of the longest introductory periods for balance transfers

The inconvenients

  • 3% foreign transaction fee

Wells Fargo Reflect® Card

On the Wells Fargo secure site

  • Awards

  • welcome bonus

  • Annual subscription

  • Introduction AVR

    0% intro APR for 18 months from account opening on eligible purchases and balance transfers. Intro APR 3 month extension with on-time minimum payments during the intro period. 15.99% – 27.99% variable APR thereafter; balance transfers made within 120 days qualify for the introductory rate

  • Regular APR

    15.99% – 27.99% Variable APR on purchases and balance transfers

  • Balance Transfer Fee

    3% introductory fee ($5 minimum) for 120 days from account opening, then up to 5% ($5 minimum)

  • Foreign transaction fees

  • Credit needed

Debt consolidation is another popular method of paying off debt if you have balances on multiple credit cards. With debt consolidation, you are essentially applying for a loan large enough to cover the total amount of debt on all your credit cards (usually through a personal lender). Then, once you’re approved, the lender will send the financing amount to your creditors, essentially paying off your credit cards. From there, you will simply be responsible for repaying the loan you borrowed.

This method keeps your debt payments organized because they’re consolidated into one monthly payment, but you can also potentially save on interest since personal lenders typically offer much lower interest rates than credit card issuers.

The Marcus by Goldman Sachs Personal loan is one of the best debt consolidation loans because this lender will send your funds directly to up to 10 creditors.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    6.99% to 24.99% APR when you sign up for autopay

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, home improvement, wedding, moving and moving or vacation

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

Other Considerations

If you use a credit card for stretch your budget to afford things like groceries and utilities, it might be time to consider asking for a raise or moving to a better-paying job. A credit card offers a temporary option, but increasing your salary may be a more sustainable solution to meet more expensive needs.

A higher income can also help you get out of debt faster, as you may have room in your budget to make higher monthly payments.

And when it comes to paying for those emergency expenses — like a surprise medical bill or an unexpected car repair — if you haven’t already considered setting up an emergency fund, now might be the time. . An emergency fund can help you take on less debt to cover expenses you don’t see coming.

Most experts recommend an emergency fund that covers at least three to six months of necessary expenses, but setting a smaller goal — like $1,000 — can be a little more motivating because it’s easier to achieve.

Save all the money you received for your birthday or any other occasion. Reevaluate your recurring expenses (like subscriptions) and cancel any that you don’t use or no longer make sense to you. Then take the money you save each month and redirect it to a savings account instead. This will help you build your emergency fund faster. See Select’s other tips for finding extra money on a tight budget.

At the end of the line

Emergency expenses and daily necessities currently contribute the most to people’s credit card balances. This is not surprising given that the costs of many goods, including groceries, have increased over the months and it is now more expensive for individuals and families to buy some of the same items they usually buy.

While paying off credit card debt is easier said than done, strategies such as the snowball method, the avalanche method, debt consolidation, and using a transfer card balance can help make managing your debt a little more organized.

Editorial note: Any opinions, analyses, criticisms or recommendations expressed in this article are those of Select’s editorial staff alone and have not been reviewed, endorsed or otherwise endorsed by any third party.

Global Online Lottery Market Report (2022 to 2027) – Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast – European Gaming Industry News

Reading time: 3 minutes

The report “Online Lottery Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2022-2027” has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offer.

The global online lottery market reached a value of US$9.61 billion in 2021. Looking ahead, the publisher expects the market to reach a value of US$14.35 billion by 2027, posting a CAGR of 6.91% in 2021-2027. Keeping in mind the uncertainties of COVID-19, we continuously monitor and assess the direct and indirect influence of the pandemic on different end-use sectors. This information is included in the report as a major market contributor.

Online lottery refers to a gambling system that involves acquiring money by selling numbered tickets and randomly drawing numbers to offer prizes to holders of selected numbers. These games are linked to a central computer, which is also connected to a telecommunications network.

Online lottery apps can be downloaded on desktop and smartphones or can be played through a website. Sessions are facilitated by computer programs, eliminating all forms of physical contact and interaction. Apart from this, online lottery solutions offer multiple benefits such as real-time experience, convenience, secure payments, easy accessibility, cashless transactions and safe environment.

Online Lottery Market Trends:

Growing availability of high-speed internet connectivity and inflation in smartphone sales across the globe represent some of the key factors creating a positive outlook for the market. Consumers are widely adopting online lottery methods due to their improved accessibility on mobile phones and personal computers (PCs), the provision of digital and mobile payments for online gamblers, and improved betting processes , safety and reliability.

Additionally, the shifting inclination of users of traditional online lottery draw-based games due to higher return on lower investments is driving the growth of the market. Apart from this, various technological advancements such as the integration of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) as well as the introduction of connected wearable devices to deliver an immersive gaming experience while ensuring transparency are greatly boosting market growth. .

Additionally, the growing use of online payment channels that provide encryption security to protect data related to online transactions is positively impacting the growth of the market. Other factors, including various promotional activities on social media, increasing consumer spending capabilities, and the implementation of various government initiatives promoting safe practices and the legalization of online lottery services, are expected to further push the market to growth.

Competitive Landscape:

The competitive landscape of the industry was also examined along with the profiles of major players i.e. Camelot Group, International Game Technology PLC, Jackpot.com, Lotto Agent, Lotto Direct Limited, Lotto247, Lottoland Limited, LottosOnline, MultiLotto, OneLotto .com, Play UK Internet NV and ZEAL Network SE.

Answers to key questions in this report:

  • How has the global online lottery market behaved so far and how will it behave in the years to come?
  • What has been the impact of COVID-19 on the global online lottery market?
  • What are the main regional markets?
  • What is the market breakdown by product type?
  • What is the breakout of the market based on the platform?
  • What are the different stages of the industry value chain?
  • What are the key drivers and challenges in the industry?
  • What is the structure of the global online lottery market and who are the key players?
  • How competitive is the industry?

Main topics covered:

1 Preface

2 Scope and methodology

3 Executive Summary

4 Presentation
4.1 Overview
4.2 Key Industry Trends

5 Global Online Lottery Market
5.1 Market Overview
5.2 Market Performance
5.3 Impact of COVID-19
5.4 Market Forecast

6 Market Breakdown by Product Type
6.1 Lotto
6.1.1 Market trends
6.1.2 Market Forecast
6.2 Lottery Quiz
6.2.1 Market trends
6.2.2 Market Forecast
6.3 Number game
6.3.1 Market trends
6.3.2 Market Forecast
6.4 Instant Scratch Games
6.4.1 Market trends
6.4.2 Market Forecast
6.5 Others
6.5.1 Market trends
6.5.2 Market Forecast

7 Market Breakdown by Platform
7.1 Office
7.1.1 Market trends
7.1.2 Market Forecast
7.2 Mobile/App
7.2.1 Market trends
7.2.2 Market Forecast

8 Market Breakdown by Region

9 SWOT Analysis

10 Value chain analysis

11 Analysis of the five forces of carriers

12 Price Analysis

13 Competitive Landscape
13.1 Market structure
13.2 Key Players
13.3 Profiles of Key Players
13.3.1 Camelot Group Company Overview Product portfolio
13.3.2 International Game Technology PLC Presentation of the company Product portfolio Finance
13.3.3 Jackpot.com Company overview Product portfolio
13.3.4 Lotto Agent Company Overview Product portfolio
13.3.5 Lotto Direct Limited Company Overview Product Portfolio
13.3.6 Loto247 Company Overview Product Portfolio
13.3.7 Lottoland Limited Company Overview Product Portfolio
13.3.8 Online lotto Company Overview Product Portfolio
13.3.9 Multi Lotto Company Overview Product Portfolio
13.3.10 OneLotto.com Company Overview Product portfolio
13.3.11 Play UK Internet NV Company Overview Product portfolio
13.3.12 ZEAL SE network Company Overview Product portfolio

For more information about this report visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/aodjje

Secret Santa Slot Review and Where to Play


10. How many slot games does Sailor Bingo have?

  • Sailor Bingo offers its players the best online slot machines developed by the best game providers. The number of slot games offered at Sailor Bingo tends to change as the casino continuously updates its slots category from time to time with exciting new games featuring alluring themes, features and visuals.

Play responsibly

Virgin Games is operated by Gamesys Operations Limited of Suite 2, Floor 4, Waterport Place, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA. Contact us

Gamesys Operations Limited is authorized and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under account number 38905 and in Gibraltar by the Government of Gibraltar and is regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (RGL No. 46).

VIRGIN and the Virgin Signature logo are registered trademarks of Virgin Enterprises Limited and are used under licence.

Modern Slavery Statement

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Netent’s Jingle Spin Slot (Christmas Themed) Plays Online

Slot machines

  • Directory of slot machines
  • Slot machine developers
  • Play free slot machines
  • Slot Machine News

Try the 10 Best Christmas Slots for Android and Apple

  1. Big Bad Wolf Christmas Special
  2. Christmas secrets
  3. Christmas fruit shop
  4. Megaways Christmas Carol
  5. Sweet Christmas Bonanza
  6. Taco Brothers Saves Christmas
  7. Santa Claus
  8. Hello! Christmas
  9. King Santa’s Megaways
  10. Foxin’ Wins: Christmas Edition

Christmas secrets review

NetEnt invites the player to a beautiful festive experience, in a game with amazing graphics and mechanics. Everyone loves Christmas! And what better way to celebrate than with winnings wrapped in goodies, along with a jolly holiday playlist?

The video slot game comes with a 5×3 grid layout, 25 fixed paylines and an RTP of 96.7%. The symbols are stunning, made up of all kinds of Christmas products. The highest paying symbol is “The Bell”, giving the player 1,205x. Also, the wild symbol is Santa Claus. What makes this symbol superior is that during free spins it acts as an expanding wild. Both replace other symbols to complete a win. The classic A, K, J and Q cards are present, as well as cookies, milk, candles, gingerbread and Christmas toys. The basket of toys is the scatter symbol, with 3 or more of them activating the free spins feature.


This unique feature, unlike other bonuses of this type, is very cleverly done. In addition to the 10 free spins, the player has a choice of 20 Christmas gifts, all offering exciting bonuses, including even more free spins! The number of gifts you can get depends on the number of scatters landed. That being said, for 5 scatters you get 5 gifts.


  • Great graphics.
  • Amazing free spins feature.


  • The unsatisfactory base game wins.

What will Santa Claus put under the Christmas tree for you? Find out in NetEnt’s Christmas Eve themed slot game – a delicious festive treat that is sure to bring out your seasonal spirit no matter what time of year! The jolly Secrets Of Christmas slot will let you choose your own gifts from the pile that Santa Claus has delivered, for a chance to grab free spins, wilds, multipliers and more! Will it be a Merry Christmas for you? Spin the reels to find out!

Jingle Spin Free Demo

To play the free demo click the button, the game may take a while to load.

Start Free Game

to report a problem

The Holiday Season Made Festive – Play This Slot For Free

It’s only natural with a slot with such a fun theme like this that you would want to dive into and start playing. While we applaud this holiday spirit, we believe a more prudent course of action would be to take the time to enjoy the free version of Secrets of Christmas first. This is where you see the same great animations as the real money version, all without needing to use your money. You will be able to experience the same features and learn how the different betting lines work. This will prepare you to play for real money in due time.

Secrets of Christmas Slot Game Free Demo

Instant play

Casumo Casino offers a great bonus opportunity that you will want to take advantage of when you are ready to start playing this slot for real money. They go match the first deposit you make up to £25. If you just want to start with £10, that’s fine too. You will see your account balance double before you even start. Moreover, Casumo Casino will also give you free spins when you open your account with them for the first time. This will put you in the holiday spirit when you start playing this slot!

3. Are UK fruit slots different from those in the US?

  • Yes they are! UK fruit slots are quite flexible compared to US slots, which means that UK fruit slots offer players some control over the reels, either to hold one or more reels at their initial values for best results.
  • Additionally, UK fruit slots also provide bonus panels and the cash ladder feature where game symbols are arranged vertically. This gives players insight to hit the highest symbol and claim the highest payout.

On the reels…

When typing this Jingle Spin slot review, keep in mind that I’m trying to delay the penny drop as long as possible – well, I’ll do my best anyway. We have 20 paylines on 5 reels with 3 rows each and simple icons. Our line pays for 5-of-a-kinds are pretty good with the Present Wild or Red Bauble paying 50x your stake, Orange Slice 35x, Green Bauble 25x, Reindeer Decoration 20x and Pine Cone 15x and five card values ​​between 2, 5 and 4x bet for the full line. There are no scatters on the reels but unfortunately you have to come across the Santa Dwarf boss to the right of the reels.

Can I request an APR discount on my credit card?


Image source: Getty Images

You can ask for a reduced APR, but be prepared to negotiate.

Key points

  • The annual percentage rate (APR) is your credit card interest rate, expressed as an annual rate.
  • Some credit card issuers allow you to claim APR discounts.
  • There’s no guarantee an issuer will approve your APR reduction request, but you can take steps to improve your odds.

If you’re like the majority of American adults, you have month-to-month credit card debt. Paying off card balances can take time, especially if your card has a high annual percentage rate, or APR. Fortunately, you can often request an interest rate reduction from your credit card company, but this may require some upfront work to improve your chances of success.

What is the APR and can I request a discount?

Some credit card companies allow you to call and ask for an interest rate reduction. The annual percentage rate of charge is the interest rate of your card expressed as an annual rate. This is the total cost you pay annually to borrow money. Your credit card’s APR is listed near the end of your monthly billing statement or in your online credit card account. Your card may have multiple APRs for different charges such as purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers.

Unfortunately, not all issuers honor requests. There is also no guarantee of approval. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying, especially if your card carries a high interest rate. Paying off credit cards is often difficult, especially when the balance seems to increase each month with expensive interest charges.

Check it out: This card has one of the longest 0% interest intro periods.

More: Consolidate your debt with one of these top-rated balance transfer credit cards

How to request an APR discount

Calling your credit card company and asking for a lower interest rate can seem overwhelming. While your sender likes to make money, they also like to keep their customers’ business. He may be willing to lower your APR, especially if you’ve worked hard to improve your credit or are considering moving your business elsewhere if he doesn’t say yes.

Follow the steps below to request a lower APR from your credit card company.

Collect information

There’s some important pre-work you need to do before you pick up the phone. Before you call, gather the following information:

  • Your current interest rate
  • Your credit score
  • Your credit card balance

Research similar credit cards and compare available interest rates. If you find better deals than your current card, let your card company know when you call. Stick to the cards you qualify for based on your credit score. If you have fair credit, there’s no point in mentioning card offers that require excellent credit.

Ask for a price reduction

With your numbers in hand, it’s time to call your credit card issuer. Call the number on the back of your credit card and ask for a rate reduction. Explain your situation, including any positives such as an on-time payment history, being a loyal customer, or having an improved credit rating. Be prepared to negotiate, but be polite throughout your exchange.

You can also mention other cards with lower interest rates or 0% APR introductory offers that you can transfer your balance to if needed.

In case of refusal, find out how to benefit from a lower interest rate

If the customer service representative denies your request, ask what you can do to improve your chances or receive a reduced APR. You may just need to establish a longer history of on-time payments or improve your credit score to qualify.

Continue to make requests

Keep improving your situation and try again in a few weeks or months. There is no downside to making multiple attempts other than an additional time commitment.

Even if you’re approved for a lower rate, there’s no rule that says you can’t apply again. Continue to pay your monthly statement on time and in full. Monitor your credit score over the next six months to see if it improves. Then call your credit card company again and ask for another rate reduction.

Tips for requesting a rate reduction

Although there is no guarantee that your issuer will approve your application, there are steps you can take now that could improve your credit and your chances of success. These tips can also help if you’ve already been denied a rate reduction and you plan to try again.

  • Pay your bills on time. On-time payments contribute to your credit score more than any other factor. Become known for a long history of timely and complete payments.
  • Keep your balances low. Credit utilization, or the amount of available credit you use, makes up 30% of your FICO credit score calculation. Reducing your overall credit utilization rate can help improve your credit score.
  • Check your credit reports. Review your credit reports, looking for errors or omissions that could negatively affect your credit history. If you find any errors, file a dispute with the credit reporting agency.

Other ways to lower your credit card interest rate

Asking for a rate reduction isn’t the only way to get a lower rate on your credit card. Consider the following alternatives if you want access to lower interest rates.

Low interest credit card

You may qualify for a credit card with a lower interest rate, especially if your credit score has improved. Low-interest credit cards won’t necessarily help you pay off current card debt, but could reduce fees on future purchases.

Balance transfer credit card

Balance transfer credit cards are a great way to pay off debt while saving on interest. You can apply for a balance transfer credit card with a 0% APR introductory offer. Make sure you can pay the balance before the end of the promotional period. Consider balance transfer fees to determine if it’s worth transferring.

The best credit card waives interest until 2023

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% in 2023! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

Why it pays to use a personal loan to pay off credit card debt


Image source: Getty Images

It’s a matter of making your debt more affordable.

Key points

  • Credit cards are known to charge a lot of interest.
  • Personal loan interest rates can be much more affordable, especially if you have good credit.

Many people end up in credit card debt for one reason or another. For some, it’s about meeting emergency expenses. For others, it’s about losing track of spending.

Regardless of why you incurred credit card debt, your goal should be the same: to get rid of that debt as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of interest you accrue on it. But one tactic you might want to use to pay off your credit cards is to take out a personal loan and use the proceeds from that loan to wipe out your balance. Here’s why it’s a smart move to make, even if it means swapping one type of debt for another.

A personal loan could cost you less

A personal loan lets you borrow money for any reason, just like you can use a credit card to charge for a host of expenses, from groceries to car repairs to medical bills. For example, you can use proceeds from a personal loan to pay off a credit card balance.

Find out: These personal loans are the best for debt consolidation

More: Prequalify for a personal loan without affecting your credit score

But one of the advantages of a personal loan over credit cards is that these loans tend to charge much less interest. And it could make your debt much cheaper to pay off.

Say you owe money on a credit card at 18% interest. You may qualify for a personal loan at 8% interest. And the lower your interest rate, the less money you spend.

Also, if you have a very high credit rating, you might be able to get a very affordable rate on a personal loan. Additionally, personal loans come with fixed interest rates, while credit cards tend to come with variable interest rates. This means the rate you lock in when you sign your personal loan is guaranteed to stay the same until your debt is paid off.

With a credit card, variable interest could cause you to pay more and more interest as your debt is carried over. The result? A harder time paying off your debt and more wasted money.

How to qualify for a personal loan

Personal loans are unsecured, meaning they are not tied to any specific asset that you have put up as collateral. As such, you will generally need decent credit to qualify for a personal loan.

Now there are personal lenders working with low credit applicants. But if this is the situation you find yourself in, you will need to see what interest rates are available to you. With bad credit, the borrowing rate you get on a personal loan may not be much better than what you pay on your credit cards. In some cases, it might even be less favorable.

That said, if you’re able to get a personal loan rate comparable to what your credit cards are currently charging, it might be beneficial to lock in that loan, because that way your interest rate will be at least fixed. . With a credit card, you run the risk of your interest rate going up.

All told, paying off your credit cards with a personal loan could be a smart bet. It pays to shop around and see what personal loan rates you qualify for.

The Ascent’s Best Personal Loans for 2022

Our team of independent experts have pored over the fine print to find the select personal loans that offer competitive rates and low fees. Start by reviewing The Ascent’s best personal loans for 2022.

As credit card debt skyrockets, Wake Forest man shows how he paid off $25,000 debt


WAKE FOREST, NC (WTVD) — Inflation continues to affect consumers with regard to credit card debt. A new WalletHub study shows that debt has increased by $67 billion in recent months.

North Carolina ranks ninth for the highest increase in credit card debt in the country. Despite the increase in credit card debt, some consumers can pay off their debt.

“I’ve got all this credit card debt, I’m drowning,” is how Peter Fabrizi said he felt about his credit card debt of over $25,000. “Just irresponsible spending, you know? You have 10 different credit cards and an Amazon card that we can buy whatever you want.”

Fabrizi said home renovations, along with other bad spending habits, caused him to get into credit card debt. Despite paying the minimum monthly payment, the interest rates on each card put him further into debt.

“Some of them were like 20% and above. All of them were like above 15%.”

WATCH: 42% of people still pay for subscriptions they don’t use. Are you?

Fabrizi isn’t alone as WalletHub’s study shows credit card debt continues to climb, with the average debt per household nearing $9,000. Fabrizi had had enough and started looking for debt relief options. He ended up crossing International financial management.

After sharing her debit information with the nonprofit, a plan was devised to start working on paying off her debt. For him, it helped.

“Dramatically lowered the interest rate, consolidated everything for me, froze all the accounts and then (I) would just make a monthly payment to Money Management International and then they would distribute the money to the businesses.” Slowly, Fabrizi saw his credit card debt reduced. “It took time. It certainly wasn’t overnight, but it was a big help.”

WATCH: Student loan forgiveness scams rise in light of Biden’s plan to cancel up to $20,000 per person

But not all credit card debt relief companies are created equal. Often scammers pretend they are a legitimate debt relief service in order to squeeze more money out of you.

When it comes to looking for credit repair and debt relief services, here are the red flags to watch out for according to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Don’t pay high fees up front, instead get a written contract detailing your rights and the services rendered, as well as the total cost to you.
  • Don’t go ahead with a business if you’re told to stop paying your debts and contact your creditors.
  • Beware of too-good-to-be-true offers, where a big claim is made, without teaching you about budgeting and money management.

As for Fabrizi, his advice is: “Don’t be afraid to find help. It took a lot of financial discipline, but he paid off his credit card debt of over $25,000 and also boosted his credit rating.

“It’s unbelievable, it’s literally like such a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” he added. Along with paying off all that debt, he says he also learned not to go into debt like that anymore.

If you are looking for debt relief, all contracts should offer you a three-day cancellation right. Also, make sure you get all warranties in writing, do your research, and be very careful before paying any money.

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Federal judge confirms Wire Act does not apply to online poker


A federal judge has ruled that the law used to wipe out the unregulated online poker industry in the United States in 2011 does not apply to online poker.

A judge ruled that the Wire Act did not apply to online poker. (Image: State.gov)

The ruling is expected to be the final word on how the Wire Act may be interpreted by the Justice Department in current and future administrations as it relates to the online poker and casino industry.

“The fight is almost over. All courts that have reviewed the Wire Act agree that it only covers sports betting,” I. Nelson Rose, a gambling attorney and professor of gambling law, told CardsChat.

Online gaming company IGT filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of Rhode Island last year to force the court to rule on whether or not the federal government can use the Wire Act to sue the company.

The Wire Act was passed in 1961 to combat the vast network of organized crime bookmakers who used phones to bet on games.

IGT said clarification was needed to protect the company from future lawsuits, and District Court Judge William Smith agreed in the Sept. 15 ruling.

What the decision means for online poker in the United States

Although the ruling only applies to IGT, it will be the final word on the scope of the Wire Act, which only applies to sports betting.

This means that the last gray area regarding the legality of connecting online player pools across state lines is gone.

This was already assumed by the governments of the four states that are part of the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA), but may now be considered the rule of law by officials in other states that allow online poker, but may have been cautious about this.

It also gives online sites the assurance that they will not be prosecuted by future conservative governments unless the laws are changed by Congress.

Rose thinks it’s long. “Even if Republicans win the Presidency, House and Senate in 2024, they are unlikely to want to expand the Wire Act to cover other forms of online gambling,” he said.

So far, only WSOP.com has taken advantage of MSIGA by bringing together its players from Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Michigan recently joined MSIGA and WSOP.com will soon add its players to the group.

Only time will tell if other online poker companies will follow WSOP.com’s lead, although the odds are now better that they will. The same goes for states that allow online poker, but have not considered expanding their player pools beyond their borders.

Pennsylvania currently allows players from its state to play against each other online, but they cannot compete against others located in other jurisdictions.

It’s the decision of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe, who will soon be leaving office, whether to ask to join MSIGA or keep the state’s online poker players isolated from the rest of the country. His office told CardsChat they are looking into the matter, but have no further comment.

Connecticut and West Virginia have both legalized online poker, but companies have been reluctant to offer games in those states because their small populations limit the number of players who can play at the sites. Online poker players in these states must rely on their voting representatives to join MSIGA so that they have hope that online poker sites will open there. West Virginia is exploring the option.

How we got here

Prior to 2011, US residents in most states had access to a thriving global online poker market of unregulated rooms that included some of today’s industry leaders, like partypoker and PokerStars. That was until the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was added late night to the must-have Safe Port Act in 2006.

The UIGEA claimed the Wire Act could be used to shut down all forms of online gambling because sites were taking bets across state lines.

Fast forward to April 15, 2011. Known as “Black Friday”, federal authorities targeted online poker sites and shut down the entire online poker industry in America using the Wire Act. In December of the same year, President Obama’s Department of Justice clarified that the Wire Act applied only to sports betting.

Seven years later, in 2018, President Trump’s DOJ changed that clarification, interpreting that the Wire Act does indeed apply to all forms of online gambling, including poker. This prompted the New Hampshire Lottery Commission to challenge that claim in federal court in 2019. The court sided with the NHLC, both in its initial hearing in 2011 and in an appeal in 2021.

IGT filed its case in late 2021, and after refusing a DOJ request to dismiss the case, the judge agreed that the Wire Act only applies to sports betting.

Rose thinks Congress will now solidify the rules in favor of online poker and casino games.

“If anything, I expect Congress to amend the Wire Act to expressly allow states to decide for themselves what forms of Internet gambling are legal and to aggregate players and take wagers of other states and even nations as long as all governments involved agree,” he told CardsChat. “After all, why should Utah have a problem with Nevada and Delaware pooling online poker players?”

Written by

Bob Pajich

Bob Pajich is a poker journalist, creative writer, and poker player who has never encountered any suited connectors he doesn’t like. If you liked what he writes, follow him on Twitter: @PondHockey2.

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MONEY CLINIC | I can’t pay off my credit card debt. Should I take out a consolidation loan?


The more you are able to repay your outstanding debt, the sooner you will become debt free.

A News24 Business reader struggling to pay off credit card debt wants to know if a consolidation loan would be his best bet. He writes:

I’m 63, still working full time and need credit card debt advice. I have three credit cards – all max as long as I pay the deposit and need to use available credit throughout the month. I would like to know if it is better to get a consolidation loan and settle these accounts in terms of interest or will I be worse off? My credit score is 671 and none of my accounts are overdue. The balance of the three credit cards, including a store card, is R65,000. The monthly interest including charges is R985 and the monthly payments I make are R4,000.I managed to pay off all the personal loans, store cards, etc., but I can’t settle my credit card debt, and it doesn’t help that the banks are ignoring my request to lower my limit. zero credit.Please inform me that my monthly income is less than my debts, I have taken a side job to make ends meet, but it is still not enough.

Neil Roets, Founder and CEO of Debt Rescue, respond :

There are several ways to approach a debt settlement situation. Although consolidation loans are an option, it is very important to consider two main factors – the repayment term and the interest rate, as it could end up costing a lot more. The very first step is to establish a budget, dividing your information into three columns: all income; all expenses (excluding debts and including items such as rent, food, transport, insurance); and finally the debt (minimum monthly payments).

This is the clearest way to see where changes can be made to spending, but also to ensure that there is no need to continue using credit cards in the future, while trying to repay them. And also, to identify the extra amount available to start repaying the accounts one by one.

Once done, the best way to handle this situation is to start with one account and focus on settling it as quickly as possible. This would involve paying the required minimum on the other two and putting additional funds into the identified account, which should either be the one with the highest interest rate or the highest outstanding balance. Once this account is then released, close the account, then take all the amounts that have been paid into the identified account, and apply it to the next one, and do the same once settled.

Questions may be edited for brevity and clarity.

Top 10 Microgaming Slots (2022 Update)


In the field of creating online gaming software, Microgaming is a pioneer and a legend. With roots dating back to 1994, the company developed the world’s first online casino at a time when most of us didn’t even have an internet connection.

Originally based in South Africa, the company is now based in the Isle of Man, where it continues to create some of the most popular games online.

We’ve selected the ten best Microgaming slot games to try, including lesser-known games as well as the all-time classics we all know and love:

1. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the most popular slot games and has been for almost twenty years now. At first glance, this simple safari-themed game might seem a little dated, especially compared to some of the feature-rich video slots coming out these days.

However, what keeps slot players coming back to spin those reels is that mega jackpot. Mega Moolah is a Guinnes World Record holder for the highest online slots jackpot payout, with the latest record payout a stunning one. €19,430,723.60 won on the ‘Absolootly Mad’ version of the game, adding to the €1.3 billion that Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network has paid out to date.

Release year 2006
RTP 88.12%
Bonus features Yes
Volatility Medium
Jackpot Yes

2. Immortal Romance

Another Golden Oldie, Immortal Romance is the vampire-themed online slot that just refuses to die. Although not as old as Mega Moolah, this slot has been around since 2011 and continues to gain new fans to this day.

The game’s appeal lies in its storytelling, characters, and the layered bonus rounds that offer variations to the game. There are four different free spins features – one for each of the supernatural characters – and 243 paylines for many earning opportunities. It is also the game with the highest RTP of any slot on our list, which alone makes it one to watch.

Release year 2011
RTP 96.86%
Bonus features Yes
Volatility High
Jackpot Nope

3. Book of Atem WowPot Slot

Inspired by the success of the Mega Moolah line of progressive jackpot slot games, Microgaming launched the WowPot jackpot in 2020. The biggest jackpot starts at €2 million and can grow indefinitely, making this a very popular series of games. Each slot was given to independent game studios to create, and All41 Studios’ Book of Atem slot has proven to be one of the most popular.

Novomatic’s ‘Book of Ra’ was the original ‘Book’ themed slot, inspiring a host of imitators, including this top version from Microgaming. Naturally, the book symbol is the one to watch out for here as it is both wild and scattered. Three of the books appearing on the reels unlock 10 free spins with expanding symbols, and this book is also potentially the key to unlocking the progressive jackpot bonus, which every player hopes to win by playing this game.

Release year 2020
RTP 93.5%
Bonus features Yes
Volatility High
Jackpot Yes

4. The soccer star

Football is the global game, and although many have tried to bring football to the slots format, few games are as successful as Microgaming’s Football Star. There are no famous names associated with this 5 reel slot, but that doesn’t take away from the action.

This 243 ways to win game includes a striking wild feature, rolling reels and a free spins bonus round. The latter is triggered by revealing 3 to 5 scatters on the reels and offers between 15 and 25 free spins. The Multiplier Trail during the bonus round gives ever increasing multipliers ranging from x2 to x10 when consecutive wins are recorded.

Release year 2014
RTP 96.29%
Bonus Features Yes
Volatility Medium
Jackpot Nope

5. 9 fire masks

Developed for Microgaming by Gamesburger studio, 9 Masks of Fire uses an African tribal theme to great effect in this 5 reel spinner. As the name suggests, the tribal masks are the main attraction here, and when they appear on the reels they automatically produce wins of between 1 and 2,000 times your stake. The more masks that appear on the board, the greater your winnings.

The other feature to pay special attention to here is the Tribal Shield, as this is the scatter symbol and three of them unlock the bonus round. Once unlocked, your bonus round begins with a spin wheel that reveals how many free spins and multipliers you will receive. The maximum offered is 30 spins with a x3 multiplier, which can really increase your winnings.

Release year 2019
RTP 96.24%
Bonus Features Yes
Volatility Medium
Jackpot Nope

6. Thunderstruck II

We’re back in classic slots territory here, with this Norse god-themed game developed in conjunction with Games Global proving to be a smash hit as soon as it hit online casinos. This five reel game is a notable upgrade to the original Thunderstruck slot, with better graphics, more bonus features and a higher return to player on offer afterwards.

During regular play, the Wildstorm feature can randomly appear to liven up the action, with the potential of up to five stacked wild reels providing a major opportunity to win. Best of all is the Hall of Spins bonus game, unlocked when three or more hammer scatters are revealed. There are four gods in this bonus round, each with their own special characteristics, although you can only access three of them as you earn more bonus rounds. Persistence will eventually allow players to unlock the bonus game of Thor, with a generous 25 free spins and a rolling reels feature.

Release year 2010
RTP 96.65%
Bonus features Yes
Volatility High
Jackpot Nope

7. 9 pots of gold

This leprechaun-themed slot was developed by Microgaming in conjunction with Gameburger Studios and was a hit from day one. The concept is simple but effective: reveal more pots of gold on the reels to win bigger and bigger prizes, up to 2,000 times your stake when there are nine pots on screen at the same time.

Another valuable symbol to discover on the 5 reels is the Free Spin scatter, as three of them will unlock a bonus spin. Spin a wheel of fortune to find out if you have won between 10 and 30 free spins with a multiplier of x2 or x3. You can even retrigger the prize during the free spins round, doubling your chances of winning a Lucky Irishman.

Release year 2020
RTP 96.24%
Bonus Features Yes
Volatility Medium
Jackpot Nope

8. Jurassic Park

Slot game versions of blockbuster movies can sometimes fall flat, but Jurassic Park slot has proven to be a smash hit. In a realistic jungle setting, the symbols represent your favorite stars – human and dinosaur – from the record breaking film. And if that wasn’t enough to encourage you to start spinning those reels, this game also offers the best return to player of any on our top ten list.

The base game is entertaining enough and is complemented by the randomly triggered T-Rex Alert Mode feature when up to 35 wild symbols can be added to your game over six spins. The pace really picks up once the bonus rounds are unlocked, and five different games are on offer here, each represented by a different dino with their own unique bonus features and settings.

Release year 2014
RTP 96.67%
Bonus Features Yes
Volatility Medium
Jackpot Nope

9. Break the bank again

Sometimes sequels are even better than the original, and that’s the case with Break Da Bank Again, a follow-up to Microgaming’s previous offering. Games Global designed both games for the Microgaming platform and this banking work certainly delivers. Played on 5 reels and with only nine ways to win, the base game is nothing special but the action really begins once the bonus round is triggered.

Uncovering between 3 and 5 chest scatter symbols unlocks 15-25 free spins, with more spins added if additional chest symbols are revealed during the bonus round. All wins are multiplied by 5, and the multiplier is increased to 25 times your wins if a wild symbol appears in your winning lines. Although there is no jackpot to aim for, this boosted multiplier can pay out an extremely generous 375,000 coins if the symbols land your way.

Release year 2008
RTP 95.43%
Bonus Features Yes
Volatility High
Jackpot Nope

10. Game of Thrones

The record-breaking TV show may have ended with a whimper rather than a bang, but the Game of Thrones slot version kept its fans for the ride. There are two versions of the game available to play, one with 15 paylines and the other with 243 ways to win, and it is the latter that offers the best return to the player.

Rather than featuring characters from the hit series, Game of Throne slots feature symbols representing the various warring families, along with this famous throne as the game’s scatter symbol. When 3-5 scatters are revealed, players can choose between 4 free spins features, deciding whether to choose fewer spins with larger multipliers or more free spins with lower multipliers on offer.

Release year 2014
RTP 94.6-95%
Bonus Features Yes
Volatility Medium-high
Jackpot Nope

The good news is that you can play the best Microgaming slot machine games – and more – online at Casino.com now.

Why are there so many online bingo fans in the Philippines?


Instant games, especially online bingo games, have their loyal fans among the residents of the Philippines. This should come as no surprise considering that many prefer online lottery games over other games due to their simplicity. Unlike other games, such as blackjack or roulette, playing these games does not require any special skills or knowledge.

Basically, everyone, including beginners or players who have never played online bingo in the Philippines, can win awesome prizes if luck is on their side. Top sites also enhance the overall online gambling experience by offering special bonuses and promotions, including free bingo tickets, bingo tournaments, and even no deposit online bingo bonuses.

In the following sections, we look at some of the most important factors that have contributed to the huge popularity of real money online bingo in the Philippines with the help of online-casinos.com.

Online Bingo – Popular Gambling Game

One of the first games of this type was introduced in 1996. It was called Bingo Zone and was available for players all over the world. As for the first networked online games, they appeared in 1997. Essentially, these types of games allowed multiple players to play the same game simultaneously. Needless to say, this took gaming to a whole new level.

Over the next few years, more online venues appeared on the scene. Some of them were available in instant play modes, while others were available on downloadable platforms. When it comes to online e-bingo in the Philippines, fans have quite a few great games of this type to explore.

Most gaming sites that offer keno, lottery, and scratch card games also offer bingo. There is also a PAGCOR online website which broadcasts live matches every day. The registration process on the PAGCOR website is simple. All you have to do is complete the registration form, fund your newly created account and get one or more number cards.

The best online casinos also allow you to create an account in minutes, and before you know it, you can be playing online games from different software developers. This brings us to the main topic, and that is why there are so many online e-bingo fans in the Philippines.

Why is online bingo so popular among Filipino players?

According to this report published by the Philippine Authority of Statistics on Online Bingo PAGCOR and other online games, more than 33% of the recreation, entertainment and arts facilities in the country work in the gambling industry. According to the same report, more than 39,000 people were working in the gaming industry at the time of the report’s production. But why is online bingo so popular?

Accessibility and ease

The game is played in bingo halls, and land-based venues are generally associated with the older population. However, when it comes to the online version and its popularity in the Philippines, these games are also popular among younger and older generations due to greater accessibility. Essentially anyone can play the game online regardless of their location as long as they have an internet connected device. This gives Filipinos a chance to win instant cash prizes from the comfort of their home.

There are no space restrictions when it comes to playing e-bingo online in the Philippines. Popular sites are home to many different games of this type, as well as bingo halls for players who prefer to play with others. The number of online games has also exploded over the past few years, so Filipino players have many different options to enjoy gambling for real money.

Convenience and simplicity

Simplicity and convenience are two crucial factors that have contributed to the growing popularity of real money online lottery in the Philippines, alongside greater accessibility which we have already discussed in the previous section. There is a very high degree of convenience and simplicity that makes the game so popular among Filipino players, especially among those unfamiliar with other online casino games, games that require specific skills and knowledge. to be profitable.

The game is extremely straightforward and simple, and does not require any special knowledge or skill to be profitable. Games of this type produce results generated by RNGs, and as long as the RNGs that power these games are audited, the results remain entirely random and unbiased.

There is no need to explore different winning strategies or learn different rules. Filipino fans can just kick back, relax and enjoy the game without any pressure. Purchasing bingo numbers is also usually done in a few simple steps.

social element

Playing in physical rooms has a vital element of socialization. There is also a huge fan base in the Philippines. Online casino developers who create online casino games wanted to ensure that bingo players had the same social element when playing the game on online gambling sites.

This is why the best online sites have special rooms online for people to play together, chat and just socialize with each other. This social element has made the game extremely popular in the country, along with many online social games that you can play with your friends and family.

Free games and bonuses

The availability of free games is also driving the popularity of online bingo. Like most iGaming sites, gaming sites that focus on bingo players are looking for better ways to build customer engagement and trust.

One of the best ways to do this is to offer free play/demo modes on their games. Apart from free games, the best casino sites in the Philippines offer bonuses and special promotions for bingo, which naturally boosts the popularity of the game.

Prosper Credit Card Review 2022 – Forbes Advisor


Prosper® card* compared to the Discover it® secure credit card

The Discover it® secured credit card as a secured card requires a deposit, unlike the Prosper card. But the Discover it® secured credit card deposit is fully refundable and the card does not charge an annual fee. Even better, despite being a secure card, the Discover it® Secure Credit Card offers rewards and a welcome bonus: Earn 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants on up to to $1,000 in combined purchases each quarter. Plus, get unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases. Plus, Earn Unlimited Cashback Match – Discover will automatically match any cashback earned at the end of the first year.

Although the Discover it® Secured Credit Card’s deposit requirement may make it out of reach for some who view the annual fee as a more affordable alternative to tying up cash in a deposit, the card is a better alternative. generally.

Prosper® card* compared to the Petal® 1 “no annual fee” Visa® credit card

The Visa® Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” credit card, issued by WebBank, offers another unsecured option with no annual fee and limited rewards with select partners. While the rewards aren’t particularly fantastic and highly dependent on geography, the issuer’s use of a “cash score” to gauge your creditworthiness in the absence of a credit score can be particularly appealing to those who begin to credit themselves.

The Visa® Petal® 1 “no annual fee” credit card also includes benefits, including damage insurance for car rentals and access to curbside shipping, which the Prosper does not offer. The Petal 1 is a similar card for a similar demographic with much more potential to help build credit.

Prosper® card* vs. Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card for Students*

The Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card for Students* is a solid option for students who want to earn credits while exploring the world and ranks on our list of best student cards due to its rewards and travel-related benefits. With this card, you can earn 1.5 points per dollar on all purchases everywhere, every time with no expiration on points. There are no annual fees, no foreign transaction fees, and points do not expire as long as your account is open. Although not everyone qualifies for a student card, those who do should consider this card which has more to offer than the Prosper card.

Reddit’s top tips for new credit card users


Image source: Getty Images

A credit card can be a powerful personal finance tool when used responsibly.

Key points

  • Getting a credit card can be a smart way to learn how to manage your money while building up credit.
  • The Reddit forums offer plenty of advice for new credit card users.

When used with care, credit cards can be a beneficial financial tool. You can use them to build your credit and learn how to manage your expenses responsibly.

Reddit is a great resource for new credit card users. You can learn about topics that are new to you while other users share their experiences and knowledge. There are many helpful personal finance resources on Reddit, including helpful credit card tips. Before you get your first credit card, make sure you’re ready. You may find the following tips for new credit card users helpful.

Pay your card balance in full

Reddit user MissPickleChips suggests new card users never carry a balance. She notes that just because you can wear a balance doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. You’ll be charged credit card interest if you don’t pay your balance in full each month, which can get expensive.

Check it out: This card has one of the longest 0% interest intro periods.

More: Consolidate your debt with one of these top-rated balance transfer credit cards

Only buy what you can afford

User pleiop recommends treating your credit card like a debit card. Only use your credit card to buy items you know you can afford. If you spend more than you can afford, you risk incurring credit card debt, which can quickly become a serious financial problem.

Aim for a card with no annual fee

Are you looking for credit card options? User gdq0 suggests giving priority to requesting a card with no annual fee. If you’re new to using credit cards, a card with no annual fee is the best and most affordable way to learn how to use a credit card responsibly.

Consider applying for a secured credit card

Reddit user GastonKobe recommends newbies apply for a secure card. If you’re new to credit cards and have little or no credit, applying for a secured credit card might be a good idea.

This is an ideal option if you are unlikely to be approved for an unsecured card with no annual fee. Keep in mind that secured credit cards require you to make a refundable deposit. Once approved and you make a deposit, you can spend up to the amount of your deposit.

You can show that you are responsible by making good spending and payment decisions. After a while, your card issuer may decide to upgrade your account to an unsecured credit card. If that’s not an option for the secured card you’re starting out with, you can always apply for an unsecured credit card at a later date.

Don’t rush to close your first credit card account

ToxicLogics suggests never closing your first credit card. It’s beneficial to have an older credit card on your credit report because your credit age makes up 15% of your FICO credit score.

If you get a no annual fee credit card as your first card, plan to keep that card in your wallet for many years. This will help you increase your credit age.

If you have a card with an annual fee, you can call your card issuer and request that this card be downgraded to a $0 card so that the account remains on your report.

If you’re new to using credit cards, that’s okay. We all have to start somewhere. The tips above can help you better plan for using your new credit card to build credit, avoid paying interest, and develop responsible credit card usage habits.

If you’re looking for your first credit card, check out our list of the best credit cards to help narrow down your options.

The best credit card waives interest until 2023

If you have credit card debt, transfer it to this top balance transfer card guarantees you an introductory APR of 0% in 2023! Plus, you won’t pay any annual fees. These are just a few of the reasons why our experts consider this card a top choice to help you control your debt. Read our full review for free and apply in just 2 minutes.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt With Help From Student Loan Forgiveness


I was a senior in high school and preparing to attend the University of Texas at Austin, when I received my “award letter” from the FAFSA with the terms of my direct unsubsidized student loan. I remember thinking, “That sure doesn’t look like an award.”

Over the past two decades, in-state tuition and fees at public universities have increased 211 percent. And every year, 30 to 40 percent of all undergraduate students take out federal student loans. I went there accepting the fact that I had to rely on student loans.

I had a lot of in-state tuition at UT, but in four years it had gone up almost 10%. I graduated in 2020 with about $37,000 in federal student debt, about 30% more than the average undergraduate borrower. Without the scholarship I received from the local Rotary club and the scholarship I won to study abroad during my senior year, my bill would have been much higher.

Then I added another layer of debt with my first credit card. Turns out that’s not unusual. A study by Sallie Mae found that the average credit card debt for a college student in 2019 was $1,183, 31% more than in 2016 when I started college.

Here’s how I got into debt and how I got out of it.

How I Got Credit Card Debt

My 18 year old self didn’t quite understand how a credit card was supposed to work. I wanted to live like a college student – not like the kind who eats microwave noodles every night. This eventually got me in trouble, financially. I saw my credit card as an opportunity to travel as much as I wanted, while working at a minimum-wage newspaper that (spoiler alert) didn’t cover my credit card bill each month.

I knew what I was doing was irresponsible and it would catch up with me. Still, I spent summers between semesters traveling around Europe and Southeast Asia — and, you guessed it, throwing every purchase on my credit card.

At the time, I had a credit card in my wallet, the Discover it® Cash Back card. As soon as I left for college, my parents encouraged me to get a credit card for all the right reasons. They wanted me to build credit – and they had the right idea. How could they know that I would end up globe-trotting, thanks to my credit card?

After college, I entered the workforce with a huge amount of student loans and credit card debt. Oh, and it was May 2020: COVID-19 was disrupting everything. My credit card debt was the last thing on my mind.

Student Loan Debt Became My Main Concern

With persistent student loan debt, my card debt went on the back burner.

In March 2020, the federal government announced the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Actwhich suspended federal student loan payments until September 30, 2020. I was six weeks away from getting my bachelor’s degree and a $37,000 student loan bill.

We didn’t even get to September 30 before the student loan relief measure was extended until December 31, 2020, in early August, and then again until January 2021. When President Biden took office in January 2021, it extended the student loan relief measure with no end date.

With the federal postponement in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I started thinking about ways to pay off the credit card debt I had accumulated. For almost four years, I had been making payments that barely exceeded the minimum amount due. I ended up with about $4,500 accumulated on my Discover card. To make matters worse, I was facing an exorbitant interest rate of 24.99%.

I started to get frustrated with how little money I could afford each month and the compound interest that kept erasing my progress. I felt stuck. I wanted to put my credit card debt aside before I even considered tackling my student loan debt. But I wasn’t sure exactly how that would be possible, once the federal adjournment expired.

How I use a balance transfer to pay off my card debt

Instead of drowning in guesswork, I started looking into debt consolidation options and decided that a balance transfer was probably the best option for me. I knew my interest payments were going to eat me up unless I could essentially pay my balance in full, which I wasn’t quite ready to do.

I decided to go with the Capital One VentureOne Rewards credit card. Three perks are where I was financially: the $0 annual fee, the flat rewards structure, and the introductory offer of 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for 15 months. I needed a solid balance transfer offer, and this card also had a nice sign-up bonus: 20,000 miles after spending $500 in the first three months.

Yes, I was intrigued by VentureOne’s hassle-free travel benefits, even though I wasn’t looking for a travel credit card. As you can guess, since that’s how I got into debt, I love to travel. The VentureOne offers 5X miles on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel and 1.25X miles on all other purchases — and it works with my long-term goals.

I applied for the Capital One VentureOne online and was quickly approved. Once I received my card, I initiated my balance transfer with Discover by calling customer service. My balance transfer request was approved and within a week my balance was transferred to my Capital One account. You can easily request a balance transfer online or through Discover’s mobile app, but since I had some lingering questions, I decided to do it over the phone.

I now end up with a balance of $0 on my Discover card and a balance of $4,500 on my Capital One card. Remember that a 3% ($135) balance transfer fee applies to my balance of $4,500.

With student loan forgiveness, I can prioritize card debt

I knew that over the next 15 months, I would have to make monthly payments well above the minimum due in order to pay off my balance before the 0% APR offer ended. I started by making two monthly payments of $150. My due date falls on the 27th of every month, so I’ve been able to make payments every two weeks in sync with my work paydays.

And then last month, President Biden announced a sweeping student loan forgiveness measure that erases up to $10,000 in federal student loan forgiveness for individual borrowers who earn less than $125,000 a year (up to $20,000 for borrowers who received a Federal Pell Grant). I felt a deep relief.

It’s not even necessarily the dollar amount that makes the difference, it’s the fact that when it comes time to pay off that student loan debt, my monthly payment will be cut in half. People with undergraduate loans only have to make payments equivalent to 5% of their Discretionary Income. Before that, I lived in fear that the exorbitant monthly payments would completely disrupt any card debt repayment plan.

Now I can focus on paying off my credit card debt and even increase my monthly payments, knowing that my student loan payments won’t break my bank next year.

How do you know which debt to prioritize?

In the end, I had to shift my financial priorities based on what was costing me the most. Since graduating in a “Covid economy”, my student loan debt has never been in the forefront of my mind because I knew it was costing me nothing at that exact moment. In contrast, my increasingly high-interest credit card debt was digging a hole in my pocket.

Either way, it’s in your best interest to figure out which debt is costing you the most over the longest period of time. Look at the interest rates you’re paying and figure out what they’re really costing you. If you’re in a situation similar to mine, the interest rates on your credit cards could exceed your student loan interest rate a dozen times over.

The bottom line

I am extremely relieved at the attention the Biden administration is giving to nearly $1.75 trillion in outstanding student loan debt. Debt cancellation will allow people like me to prioritize other debts that are proving harder to get under control. With the right plan — and, potentially, the right balance transfer offer — we graduates can get our financial lives back on track.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t uncomfortable with my student debt, but I’m not ashamed. That’s what I needed to do to get into college. Now my credit card debt is a different story.

I plan to pay off my credit card debt by March 2023, a few months before my 0% APR offer ends. When I do, maybe I’ll update my credit card and start playing the points game myself a bit. But I will not have the right to make mistakes, because I will work until then to settle my student debt.

Precautions to take before canceling a credit card


Canceling a credit card is not as easy as it looks. Read our guide to make sure you’re making the right decision and follow the steps to successfully closing your account.

Banks regularly introduce new credit card variants with enticing features, such as annual fee waiver or S$100 cash back welcome bonus. If you keep accepting some of these offers, you may soon find yourself with more cards than you need or can handle. Even if you’re able to, having too many credit cards can be detrimental to a healthy spending habit, as you find yourself scrambling to meet different minimum spending requirements each month.

If and when you decide to cancel a credit card, keep in mind that it’s not just about cutting it in half and sending a cancellation request to your bank. Here we discuss some of the most important precautions you can take to save money and a lot of stress if and when you cancel a credit card.


1. Pay off your balance

First, you should always settle any outstanding balance on your card before canceling it. It’s not just the amount that appears on your last credit card statement. There are also recent “pending” charges that have not yet appeared on your credit card statement. Failure to do so can have a huge impact on your credit score and your ability to commit to a bank for other services in the future, such as home loans, car loans, or even other cards. credit.

If you don’t have enough cash to pay off your balance, you should consider getting either a debt consolidation plan or a balance transfer from a bank. These products are designed to help you make credit card repayments more easily over a period of months to years.

This makes balance transfer loans and debt consolidation plans ideal for consumers who need to get rid of their credit cards but are unable to do so because they don’t have enough money to pay off their debt. balance immediately. By dividing your refund into small portions spread over a long period of time, you can more easily manage paying off your card balance while canceling your credit card immediately.

Additionally, some banks continue to charge credit card accounts that have been closed if your account has a credit balance for more than a year after closure. Although the amount charged by banks is usually small, it is best to verify that your account is reduced to a zero balance before closing.

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2. Collect your credit balance

The correct way to withdraw a credit balance from your account is to ask the bank to pay you. Don’t make the mistake of logging into your card account and transferring the money. If you withdraw money from your card, the bank may consider this to be using the credit card cash advance facility. This typically attracts an interest rate of up to 28% per annum in addition to a one-time service charge of up to 6%. Instead, you can simply ask the bank to issue a check for any credit balance you may have on your card.

3. Redeem your rewards

In the rush to cancel a credit card, some people may forget to redeem their points or miles. However, the problem is that your existing points are lost upon cancellation. If you’ve used some of the best credit cards in Singapore for a few years, the miles you’ve accumulated could be worth thousands of dollars.

This is why you should always remember to claim the rewards to which you are entitled before communicating your intention to cancel your credit card. By doing so, you will avoid having to convince the bank to reinstate your points.

4. Update billing instructions

If you have set up recurring payment instructions from your credit card, canceling your card will automatically stop those payments. So don’t forget to immediately reset your automatic payment schedule with your subscriptions with another card.

5. Monitor your credit score

Finally, closing your credit card account could have the unintended effect of lowering your credit score. This is because when you cancel a credit card, your total available credit limit decreases by the amount of the limit on the canceled card. This means that if you have other outstanding balances when you cancel one of your cards, your total credit usage will increase. This could hurt your credit rating.

Here is an example to demonstrate the mechanics of this process. Let’s say you have two credit cards – card 1 and card 2 – and you intend to cancel card 1. If you have an outstanding balance on both cards, the table below illustrates what could look like your credit usage before canceling card 1.

card limit Use of credit Usage percentage
Card 1 $5,000 $500 ten%
Card 2 S$7,000 $2,000 29%
Total $12,000 $2,500 21%

If you cancel Card 1 in this scenario, your credit usage drops from 21% to 29%, a factor that could lower your credit score despite your lower total balance. Another mistake people often make is canceling an old credit card. You shouldn’t do this on a whim, as maintaining a long history of regular payments can help boost your credit score.

card limit Use of credit Usage percentage
Card 2 S$7,000 $2,000 29%
Total S$7,000 $2,000 29%

Don’t decide in haste

If you want to cancel a card because you are no longer using it or because the annual fee is very high, you should first consider all the implications of your decision. Canceling your oldest card or one with a high credit limit may not be the best decision. Remember that once you cancel a card, you cannot reactivate it.

If you’ve decided to get rid of a card that doesn’t really have any perks you can use, it might be a good idea to find a replacement card. There are several cards that offer generous rewards programs, as well as cards with no annual fee that might suit your needs better.

Is online bingo a game of skill or just luck? The debate is over

Source: themercurynews.com

The game consists of betting on the probability of occurrence of an uncertain event. Nowadays, online casinos offer many interesting games; However, some classic games like Blackjack, Bingo and Poker have always been favorites of players around the world.

Playing a game of Blackjack is considerably different from playing a game of Bingo. And one of the major differences is how we perceive the results of these games. Most people tend to think that winning a game of Blackjack requires a considerable amount of skill, and Bingo involves more luck factors. It is precisely for this reason that BBingo remains a very popular game all over the world.

People don’t need a lot of skill to play Bingo. Moreover, it requires less critical thinking and the payouts are as good as blackjack. Also, there are a large number of online casinos such as https://onlinegamblingcasino.co.nz/No-Deposit-Bingo/ that offer no deposit online bingo games.

What exactly is bingo game?

Source: onlinecasinos.com

It can be played in many versions, such as using cards, balls with numbers printed on them, or cards with random numbers printed on them. The main principle is that a dealer or announcer calls out random numbers or cards, and the player who has the matching cards or number wins. The game is usually played for multiple sets, and in the number-based version, many line patterns (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) must be created. Similarly, in the card version, multiple sets of cards must match the dealer’s call.

Since a player has no control over the random number or card that is called, it is largely called a game of luck. Although luck is important, certain tips and tricks can improve the odds of winning a game.

Why does luck play an important role?

Bingo is widely called a game of chance because the player has no control over which number or card will be called. It is for this reason that a novice can also win a game. Also, most players choose a lucky number that contains their date of birth, etc., to increase their chances of winning a game.

Some strategies that can help a player win at bingo

Source: onlinecasinos.com

Play with fewer people

In most versions of Bingo, only one person is the ultimate winner. Therefore, if someone is playing in a large crowd, their individual chances of winning diminish proportionally. For example, if there are only five people in a game, each person has a 20% chance of winning, whereas if a hundred people are playing, each has only a 1% chance of winning. So, it’s a good idea to play in matches that have fewer players.

Play games that allow offers to buy cards

There are many versions of Bingo, and some of the versions allow one or two free options or buy one and get three free options available. Here, if a person buys one card, they can get two or three for free. Playing with more cards or more numbers increases the probability of winning. If someone buys one card and gets two for free, they’re trying to get an eight-card match, while their opponents will have to get a random match with just eight cards.

Play 1TG or 2TG matches

Usually, the player who gets all the matches the fastest wins Bingo. However, there are variants where money is also given to 1TG or 2TG players. A 1TG is someone who still has one card to match before someone completes a bingo. Similarly, 2TG is someone who has two cards to match before the match ends. It’s always a good idea to research sites that offer a winning amount to 1TG or 2TG players. These games have more winners, which increases everyone’s chances of winning money.

Be attentive while the announcer is calling

Source: google.com

A lot of people don’t win because they don’t pay enough attention while the dealer calls out the cards or the caller calls out the numbers. Thus, being attentive throughout the match greatly increases the chances of winning. Another common problem that many people face is that they don’t cross out numbers correctly. Therefore, they don’t realize that they have actually completed a pattern.

It is advised that people pay close attention while playing. In case of an online match, the person must be prepared to sit for a long time in order not to miss any numbers. Again, it is common practice to carry tapes to cover digits that have already been called. Once a part is taped, there is very little chance that it will be missed on a subsequent occasion.

Choose median numbers

Although there is no scientific proof of this strategy yet, it is generally believed that the middle numbers are more likely to win. For example, if a bingo has zero to one hundred numbers, forty to fifty are the middle numbers for that set. Therefore, many people prefer to take bingo cards that have many middle numbers and fewer numbers at the ends of the spectrum, such as single digit numbers.


Source: lnkedin.com

Winning at Bingo is quite simple; therefore, many new players try their luck here before playing Blackjack or Poker. However, it’s not just a game of luck, and people get better with practice. They might improve because they become more attentive listening to announcements, or they might just get an idea of ​​which numbers are more likely to register a win.

Bingo has always been a social game where a large number of players can participate. Currently, with online casinos making gambling easier and more lucrative for everyone, the popularity of bingo is going to see a huge increase in the near future.

Using a Personal Loan to Pay Off Credit Card Debt


Credit card debt can quickly turn into a cycle of endless payments. Fortunately, there are several solutions if you are looking to anticipate your debt and pay it off more quickly.

One way is to apply for a personal loan to effectively transfer your debt from your credit card issuer to a personal lender and hopefully get a lower interest rate and better repayment options. By doing so, you’ll likely pay less interest in the long run and eventually be able to get out of debt. There are also a few other options worth considering if you want to consolidate your debt effectively and affordably.

Below, Select details what you need to know about using a personal loan to pay off credit card debt and how to get started.

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Benefits of using a personal loan to pay off credit card debt

Credit card debt has skyrocketed recently as Americans continue to face record inflation for daily consumer goods such as gasoline and groceries. Unfortunately, such trends can create a slippery slope since credit cards tend to have high interest rates, allowing consumers to get into debt even faster.

If you’ve found yourself in a credit card debt loop, you might want to consider using a personal loan. Here are two reasons why using a personal loan to pay off credit card debt might make sense for your situation.

Personal loans have lower interest rates than credit cards

According to most recent data from the Federal Reserve, the average credit card interest rate in May 2022 was 15.13%. During the same month, personal loan interest rates averaged 8.73% for a 24-month loan.

Let’s say you have $8,000 in credit card debt that you would like to pay off. If you kept your credit card balance, you would end up paying $1,326 in interest. If instead you applied for a personal loan and paid it off over two years, you would end up paying $747 in interest, a difference of $579 in interest.

And keep in mind that these interest rates are just averages. LightStream, Select’s overall best choice for personal loans, offers APRs ranging from just 3.99% to 19.99% when you sign up for autopay, depending on your terms. So your savings can be even greater.

You can reduce the number of monthly payments you have

If you happen to have more than one credit card with a revolving statement balance, opting for a concise monthly payment with a personal loan could be helpful. Rather than concentrating your efforts in several places, you will have all your debts in one place and can devote your energy to paying them off. Also, the more money you invest in the personal loan, the faster you can pay it off and the less interest you will pay.

Disadvantages of using a personal loan to pay off credit card debt

However, using personal loans to pay off credit card debt is not without risk. Here are some cons to consider before applying.

Personal loans could lead to more debt

If you decide to go this route, it’s important to use a personal loan as a means to an end. Even if you use one to pay off your debt, you could quickly end up with credit card debt, as well as a personal loan for your old debt if you’re not careful.

If you take out a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt, be sure to immediately pay off your credit card balance with the loan money. Some lenders, like Marcus by Goldman Sachs Personal Loans, will do this automatically for you when you apply for a loan. Then, put a plan in place to pay off your loan and create a budget so you don’t overspend.

A lower interest rate is not guaranteed

Although there is a wide disparity between the average interest rates for credit cards and personal loans, there is no guarantee that you will get a better rate. Find out the exact interest rate you’re paying on your credit card and do your best to find a better interest rate with a personal loan. Factors such as your credit score, loan amount, and loan term can all affect the APR you qualify for.

Visit Select’s Personal Loan Marketplace to see which loans you are prequalified or preapproved for. It’s free, won’t impact your credit score, and lets you compare interest rates from different lenders.

Personal loans have fees

When researching different lenders, consider the fees you may be charged for the personal loan, which may include application fees, origination fees, prepayment penalties, late fees, repayment fees, or a payment protection insurance. If the interest rate difference is small between your credit card and your personal loan, the fees may negate any potential savings.

Best personal loans to pay off credit card debt

If a personal loan sounds like a viable solution for your financial needs, here are a few. Choose from Select’s preferred lenders. Select ranked LightStream as the best personal lender overall due to its low interest rates and flexible terms, but PenFed is also good for those looking for smaller loans and Discover for those looking for quick funding. These loans also have no origination or prepayment fees.

LightStream Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

    3.99% to 19.99%* when you sign up for autopay

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, renovation, car financing, medical expenses, marriage and more

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

PenFed Personal Loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, home improvement, medical bills, car financing and more

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

Discover personal loans

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

  • Purpose of the loan

    Debt consolidation, home improvement, wedding or vacation

  • Loan amounts

  • Terms

  • Credit needed

  • Assembly costs

  • Prepayment penalty

  • Late charge

Select’s personal loan marketplace

Visit Select’s Personal Loan Marketplace to see which loans you are prequalified or preapproved for. It’s free, won’t impact your credit score, and lets you compare interest rates from different lenders.

Another way to consolidate credit card debt

While taking out a personal loan is a solid option for paying off credit card debt, another way to go is to take out a balance transfer credit card that comes with an introductory APR of 0%. With this type of card, for a fixed term, its balance will not bear interest as long as you make the minimum payment each month.

For example, the Wells Fargo Reflect® Card offers 0% initial APR for 18 months from account opening (after, 15.24% – 27.24% variable APR) on eligible purchases and balance transfers. (See rates and fees.) It is also possible to extend this 0% APR for up to three additional months by making the minimum payments on time throughout the introductory and extension periods. Balance transfers made within the first 120 days are also eligible for the introductory rate.

This means you could end up earning up to 21 months of interest-free financing on your current debt as long as you make the minimum payments. If, for example, you have $8,000 in credit card debt to pay off and you can make monthly payments of $400 during the 0% introductory period, you won’t pay a penny in interest.

Keep in mind, however, that there is usually a 3% fee to transfer a credit card balance.

If a personal loan doesn’t meet your needs, consider using a 0% intro APR credit card such as one of the following listed below:

Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card

  • Awards

  • welcome bonus

  • Annual subscription

  • Introduction AVR

    0% for 21 months on balance transfers; 0% for 12 months on purchases

  • Regular APR

  • Balance Transfer Fee

    5% of each balance transfer; At least $5. Balance transfers must be completed within 4 months of account opening.

  • Foreign transaction fees

  • Credit needed


  • No annual fee
  • Balances can be transferred within 4 months of account opening
  • One of the longest introductory periods for balance transfers

The inconvenients

  • 3% foreign transaction fee

Hunt Unlimited Freedom®

  • Awards

    Enjoy 5% cash back on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards®, our premier rewards program that lets you redeem rewards for cash back, travel, gift cards and more; 3% cash back on drugstore purchases and restaurant meals, including eligible takeout and delivery services, and 1.5% on all other purchases

  • welcome bonus

    Earn an extra 1.5% on everything you buy (up to $20,000 spent in the first year) – worth up to $300 in cash back. That’s 6.5% on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards®, 4.5% on restaurants and drugstores, and 3% on all other purchases.

  • Annual subscription

  • Introduction AVR

    0% for the first 15 months from account opening on purchases and balance transfers

  • Regular APR

  • Balance Transfer Fee

    Introductory fee of $5 or 3% of each transfer amount, whichever is greater, on transfers made within 60 days of account opening. After that, either $5 or 5% of each transfer amount, whichever is greater.

  • Foreign transaction fees

  • Credit needed

Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card

On the Wells Fargo secure site

  • Awards

    Unlimited cash rewards of 2% on purchases

  • welcome bonus

    Earn a $200 cash rewards bonus after spending $1,000 on purchases in the first 3 months

  • Annual subscription

  • Introduction AVR

    0% intro APR for 15 months from account opening on eligible purchases and balance transfers; balance transfers made within 120 days qualify for the introductory rate

  • Regular APR

    Variable APR of 17.24%, 22.24% or 27.24% on purchases and balance transfers

  • Balance Transfer Fee

    3% introductory fee ($5 minimum) for 120 days from account opening, then up to 5% ($5 minimum)

  • Foreign transaction fees

  • Credit needed

At the end of the line

Editorial note: Any opinions, analyses, criticisms or recommendations expressed in this article are those of Select’s editorial staff alone and have not been reviewed, endorsed or otherwise endorsed by any third party.

Lotto has warned that a $25 million online bingo plan could create more harm


Lotto wants to launch an online bingo game that it hopes will bring in $25 million in the first year (illustration)
Photo: RNZ/Asia King

This is the second story in a series of investigative lotto. Expect more next week.

Lotto is being urged to drop plans to launch an online bingo game, with a member of its expert advisory group saying it could increase gambling harms in Maori and Pasifika communities.

The warning comes as documents obtained for RNZ’s lotto investigation show it already has major flaws in its engagement strategy with Maori and Pasifika, who are two to three times more likely to suffer gambling-related harm.

Lotto wants to introduce online bingo in early 2023 and, in a submission to the Home Secretary seeking approval, says it aims to earn an additional $25 million from gambling in the first year.

Learn more about this series

  • Lotto stores in New Zealand’s poorest half account for 70% of sales
  • But Maria Bellringer, director of the Center for Gambling and Addictions Research at Auckland University of Technology and a member of Lotto’s expert advisory board, wants the company to drop the idea.

    Maria Bellringer, Director of the Center for Gambling and Addictions Research at Auckland University of Technology and member of Lotto's Expert Advisory Board

    Maria Bellringer
    Photo: Provided

    Bellringer said online bingo is a form of “continuous play” where players can immediately reinvest their winnings, unlike a lottery draw where players wait hours or days for the result.

    As online gambling could be done easily and in secret, it was “strongly associated” with problem gambling. “So you’ve already put two problematic or potentially risky behaviors together.”

    Bellringer said bingo also figures strongly as a social, cultural and fundraising activity in Maori and Pasifika communities.

    “I really think making bingo highly accessible by bringing it online is going to increase the risk of harm to Maori and Pacific communities,” she said.

    Maori are three times more likely to be moderate-risk or problem gamblers than non-Maori and Pasifika 2.5 times more likely, according to the Health and Lifestyles Agency’s 2020 Survey. health promotion.

    Bellringer was interviewed as part of an RNZ lotto investigation, which unearthed hundreds of pages of official documents from the state gaming company.

    Among these documents is Lotto’s submission to Interior Minister Jan Tinetti, asking for permission to launch the game.

    In the brief, released under the Official Information Act, Lotto chief executive Chris Lyman acknowledges that some communities are more vulnerable to gambling harms.

    “Lotto NZ acknowledges the research and data showing that Pacific peoples, Maori, certain Asian communities and low-income people disproportionately experience the harms of gambling,” it wrote.

    “We know bingo is a familiar game among New Zealand’s Pasifika communities and is embraced for socializing, entertainment and one-time fundraising efforts.”

    To “better protect Pacific Islanders from the potential harm of gambling”, Lotto would include bingo as a “topic of discussion” in its responsible gaming program for that community.

    “With regard to Bingo, Lotto NZ will also ensure that our games do not have features that specifically or deliberately appeal to Pasifika communities – for example, via theme design or artwork on Bingo games.”

    Under the Gaming Act, Minister Tinetti has veto power and has put Lotto’s online bingo plans on hold as she considers a review of the entire online gaming sector, which exploded in recent years.

    Lyman is frustrated with the delay, according to minutes from a June 2022 Lotto stakeholder meeting.

    “Lotto has a Bingo product ready for use, but the Minister has suspended it pending the review of online gambling,” Lyman said. “Lotto is disappointed that the review of online gaming has not progressed further, which is hampering Lotto’s ability to move forward. We need up-to-date legislation.”

    The minister told RNZ that she was fine with the idea.

    The government is expanding Mana Ake to provide more school-based mental wellbeing support to Years 1-8.

    John Tinetti
    Photo: RNZ / Dan Cook

    “I’ve always had harm minimization in mind. I’ve seen too many gambling issues. I’ve seen too many families who have been hurt and hurt,” she said.

    “I have been quite open with Lotto that I will not make any decisions regarding online bingo until we have reviewed the entire online gambling regulatory regime.

    RNZ’s Lotto investigation revealed major gaps in the company’s strategy for engaging with Maori and Pasifika communities.

    Lotto’s business documents show that in 2021 only one in 174 employees was Maori.

    “I’m not proud of it,” Lyman told RNZ. “It is not good and we are not happy with this situation. It will not be an easy solution, but we are committed to fixing it.”

    Lotto also set up an expert advisory group with no representative from Pasifika, a shortcoming the group itself acknowledged at its first meeting in October 2019.

    Minutes of the meeting show that the panel informed the company of a “possible shortcoming in not having any members specifically representing the perspective or voice of the Pacific or Asian communities, the Pacific Community being considered particularly vulnerable.

    The documents show that as of March 2022 he was still looking for a Pasifika representative for the panel, although Lotto said that has now been resolved.

    Lotto has known for many years that its safe gambling messages are not reaching the communities most at risk of harmful gambling.

    An August 2021 Lotto Corporate Social Responsibility memo reveals that the company has conducted research into the effectiveness of its safe gaming resources, called Play Smart.

    “The key takeaways were that current Play Smart materials do not resonate with Pasifika communities,” the document states.

    The chief executive himself acknowledged “the need to do better in managing harm minimization with the Maori and Pasifika communities”, according to the minutes of a September 2020 lotto stakeholder meeting.

    Despite these shortcomings, Lotto is eager to launch Bingo online.

    Lyman told RNZ that New Zealanders were already playing the game on offshore websites and it would be safer for them to play the version of Lotto – which would also bring some of that money back to the community.

    “It’s a game that Kiwis are playing through unregulated offshore sites. It troubles me. I think we could provide that service to these New Zealanders onshore, for a regulated site where there are damage controls.” , Lyman said. “We’re not trying to create a market here. There’s already a market. Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis are playing Bingo offshore.”

    Lotto’s submission to the Minister states that online bingo “provides a commercially attractive potential player base which would enable us to maximize profit growth for the contribution to New Zealand communities”.

    Lotto hopes to make $25 million in the first year, capturing 25% of New Zealand’s existing online bingo market, which it says will generate an additional $2.7 million to distribute as lottery grants.

    The submission states that the maximum jackpot at any bingo hall would be $100,000, which would position it as “a small maximum jackpot game”.

    He says using a risk assessment tool, called Gam-Gard, would put his online bingo game “in the lower end of the medium risk range”, and with additional safeguards could be reduced to a “low risk” product.

    Lotto expressed concern about the growth of offshore gambling and estimated that New Zealanders spent around $510 million on such sites in 2020.

    The Home Office (DIA) said offshore gambling was a key part of the online gambling review – a three-year project it had just handed over to its minister, Jan Tinetti.

    “Compared to most other forms of gambling in New Zealand, we have virtually no control over how harm minimization standards apply to people who gamble online,” said Suzanne Doig, Director general of DIA policy, at RNZ.

    Lotto’s security measures for online gambling include spending limits of $150 per week and $500 per month and restriction of playing hours between 6:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. (until midnight on Wednesdays and Saturdays) .

    But Lotto also wants to expand its online offerings beyond Bingo.

    In the company’s submission to the Online Gambling Review, it stated that it wanted to introduce online casino games.

    Doig said the DIA had not received an official request from Lotto for this, but would have concerns because “online casino games are the riskiest form of online gambling”.

    She questioned “whether it is appropriate for Lotto – as a Crown entity, as a state gambling provider – to venture into the riskier end of the market”.

    Tinetti said reducing harm from online gambling was a “key priority” in his portfolio.

    “I’m very concerned about online gambling in general and lotto is definitely part of that,” she said. “We don’t want to be the fun police. We know people enjoy engaging with these providers. But at the same time, we want to make sure that we don’t create a situation where people experience more harm.”

    Lotto has offered online gambling since 2008, but sales have surged in recent years, from 19% of total sales in 2019 to around 45% today.

    About 1.4 million people now have an online Lotto account, up from 845,000 in 2019.

    Best Credit Card Consolidation Loans of 2022 – Forbes Advisor


    LightStream is a consumer lending division of Truist, which formed from the merger of SunTrust Bank and BB&T. The platform offers unsecured personal loans from $5,000 up to $100,000. Loan amounts vary depending on the purpose of the loan. Although a number of lenders offer loans smaller than the LightStream minimum, few lenders offer a higher loan maximum. Repayment terms are available from two to seven years, making it a great option for those who want to spread the payment of large expenses over time.

    In addition to offering attractive and flexible terms, LightStream does not charge any set-up, late payment or prepayment fees. The lender is also offering a 0.50% rate reduction to borrowers who sign up for autopay – higher than most lenders with the same benefit – as well as a 30-day Lending Experience Guarantee to ensure borrower satisfaction, Covid-19/hardship assistance and rate-beating program. LightStream will beat a competitor’s interest rate by 0.1% for applicants who meet certain criteria.

    LightStream offers loans in all 50 states, as well as Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico, and applicants can contact the lender’s customer support team seven days a week; current borrowers have access to customer support Monday through Saturday. And, although LightStream does not offer a mobile app for loan management, customers can access their account through LightStream.com.

    Eligibility: LightStream recommends that applicants have good to excellent credit before applying for a personal loan. To increase their chances of approval, applicants must also have several years of credit history, including multiple account types, as well as an income stable enough to pay off current debts and a new LightStream loan.

    LightStream does not provide potential borrowers with the opportunity to prequalify for a loan. This fact, combined with the minimum credit score requirement, makes the platform a better choice for those with a strong credit profile. Applicants with excellent credit are also more likely to obtain favorable terms. LightStream does not allow co-signers, but potential borrowers can submit a joint application.

    The loan uses: LightStream personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes, from buying a new car, RV, or jewelry to paying for home improvements. However, LightStream really stands out because the loans can be used to finance land, timeshares, and so-called tiny homes. As with other major lenders, LightStream prohibits the use of its personal loans for post-secondary education expenses, business purposes, and illegal activities. Borrowers are also prohibited from using LightStream loan funds to refinance an existing LightStream loan.

    Completion time : LightStream borrowers can receive funds the same day if the loan is approved by 2:30 p.m. EST on a bank business day. To receive same-day financing, the applicant must also review and electronically sign the loan agreement; provide LightStream with funding preferences and relevant banking information; and complete the final verification process, all before 2:30 p.m. on the day the loan is approved.

    How Online Poker Got Bigger Than Ever – European Gaming Industry News

    Reading time: 4 minutes

    The sports betting industry is arguably the largest in the gambling sector, with around 26% of the world’s population betting on sports. The boom in this particular industry keeps increasing every year due to its ever-changing nature, with the opportunity to make money from sports betting becoming relatively expansive.

    As the global sports betting market continues to evolve and witness new trends, it is crucial that bettors also update their knowledge of these trends in order to step up their game and keep winning. money, or risk being left behind, which hurts their chances of hitting. the jackpot by betting on betting sites at their disposal.

    Sports betting has now transcended betting on the results of specific matches. Players should know that the betting industry is one of the main contributors to the development of various economies around the world due to the huge amount of money it generates. No doubt, this is serious business now. There are several trends currently making waves in the industry that bettors and operators need to be aware of to get the most out of their efforts.

    Key trends shaping the sports betting industry

    There are several trends shaping the sports betting industry that every bettor and sports betting operator should get used to. Some of the most notable are:

    1. Live broadcasts

    Every punter qualified to bet under the gambling laws of their country should be familiar with live broadcasts, one of the major trends in the global sports betting market in 2022, through which online gambling is deemed to have reached a new high.

    Live streams allow bettors to follow different matches on the go – streaming while placing multiple betting options as the game progresses. Bookmakers continue to update odds every minute as punters continue to follow the sequence of events.

    The live stream option is available on all sporting events, but is more common with football betting. Besides the exhilarating experience, it’s a way for bettors to keep winning big money until the end of the game. Options such as “the team that will score the next goal”, “the minute “, “more and less”, and many more are available through live streaming innovation and should be exploited by savvy bettors.

    1. Digitization

    When sports betting was first introduced, you could only enter any gambling den to bet on one or more outcomes. However, this has improved considerably as every betting platform is now digital. Bettors can now play games through their phone by downloading the sports betting app, whether it is Android or iOS, and still navigate efficiently and effectively as if it were a pc.

    Punters can deposit and withdraw seamlessly regardless of their location. You can also withdraw your money before the matches end, depending on the type of online betting platform you choose. The digitization of the betting industry also allows players to bet on computerized teams as if they were real sportsmen. This also applies to betting platforms since any bookmaker who refuses to upgrade will be left behind.

    1. Analytic

    Placing a bet on a sport is more technical than you might think; it is considered the math of the game. Hence the existence of professional tipsters who analyze each game based on team head to head, formation, fatigue, and several other metrics. These statistics and their applications are one of the major trends in the sports betting industry.

    Earning money is harder than losing it, and every player’s motive is to earn money. Hence, the analytics provided on several betting sites are of great importance to bettors as it helps them to track a team’s activities and predict the outcome of matches.

    1. Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency is gradually taking over the gambling industry. Several sports betting companies now allow the use of blockchain technology to make and receive payments due to its seemingly secure and anonymous system.

    The use of cryptography is common in countries where gambling is illegal, and authorities can trace payouts for bets and sanction players and betting platforms. With cryptocurrency, this risk is avoided thanks to its independent and anonymous characteristics. Players in places where gambling is legal also prefer it over other payment methods because it offers a safer, faster and anonymous payment system.

    1. Appetizing bonuses

    The surge in gambling sites means fierce competition in the industry. A recent trend is that several gaming companies tend to attract customers with various offers and mouth-watering bonuses to beat the competition and secure a bigger market share.

    They go so far as to offer new users up to 200% bonus on in-game bonuses based on accumulated odds, which is a great opportunity for punters to hit the jackpot and strike it rich.

    1. Virtual bets

    Virtual sports, otherwise known as esports, are gradually gaining traction in the gambling space. The latest trend is the use of computerized players to participate in competitions while players bet their money on matches.

    The unpredictability of events, regardless of which team is the best, is one of its greatest strengths – winning is mostly down to luck as all teams are computerized and considered equal. Games are also decided faster than normal sports matches, meaning you can become a millionaire in the blink of an eye or vice versa if you don’t gamble responsibly.


    It’s one thing to know the trends, and quite another to maximize them. This article tells you about the trends in the sports betting market and how to use them to your advantage as the gambling industry evolves.

    Bettors and betting platforms need to keep up with trends to succeed and stay relevant in the ever-changing sports betting industry. Betting your money on sports is quite different from other types of gambling, where you can be responsible for your own luck most of the time. Here, we rely on others to succeed. Therefore, it is imperative that you are constantly updated on dynamic industry trends to stay afloat.

    4 steps to lower your credit card interest rate


    If you haven’t paid off all of your credit cards each month, you’re not alone. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, US household credit card debt increased by $100 billion between the second quarter of 2021 and the second quarter of 2022.

    Depending on how much debt you owe, you might not feel confident about getting out of it. However, learning how to negotiate credit card debt can provide you with a way to get relief.

    Why should you negotiate credit card debt?

    Negotiation can help you get out of debt faster. However, you won’t always be successful, and negotiation shouldn’t be your first course of action.

    Consumers often consider negotiating after their debt has been assigned to a collection agency or after the creditor has hired a service provider to handle the communication, says Daryl Holman Jr., founder of debt elimination startup Revival. . “There are hardship plans that may come before that point, but what’s best for borrowers is to make their payments on time if they have the capacity to do so.”

    If you are unable to make your payments on time, but your debt has not yet been collected, negotiating with your credit card company is a much better option than completely ignoring the debt.

    “If you have an account with a large balance that is already overdue, a large amount of money in the bank, and negotiation skills, it may be a good idea to negotiate a (lump sum) credit card debt settlement,” explains Leslie Tayne. , financial lawyer and managing director of Tayne Law Group in New York.

    Understanding your options when negotiating credit card debt can help you reach a manageable deal. Note that if you have had credit card debt, go to a collection agency, you can negotiate with the collection agents.

    What are your options?

    When negotiating with credit card companies, you can look for a lump sum settlement, a hardship agreement, or a relief agreement.

    Lump sum payment

    This option obliges debtors to make a bulk payment in advance for an amount less than the debt owed. Once creditors receive lump sum payments, you can expect the account to be listed as paid in full on your credit report.

    “A lump sum settlement is the best route for you because you’ll usually get the best deal from your creditor,” Tayne says. “Plus, your debt will be gone.”

    Keep in mind that settling your debt for less than you owe will hurt your credit score, although settling is always better than having it written off your credit report.

    Hardship Agreement

    Hardship plans are also called forbearance and can provide temporary relief to borrowers in need. For example, your creditor could reduce your minimum payment amount or interest rate or stop late fees, according to credit bureau Experian. However, unlike a lump sum settlement, you will still have to repay your total outstanding balance. After the hardship period ends, your regular account terms will return.

    Training agreement

    A ripple agreement is when the lender agrees to change the terms of the card, according to Experian. The creditor may reduce your minimum payment requirement or annual percentage rate or waive fees you have already incurred. If you still receive regular income, this option could be a solution to pay off your debt more quickly.

    Advantages and disadvantages of negotiating credit card debt


    • Can provide financial assistance. Depending on the option you pursue, you may be able to reduce your debt, reduce interest and/or lower fees.
    • Potentially slows bankruptcy. Negotiating your credit card debt can save you from having to declare bankruptcy. If creditors come to an agreement with you, they can avoid not receiving a refund if you go bankrupt.
    • Mental and emotional relief. Dealing with creditors can be stressful. In addition to receiving financial help, negotiating your debt can ease fears of being sued or facing other consequences.

    The inconvenients

    • Tax implications. When you pay less than you owe under a lump sum agreement, the Internal Revenue Service treats any forgiven debt as taxable income. That could result in a higher tax bill for that filler year, Tayne says. Make sure you are financially ready for this.
    • Credit implications. When your credit report shows that a credit account is settled, it will negatively affect your credit score. However, this is not as bad as having the account listed as unpaid. Some creditors will close the account when you negotiate, according to Experian, and this can negatively impact your score.

    How to negotiate your debt

    There are a few steps to keep in mind when preparing for your negotiations with your credit card company.

    1. Check the debt

    Make sure you know how much you owe your credit card issuers before developing a negotiation plan. Typically, issuers sell outstanding debts to collection companies when they’re six months overdue, so you may not be able to negotiate with credit card companies on older items.

    Once you’ve taken stock of your debt, move on to step two.

    2. Choose an option

    Explore the different options based on your financial situation and goals. A lump sum settlement may get you the best deal, but a hardship agreement may be a better choice if you only need temporary relief.

    Also, it helps to have a list of terms you would like to apply. For example, you can request that your settled debt be shown as fully paid on your credit report, even if you settle it. The creditor may not agree, but it will help your credit if they do.

    3. Contact your creditor

    You can start by talking to a customer service representative from your credit card company. Throughout the negotiation, be polite, but stick to the terms that work for you. If you fail on your first call, don’t be discouraged. Call again and speak to another representative or supervisor who can provide decisive recourse.

    4. Ask questions

    During the negotiation, make sure you understand what you are required to do and what the creditor promises to do if you meet the terms of the agreement. If you don’t know what something in the agreement means, you should ask for an explanation. Some questions to ask might include:

    • How long will the process take?
    • How will the status of the account be reported to the credit bureaus once the terms of the agreement have been met?
    • When can I expect the written agreement?

    5. Get everything in writing

    Make sure you get all the terms you want in writing before agreeing to a deal, says Scott Glatstian, attorney at Rosenblum Law. If the creditor has agreed to declare the account as fully paid, for example, this should be clearly stated in the agreement.

    What to do if you need help negotiating your credit card debt

    If you don’t feel comfortable negotiating your credit card debt on your own, there are other options.

    For-profit debt settlement

    The company will likely ask you to stop payments to the creditor altogether in hopes of getting a lump sum settlement. However, creditors could simply refuse to deal with the settlement company, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
    . In this scenario, you’ve racked up more late fees and penalties on the account and taken damage to your credit, and you still owe the debt.

    Non-profit credit counseling

    According to the NFCC, counseling is often offered free or at low cost. Counselors can help you not only with the credit card debt in question, but also with budgeting and other ways to stay on track financially.

    Alternatives to negotiating with your credit card company

    Depending on your situation, an alternative approach might be more appropriate. Some options include:

    • Debt consolidation loans. A debt consolidation loan simplifies paying off your debts by combining two or more accounts into one loan. You are left with a due date, interest rate, and minimum payment to track each month. You may also be able to get a lower interest rate on a debt consolidation loan than a credit card.
    • Balance transfer credit cards. A balance transfer credit card can be an alternative to negotiating credit card debt if a high interest rate is causing your problems. Eligible borrowers can choose a card with a lower interest rate or a promotional 0% APR and transfer all or part of their credit card debt to it. If you are using a 0% introductory APR, make sure you make payments on time and pay the full balance before the end of the introductory period.

    How to consolidate credit card debt


    Can it be said that you are tired of passing on credit card obligations? All things considered, in this article, I will share three techniques that you can consider, so that you can finally become obligation-free.

    Source: Debt.org

    System number one, do a 0% balance move. This includes moving your card’s balance to a current card or one that has 0% balance movement advancement. This means that you pay no interest for 12, 15 or one and a half years, regardless of the advancement period. I’ve seen many people do this, but every once in a while they end up where they started on the grounds that they completely disregard the payment for that card. So the fundamental way this technique can work is for you to continue to care for your card consistently.

    You will find that you will have the ability to get to zero balance much sooner. So you find support, but you want to get the job done. It looks like a trip to Machu Picchu for five days and you hire a lot of guards to carry your stuff, but you actually have to do the real trip, seven miles a day for five days, and you’ll be happy when you finally get to your objective.

    System number two, get a fixed, lower cost of finance advance that you can use to manage your current credit card balance. This therefore includes obtaining a statement from online lending specialists, such as SoFi or LightStream. There are a few. Also, the fundamental rationale for why this is a decent system or can be a decent methodology, is the risk that you can sort out lower loan fees, let’s say 10, or 12, or 13%, which are normally going to be much lower than the financing cost you currently pay with your Visa, which is usually similar to 20 or 25%.

    So the way it works is, let’s say you add up all your Mastercard adjustments and that’s like 30,000, you apply for $30,000 fixed credit from an online lending specialist. They give you when you’re taken care of, that 30,000, which you use to take care of the credit card obligation, and currently you have fixed rate credit of $30.00, which is ideally a rate of lower loan.

    3 ways to reduce your credit card debt

    Paying by credit card online with a laptop
    You can start reducing your credit card debt by following proven strategies.

    Getty Images

    Credit cards can be a valuable tool for building your credit while enjoying rewards and benefits. But if used irresponsibly, you could end up with a mountain of debt that can cripple your finances.

    The good news is that you can reduce your credit card debt by freeing up money in your budget, lowering your interest rates and payments, and following proven repayment strategies. Remember, you are in control of your debt and can beat it with the right plan, persistence, and self-discipline. Follow the tips in this guide to start paying off your credit card debt.

    And, if your credit card debt is already bothering you, you can start repairing your credit history with a repair expert. Get a free credit report today.

    Understanding Credit Card Debt

    Credit card debt is a type of revolving debt that allows you to borrow up to your credit limit. Typically, revolving credit is indefinite, so you don’t have to pay off the debt at the end of the loan term, usually at the end of your monthly billing cycle. In contrast, installment loan accounts are closed once the balance is fully paid.

    If you have a large debt on your credit card, you may find it difficult to pay more than your minimum payments. As such, you could end up paying high interest and fees. Let’s say you have a balance of $2,000 on a credit card with an annual percentage rate (APR) of 18% and you make minimum payments of $50 per month. It will take you about five years to pay off the balance, including $1,077.25 in total interest.

    Additionally, paying off debt can have a positive impact on your credit score. As stated by FICO, your credit utilization rate – the amount of credit you use – is 30% of your credit score. Many credit experts recommend keeping your credit utilization ratio below 30% to maintain a good or excellent credit score, but the lower your ratio, the better.

    And if you have bad credit (or not enough credit history), you can work on improving it by working with a credit repair company. Several repair options are available to you.

    3 proven ways to reduce your credit card debt

    The more you can pay beyond your minimum payments, the faster you can pay off your credit cards. If your budget is tight, look for ways to free up some extra money to apply to your payments.

    Looking at your expenses and cutting unnecessary expenses is one way to create a cushion in your budget. For example, you might consider cutting out streaming services you rarely use or an expensive gym membership. It’s up to you to decide which luxuries you’re willing to do without and which are non-negotiable.

    Increasing your income is another option to help you get out of debt faster. If you have more time, you might want to volunteer for overtime at work or take on a side gig. You can also talk to your employer about a pay raise if it’s been a while since your last job.

    Freeing up money will go a long way toward paying down debt. Following these three strategies can help you reach your goal:

    1. Negotiate a lower rate

    One of the fastest ways to pay off your debt is to call the customer service number for your credit card issuer on the back of your credit card and ask for a lower interest rate. Be prepared to explain why you deserve a lower APR. Let them know how long you’ve had the card, your on-time payment history, and whether your credit score is higher now than when you originally applied for the card.

    If the representative can’t help you, ask to speak to a manager or supervisor with the authority to make a decision about reducing your APR. If a supervisor does not change your rate permanently, ask for a temporary rate reduction or ask what hardship options are available to you.

    2. Consolidate your debts

    Two of the most common ways to consolidate your debts are with a debt consolidation loan or a balance transfer credit card.

    Debt consolidation loan: A debt consolidation loan is an installment loan, usually with fixed interest rates and payment amounts. Locking in a fixed-interest loan could act as a hedge against rising federal interest rates.

    Getting a personal loan can be a good idea if you have several high interest credit cards. According to the Federal Reserve, from April 2022 to June 2022, the average interest rate on a 24-month personal loan was 8.73%, compared to an average interest rate on a credit card of 16.65%. .

    You might consider debt consolidation if you were required to make minimum payments and want a structured repayment plan. A debt consolidation loan will come with a fixed end date when your debt balance will be zero.

    Before taking out a debt consolidation loan, check with your lender to see if they charge origination fees to process the loan. These fees can range from 1% to 8% of the loan amount and could reduce your savings.

    Balance Transfer Credit Card: With good credit, another option might be to apply for a credit card balance transfer. These cards usually come with a low or 0% APR introductory period, with promotions for some of the best cards lasting up to 21 months. During the introductory period, you will not have to pay any interest charges.

    With 0% interest, your full payment amount can be used directly to pay off your balance, minus any fees or other charges on your bill. Even if you can’t completely pay off your credit card debt before the introductory period expires, you could still save hundreds of dollars by paying off as much debt as possible during this period.

    Remember that your credit card company will likely charge you a balance transfer fee, usually 3% or 5% of the transfer amount. If your debt balance is relatively low, the transfer fee could offset the savings you’ll realize during your interest-free period.

    3. Follow a debt repayment strategy

    Although making regular payments above the minimum amount owed helps reduce your credit card debt, it can help to follow a plan, such as debt avalanche or snowball strategies. debt.

    Debt avalanche method: This credit card repayment strategy involves paying off your most valuable cards first. To do this, you will make minimum payments on all of your credit cards except the credit card with the highest APR. Once you’ve paid off all of the debt on that card, you’ll take the money you paid into it and add it to the pot. You will now have more money to pay off the credit card with the second highest interest rate. Repeat the process until all of your credit cards have a zero balance.

    The main advantage of the debt avalanche method is that you can save money by paying off your credit cards with the highest interest rates first.

    Debt Snowball Method: The debt snowball strategy is also about making minimum payments to free up money and focus on paying off a card. In this case, you will direct your money to pay off your credit card with the lowest balance. Once your credit card with the lowest debt amount is cleared, you can take the money you used to pay for that card and use it to pay off your card with the next lowest balance. .

    With every card you pay off, the amount you can apply to pay off your debt grows like a snowball. Many people prefer the debt snowball method because quick wins build momentum and serve as inspiration to keep going.

    Of course, everyone has a unique financial situation. While some may use a debt avalanche method to save money and reduce credit card debt, others may opt for a balance transfer card to take advantage of the interest-free introductory period. If your debt is overwhelming, you may want to turn to credit counseling or ask your credit card issuers for programs in case you have difficulty. Credit repair experts are here to help.

    Play Bingo Online For Real Money – Everything You Need To Know!


    Online bingo for real money has become extremely popular in the UK, Germany, Australia and many other countries. Playing bingo online could be a great pastime for retirees looking to fill their days with excitement. Many claim bingo has remarkable health benefits – both physical and mental. The motto of “bingo as you please” has caught on with senior citizens all over the world.

    The online bingo guide allows players to have fun without spending a lot of money since most sites do not charge registration fees or monthly dues like land-based casinos. Bingo is an easy game to play and understand. The variety of bingo games offered by the websites includes 90 ball and 75 ball bingo, slot machines and other casino games. An online bingo site usually offers a slotsmagic bonus for new players. An example of such a bonus is the $10 free offered at Royal Vegas Casino.

    Other promotions may include extra money or free spins on slot machines. Some casinos also allow players to cash out their winnings directly to their PayPal account. Plus, playing bingo online is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Since most bingo sites offer rooms where multiple people can play simultaneously, players don’t have to wait for a table to become available. This makes it easier to interact and socialize with other players, not necessarily friends as it is so popular around the world.

    Bingo websites can offer many incentives to play, but real-money bingo also has drawbacks. Traditional land-based casinos have large screens displaying the finest details of what is happening in each table game at all times, which adds to the excitement. In online bingo, players must watch their computer screens for the number that is being called. This can be a drawback for older gamers who may no longer have 20/20 vision and cannot appreciate the fine details of what they are playing for.

    Some websites have a “chat” feature that allows players to interact with each other. It can be a disadvantage if the players don’t know how to conduct themselves within the bounds of good taste, which can happen in any situation. Intoxicated or rude players might try to turn the game into an opportunity to make personal remarks, which have no place in bingo. These players are usually asked to leave by moderators who monitor online gaming. In fact, some websites don’t allow players to chat at all, which keeps the game pure and serious.

    There are many different variations of bingo for people to enjoy, each with its own charm and format. Playing online is a good option for older people who can’t travel or don’t want to go out at night. Most bingo websites offer free lessons to help players understand the game well enough to play for real money. The websites also offer support for depositing and withdrawing winnings, which can get complicated if players are unfamiliar with banking procedures.

    Scroll to continue

    Seniors who don’t want to go out at night but still want to have some social fun can play online bingo for real money. And if they don’t want to spend their winnings, they can simply withdraw their winnings directly to their PayPal accounts or convert them into free spins on the slots.

    Top 4 Online Bingo Sites

    • Raffle: Tombola is a completely free bingo site. You don’t need to download anything, and there’s no registration, no deposit, and no credit card required! There are also thousands of instant games that you can play whenever you want, 24/7, 365 days a year, such as Fluffy Favorites, Deal or No Deal Bingo, Dragon Slayer, Tombola Bingo and more. others! Tombola is where the heart is, so why not try it now?
    • Gala-Bingo: Gala Bingo is a leading bingo site offering players the opportunity to play free bingo games and win real money prizes. New players can get up to £130 in bonuses when they deposit just £5 and play with it on their first three deposits.

      Gala Bingo offers a wide selection of 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games, as well as 25 variations of slot machine games, including Deal or No Deal Bingo and Tombola Bingo. With a personalized bingo room, chat games allowing players to interact with each other and various side games available throughout the day, Gala Bingo offers a fun and exciting online bingo experience.

    • Sun Bingo: Sun Bingo is giving players £10 completely free to play with. As soon as you register, you will be eligible for the €10 no deposit bonus that awaits you! Join now to claim it and start playing bingo games right away! Players can also enjoy many other great rewards including regular fun promotions and a wide selection of bingo games.

      Sun Bingo offers an exciting variety of 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo games, as well as online slots and instant win games. Play for free or play for real money with Sun Bingo – it’s up to you!

    • BuzzBingo: Buzz Bingo offers players a wide variety of ways to win! Play online bingo and slots at the same time, or play risk-free for free. Deposit as little as €1 and play wherever you are with your mobile device. Players can also take advantage of regular promotions, including giveaways, risk-free games and bingo jackpots!

      Buzz Bingo offers a selection of 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball bingo games, as well as fun instant win games. With over 100 top class slot games available including Tombola Bingo, Deal or No Deal Bingo and Fluffy Favorites, there are plenty of ways to win big at Buzz Bingo!


    Online bingo is a popular activity for seniors who want to play games from the comfort of their homes. Playing online also gives them options like playing free bingo without spending money or making a deposit and winning real money. Plus, finding the perfect room that suits their tastes can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

    Michigan and Multistate Online Poker: USA Online Poker Predictions


    Our industry experts take a look at what the online poker landscape in the United States would look like once MI online poker operators could finally connect player pools with NJ.

    Three months ago, Michigan gaming regulators officially signed the Multi-State Internet Gambling Agreement (MSIGA), making it the fourth US state to join the pact, joining Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.

    This paved the way for operators to be licensed in at least two states as part of the deal to combine online poker player pools. In effect, this allows three US operators – WSOPPokerStars and BetMGM Poker — to combine their Michigan online poker apps with those in New Jersey.

    Various steps are still required for this to become a reality – operators must obtain all necessary authorizations and adhere to all guidelines to allow interstate online poker. To date, no further progress on this project has been made public. Despite requests for updates from all interested parties, none will report on the steps completed and those that remain.

    “The MGCB does not discuss the status of applications”, a MGCB informed spokesperson MI Game Review last month. “When multi-state online poker is ready to go, the MGCB will announce it. We don’t have a deadline for an announcement. »

    However, fuse poker understand that there is momentum behind the scenes. Based on sources within the industry, similar project schedules in the past, and Fall Tournament Series schedules, our best estimate puts a go-live date in Q4 2022.

    In this spirit, fuse poker predicted what we expect once Michigan online poker operators join the market – identifying three changes that will impact immediate impact on online poker players in Michigan, New Jersey and Nevada:

    • The immediate cash impact on cash games
    • Increased competitiveness in the market
    • The effects of large pools of players
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    Cash game traffic will double overnight

    The change in the number of ongoing gambling in the two markets will be dramatic for players in New Jersey and Michigan.

    The total market size in Michigan is currently just over 300 cash game slots filled; the New Jersey market, which already includes Nevada and Delaware for WSOP/888, totals just over 400. Combined, the market will be north of 700 seats filled.

    For Michigan players, they will see more than double the number of cash games in progress. There will also be a much wider spread of stakes, with more micro-stakes and high-stakes games on offer; more tables will operate at off-peak times of the day and week; tables should break much less frequently.

    New Jersey players will see a similar effect, albeit slightly less pronounced. Observable cash game tables will increase by almost 75%.

    Cash game traffic in Michigan and New Jersey/Nevada/Delaware in 2022

    Operator Michigan NJ + NV + DE Combined
    PokerStars 158 75 233
    BetMGM 77 92 169
    WSOP 66 251 317
    All 301 418 719

    Data is the average of concurrent gambling seats filled from 2022 through August 20, 2022. Tracked by GameIntel and taken from poker industry PRO Data Platform. Only WSOP/888 is operational in Nevada and Delaware.

    The effect will be more pronounced in specific markets at the individual operator level. For example, a player on _PokerStars New Jersey will see cash game traffic triple overnight. For a WSOP Michigan player, this effect will be almost five times more action at the tables.

    Pooling of Michigan and New Jersey increases competition

    A curiosity of these two markets is that the composition of one is the reverse of the other. In Michigan, PokerStars is the clear leader, with over 50% of the market. WSOP is third with a 22% share, and BetMGM Poker is a close second.

    The reverse is true among operators in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. The cash game traffic of WSOP and 888 – the only network that currently covers all three states, with one room in Nevada, two in New Jersey and three in Delaware – is the undisputed market leader, with 60% of gambling traffic. PokerStars is last, and BetMGM is once again ahead in the middle.

    A similar breakdown can be seen in the New Jersey market data. As NJ Game Review reported last week, the state gaming regulator reports the monthly revenue of online poker operators in the state – WSOP leads the market, with BetMGM and PokerStars vying for second place.

    When we look at the numbers reported so far this year, WSOP controls just under 40% of the market. BetMGM is second with 34% and PokerStars is third with 27%. These figures resemble gambling traffic, except for the reduced share of the WSOP due to the absence of Nevada and Delaware represented in these figures.

    BetMGM Poker WSOP PokerStars Total
    Jan-22 848 788 961 931 747,070 2,557,789
    February 22 890 387 834 982 502 191 2,227,560
    March 22 981 831 907 472 641,860 2,531,163
    Apr-22 805128 788798 661006 2,254,932
    May-22 828108 864031 619423 2,311,562
    Jun-22 639327 960162 594302 2,193,791
    Jul-22 617620 997213 662439 2,277,272
    2022 to date 5,611,189 6,314,589 4,428,291 16,354,069
    Market share 34% 39% 27%
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    It means that when they combine, the market will be much more competitivewithout a clear leader controlling most of the traffic.

    From day 1, WSOP will lead the combined four-state market, but its unique position as the only interstate online poker network will disappear. Its market share – which now stands at 60% in the tri-state market – drops to 44%.

    PokerStars currently captures more than half of the Michigan market, but only 18% of NJ-NV-DE (and only 27% of New Jersey’s revenue). Its share in the four state markets would be 32% – almost exactly its “fair share” against two competitors.

    Curiously, BetMGM holds second place in Michigan and NJ/NV/DE, but would slip to third when the markets combine. However, at almost 25%, it remains very competitive.

    Gambling Traffic Market Share in Michigan and NJ/NV/DE in 2022

    Operator Michigan NJ + NV + DE Combined
    PokerStars:/go/pokerstarsus-poker/ 52% 18% 32%
    BetMGM Poker:/go/betmgmus-poker/ 26% 22% 24%
    WSOP:/go/wsopus-poker/ 22% 60% 44%

    The advantage for players of increased competition is that operators invest more in their platforms to gain market share. Right now PokerStars and BetMGM may not be focusing on New Jersey as it struggles to compete with the WSOP multi-state offer. Once Michigan joins, this competitive advantage diminishes; suddenly there is a lot more to fight.

    In the same way, WSOP seems happy enough sitting at the bottom of the MI market. But once it connects to the existing interstate network, there will be a great reason to invest more in promoting its expanded online poker offering in all states.

    Expect bigger US online poker deposit bonus offers, reload bonuses and tournament series once Michigan joins as the three operators compete for market share.


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    There will be longer term network effects – and hopefully regulatory changes too

    The naive analysis above – simply combining Michigan’s existing player pools with existing traffic in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada – underestimates the potential impact of Michigan operator membership under MSIGA. Network effects should be in play – bigger and more competitive offers should attract players to the tables, further developing the sites.

    Examples of player clustering are limited, although some evidence of this effect exists. Spain and France joined their closed liquidity markets in 2018. Traffic on PokerStars Spain and France surged after the combination, although after a year the growth was in the single digit percentage points. This was against the tide of players moving from cash games to tournaments (this was during the explosive days of lottery sit-and-gos), so the overall growth would have been more considerable than these numbers indicate. .

    Perhaps the most significant long-term effect will be on the broader landscape of online poker in the United States. MSIGA has been in business since 2015 — when Delaware and Nevada first pooled their cash — and it expanded to New Jersey in 2018. Yet more than four years later, there has been no no further progress – just three states and one network.

    Connecting Michigan to New Jersey will be, by far, the most crucial development in American online poker in a decade. This will signal to other states – notably Pennsylvania, but also smaller states like West Virginia and Connecticut – that the signing MSIGA can provide a pathway to safe and regulated online poker.

    And that will end all lingering concerns with the Wire Act and multi-state online poker.

    US Online Poker States and Launch Times

    US state Launch of online poker Pact joined Launch of shared player pool
    Nevada April 2013 February 2014 March 2015
    Delaware November 2013 February 2014 March 2015
    New Jersey November 2013 October 2017 May 2018
    Michigan Jan 2021 May 2022 ?
    Pennsylvania November 2019 Not yet

    Homeowners are set to pay an extra £750 in interest on their credit card next year

    Almost 13 million homeowners in the UK will have to pay an additional £750 in interest on credit and store card balances over the next year as a direct result of the interest rate hike.

    Analysis from specialist mortgage lender Pepper Money suggests that 3.8million homeowners are already feeling the pinch of rising interest payments, with their average credit card interest bill rising by more than £60 this year.

    While interest rates are expected to rise further with the cost of living, the price of energy, food and fuel, Pepper Money calculates that banks, credit card companies and credit card providers store are now set to reap a further £2.8billion in interest payments made by those who will own their homes over the next 12 months.

    This is only the additional interest charged on “revolving” credit, including store cards, credit cards and overdrafts. Rising mortgage rates will also lead to a net increase in bank repayments.

    Why are interest rates rising?

    The Bank of England has been steadily raising the key rate in a desperate attempt to control inflation, which is already above double digits and is expected to reach at least 13%.

    In early December last year, the base rate was just 0.1%, its lowest level ever after an emergency cut in response to the pandemic.

    In the first week of August, the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee confirmed that the base rate would rise to 1.75%, the fifth hike so far this year and the sixth in the past few months. last 12 months.

    Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey has indicated there will be two more hikes later this year, with markets now pegging a base rate of 3% at the start of next year.

    Lenders were quick to pass on the higher rates to customers. Moneyfacts data showed that between early March and early June, the average credit card purchase APR, which includes card fees, hit an all-time high of 26.7%.

    Anyone who has credit card debt or pays interest on store card balances or overdrafts will be hit with higher costs, not just those who own their homes.

    The Money Charity calculates that the average UK household alone owes £2,192 in credit card debt.

    At an APR of 26.7%, interest payments amount to £585.26 a year, just to keep the balance stable, let alone paying down outstanding debt.

    Laurence Morey, Pepper’s Managing Director, said, “We know that with rising costs, the monthly commitment to pay off short-term debt such as credit cards, store cards and overdrafts can stifle ability of many families to meet their monthly expenses.

    “That’s especially true when the cost of that credit also goes up.”

    Should you consolidate expensive debt?

    Morey said that under the “right circumstances,” consolidating expensive short-term credit into a longer-term loan at a lower rate can help families better control their cash flow. Homeowners are uniquely positioned to pay off their debts by taking out a larger mortgage when they refinance, he added.

    Mortgage rates are well below the cost of servicing credit cards and overdraft interest, which means that even if the debt is still there, you are paying your lender much less interest than charged by your bank or your credit card provider.

    For example, NatWest currently has a 2-year fixed rate mortgage at 3.19%. Although you would have to pay a fee to remortgage on this particular offer, the interest charged on that £2,192 credit card balance if you added it to your mortgage would only be £70 over the year – allowing you to pay more than the interest each month and reduce the debt over time.

    Paula John, Independent Mortgage Specialist, said: “Debt consolidation may not be the right path for everyone, but many families could benefit from measures to reduce the interest rate that they pay off credit cards and overdrafts by refinancing on a loan that is secured on their longer-term home.

    “In fact, by being proactive and taking control of their finances in this way, many people can actually increase their credit score.”

    Moneyfacts finance expert Rachel Springall warned: “Anyone comparing offers, whether consolidating debt with a loan or transferring their credit card balance to an interest-free offer, would be advised to check their credit score before applying to Experian, Equifax or Totally Money.

    “The coming months are uncertain amid the rising cost of living, but seeking advice from a debt counseling charity is also a good idea if borrowers are struggling or worried they won’t be able to keep up with their repayments. “

    Before making the decision to take out a larger mortgage, it is advisable to speak to an independent financial adviser or mortgage broker who can help you understand the financial implications of consolidating debt this way.

    Free, unbiased debt advice is also available from a charity. Stage change, Advice to citizens and the Debt Counseling Foundation.

    Online Bingo: Luck or Strategy?


    Online bingo is one of the most popular types of online gambling. Millions of players around the world participate because the game is fun, easy to play, and readily available through a wide variety of smartphone apps and online websites, including costabingo.com.

    The online version of bingo is very similar to the bingo hall variety, except there is no need for the caller or a handful of dabbers. Everything is done electronically, and you don’t have to worry about missing any of the numbers because your digital card will be automatically stamped if it has the matching number. All you have to do is watch and cross your fingers to reach that magic line!

    The appeal of online bingo:

    There are many attractive factors of online bingo.

    New players are drawn to the world of online bingo because it’s a fun game to play and the rules are very easy to learn. Although there are different varieties of bingo with different card sizes and number of balls, the basic gameplay remains the same: match the numbers on your card to those drawn by the bingo machine and you win if you complete the pattern appointed. For some games it’s a row or column, for others it can be a cross, all inside squares, or a completely random pattern.

    Each bingo game only lasts a few minutes, perfect for people with short attention spans or looking for entertainment to fill a coffee break, commute to work or spend time in a waiting room. It also means new games are always starting, so you don’t have to wait long if you miss one. And with bingo games starting at pennies a card, they won’t break the bank either.

    Bingo strategies to maximize your chances:

    But one of the biggest draws for new players is that online bingo is a luck-based game, which means absolutely everyone has a chance of walking away with the top prize, not just those who have spent hours studying and perfecting their strategies. However, there are several things you can do to improve your chances of winning the big jackpots.

    • Play multiple cards: Most online bingo sites and smartphone apps will allow you to purchase more than one card for each bingo game and will have several different rooms running at the same time. Because everything is automated, including the crossed out numbers on your bingo card, you don’t have to look at every card, so playing multiple games at once is a breeze – unlike real bingo where you would have need to be an octopus! Obviously, the more cards you play, the more chances you have of winning.
    • Fewer opponents – Choose bingo halls that have fewer people because you have a better chance of winning if you are one of 1000 than if you are one of 5000. This can be difficult to do because online bingo is so popular, but playing outside of peak hours – for example, early morning or mid-afternoon – means you’ll encounter fewer other players.
    • Check the jackpot – Online bingo games operate in different halls, with each bingo hall offering different jackpot conditions and different prize sizes. If one venue offers a price of £100 for a 5p card and another offers £5 for the same entry fee, you should opt for the higher price. Your chances of winning each will be about the same, but winning the highest prize will be more exciting and more money!
    • Manage your budget – Bingo cards can start from just pennies each, but if you play four at a time for an hour a day, it will quickly add up. If you want to get the most out of your bingo games, you need to set yourself a strict budget and make sure you stick to it, otherwise you may find yourself unable to afford any games for a while. Only play the games you can afford, although the £1 jackpot games look really appealing, the reality is that you pay more per card and you will be up against more opponents, which drastically reduces your chances to win.

    It depends on what you expect from them. They don’t guarantee you a win, and unlike strategies for games like poker, they also don’t guarantee that your chances of winning will continue to improve. This is because bingo will always be a game of luck, and you can’t get better at gambling. These strategies are designed to help you find the best games to play and the best times to play them, as fewer opponents and more active cards will increase your chances for that particular game.


    Bingo will always be a game of luck, and that’s what attracts many players. You have as much chance of winning your first game as your 100eand that’s why people keep coming back for more.

    Why has online poker become so popular? – News from the European gaming industry

    Reading time: 3 minutes

    The online casino has become an integral part of the UK, with the idea of ​​remote betting/online casinos becoming a popular form of gambling. With the rise of mobile apps and 3G, it has never been easier to register at an online casino and claim the free spins no deposit bonus they offer.

    Remember that you must be at least 18 years old to gamble in the UK and feel free to visit BeGambleAware.org for information on how to gamble safely.

    What is iGaming?

    We can define iGaming as any form of wagering done online on a game or event. iGaming covers sports betting events, online slots and casinos, poker and esports.

    From 2020 to 2021, the online gambling industry brought in £6.85 billion in Britain, while the previous year brought in £5.79 billion. The UK iGaming industry is part of a global network worth $565 billion, according to research firm Technavio.

    iGaming has not always been legal in some countries, with gambling in general still being banned in countries like the UAE, Singapore, Japan and many more.

    The history of iGaming

    iGaming has a rich history that spans almost 30 years. In 1994 Microgaming created the first computer programs for online casinos and the first iGaming website was developed, which enabled its presence in the UK. In 1996, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was created to regulate online gambling worldwide. By the end of the decade, online games were starting to boom, with an estimated £830m turnover in the industry. The UK also launched its first online betting service in 1998 with William Hill.

    In 2005 the Gambling Act was created which allowed casinos in the UK to be advertised and made gambling legal (as long as it was supervised).

    Of course, fast forward to 2022, we have big iGaming companies such as Intouch Games, William Hill and Mr Green leading the way in the rise of online gaming in the UK.

    land-based casino vs online casino

    The physical casino brings its own value to the table. With a bustling community of other players housed under one roof, a truly tangible experience and the glamorous hospitality of a casino, it’s hard for online gaming to compete with. However, online casinos have made it a point to offer more than just the gaming experience.

    As technology improves, mobile games also evolve. With more and more people having access to smartphones, the shift to mobile gaming seems inevitable. In 2008 Apple launched its App Store and in 2020 a whopping £1.5 billion was spent on mobile games by UK consumers. Additionally, technologies such as HTML5 have made mobile games faster, cleaner, and easier to create for highly optimized gameplay.

    Online slots have also progressed with its graphics and themes. It is not just a replica of the classic slot machines that cover the pages of online casinos. You will find many games with Egyptian, Irish or horror themes for fun play, as well as different soundtracks, gameplay and images.

    Specifically with online casinos, bonuses and rewards are one of the key factors for consumers playing online slots. Most online casinos offer a bonus for signing up or even just playing regularly.

    The future of iGaming

    The UK online gaming market is expected to grow by over $80 million by 2024. While there may be hurdles and hurdles to overcome, it looks like the iGaming industry will booming.

    The growth of cryptocurrency used for online transactions, or the rise of augmented and virtual reality could change the paradigm of the iGaming industry. The advancement of technology could mean spending virtual money in a virtual casino.

    Now, that’s a thought to keep when thinking about the future of the iGaming industry.

    Kiplinger’s Personal: Master Your Credit Card Debt | Economic news

    Revolving credit, which includes credit cards, jumped 21.4% in March, according to the Federal Reserve. But at the same time that credit card debt is on the rise, rising interest rates have made maintaining a balance more expensive.

    If you have credit card debt, consider these strategies to eliminate or reduce what you owe.

    Take stock of your debt. If you have balances on multiple credit cards, make a list showing how much you owe on each card, the interest rate, and the minimum monthly payment for each. A spreadsheet is a handy way to update your progress, but pen and paper work just as well.

    If you have a good credit rating, a balance transfer could help you get out of debt.

    Many banks offer balance transfer cards to new customers with an introductory 0% APR for a limited time – ranging from 12 to 21 months, depending on the card. To avoid interest, pay the balance before the introductory rate expires.

    People also read…

    This strategy only works if you resist the temptation to use the balance transfer card to make new purchases, said Beverly Harzog, author of “Confessions of a Credit Junkie.” You want to use the card to get out of debt, not add more, she says.

    If your credit score isn’t high enough to meet the criteria for a 0% introductory rate on a balance transfer card, you may qualify for a card with a lower-than-rate introductory APR. your current card, Harzog said.

    Another option is a debt consolidation loan from a bank or credit union with a lower rate than the rate you pay on your high-interest credit cards.

    Put profitability strategies to work. When you have balances on multiple credit cards, there are three approaches you can take to tackle the debt.

    The first is the “avalanche” approach. Start with your cards that have the highest interest rates and highest balances. Make minimum payments on low-interest cards while devoting the rest of your available funds to high-interest cards.

    Although the avalanche approach makes the most mathematical sense, some people choose the “snowball” approach, which works by paying off low-balance debt first. Paying off your low-balance cards can give you the motivation you need to pay off all your debt, even if it costs you more in interest.

    Finally, there is the “blizzard” approach, in which you start with the snowball and move on to the avalanche. Pay off a low balance card first so you have a hit under your belt, then move on to ones with higher rates.

    Paying off your balances will make it difficult to save. But try to set aside enough money in an emergency fund to cover three months of expenses.

    When you have paid off your debts, you can increase your savings so that you are prepared for unexpected expenses, which will reduce the risk of falling back into debt.

    Emma Patch is an editor at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. To learn more about this and similar money-related topics, visit Kiplinger.com.

    Online poker in the United States, iGaming’s revenue figures remain strong


    online poker revenues rose month over month in most states legalized in July. The industry continues to show potential in new markets and achieve Year after year growth.

    PokerStars, BetMGM/partypoker US and WSOP.com continue to offer monthly tournament series alongside cash game promotions. In the United States, online poker is currently live and legal in the following states:


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    New Jersey Online Poker Shows Growth

    Garden State’s online poker sites have continued to earn over $2 million over the past few months. In total, the state provided $2.2 million, up slightly from June’s $2.1 million. The New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division (NJDGE) reports monthly on state results.

    New Jersey currently has three online poker operators, including:

    • WSOP.com/888poker
    • BetMGM (including Borgata Poker and partypoker US skins)
    • PokerStars

    WSOP.com held the top spot again in July for the third month in a row. The site saw a month-over-month increase and attracted $997,213, down from $960,162 in June. The site benefited from online circuit series events and bracelets throughout the summer. The site’s large online events have attracted large fields.

    The big shakeup came in second place. PokerStars overtook BetMGM for second slot by reporting $662,439 for July.

    BetMGM came third for the month after reporting $617,620. The site recently announced its new KnockOut Series for August.

    In New Jersey’s live poker scene, only three rooms are open in Atlantic City including:

    • Borgata (offers weekly tournaments)
    • Harrah
    • Tropicana

    No casino has yet announced plans for guaranteed multi-day live events. However, there are rumors that PokerStars may return with a live series at Resort Casino.

    BetMGM iGaming hits $40 million mark again

    New Jersey Online Casinos Reported $136.7 million in the turnover for July, a 15.2% increase year by year. The BetMGM/Borgata casino brand has reached over $40 million in consecutive months.

    The company reported $42.3 million in global iGaming for the month. The site has remained No. 1 in the state for 16 consecutive months.

    Gold nugget again made a small dip but remained second with $34.5 million. Resorts took third place with $30.4 million.

    According to the NJDGE, the overall gambling revenue reported by the casino, racetracks and partners was $480.7 million for the month. Year-over-year, that’s a 6.7% increase from $450.6 million in July 2021.

    Gaming taxes account for 8% of gross taxable casino revenue and 15% of gross Internet gaming revenue.

    The US online poker market received good news on Monday with WSOP.com announcing a launch in Pennsylvania on July 12th.

    Pennsylvania Online Poker Leads the Nation

    Keystone State is the number one place in the United States for legal online poker. Pennsylvania reported another month-over-month increase in poker revenue. The sites represented $2.7 million in July, according to Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). The Commonwealth currently has three online poker choices:

    PokerStars is the best site in the state and has brought $1.6 million for July. WSOP.com has seen a small growth in the number of $744,141. The platform is not part of the combined New Jersey and Nevada player pool.

    WSOP.com recently announced the $400,000 Online Summer Championshipswhich also take place in Michigan in August. BetMGM came third but saw monthly growth with $383,555.

    iGaming record of $98 million reached in PA

    The PGCB launched the new financial year with impressive results iGames Numbers. The state reported $98.5 million in total gross revenue.

    The combined total state revenue generated from all forms of gambling as well as fantasy contests in July was $429 million. This is a 1.3% increase over revenue generated in July 2021.

    PA poker room tournament, mega bad beat pressure jackpot

    Pennsylvania tournament players have live picks in August. Also, Pittsburgh Rivers has a current record bad beat jackpot sitting at over $1.2 million.

    Here is an overview of the live poker rooms open in Pennsylvania that are currently open:

    • Parx Casino
    • Mohegan Sun Pocono
    • Mount Airy Casino Resort
    • Rivers Casino Philadelphia
    • Rivers Casino Pittsburgh
    • Meadows Racecourse and Casino
    • Philadelphia Live Casino
    • Wind Creek Bethlehem
    • Pittsburgh Live Casino

    Online Poker and iGaming Set Records in Michigan

    Michigan online poker continues to grow in an expanding iGaming market. According to Michigan Gaming Control Commission (MGCB), Wolverine State Online Casinos have introduced $136.9 million revenue for July, setting a new record monthly total.

    Online poker revenue is not reported separately, but shows the potential of the game in the state. The report includes the combination of poker and online games. There are now three online poker operators including:

    No official word has yet come about Michigan joining the interstate pact with Nevada, New Jersey and with 888poker in Delaware.


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    Prospects for poker in Michigan are good

    BetMGM, PokerStars and WSOP.com continue to produce strong tournaments in Michigan. Revenue numbers are also strong. Online games July gross receipts were $126.6 millionup 4.2% from the $121.5 million reported in June.

    Online poker revenue is not reported separately, so the number is reflected in the combined iGaming results. The interstate pact with Nevada and New Jersey has not yet been launched, so there remains an encircled poker market.

    BetMGM and FanDuel continue to occupy the first and second place in online games. BetMGM reported $48 million and FanDuel saw $18.5 million.

    Gaming operators generated a total of $24.9 million in tax revenue and local share for the state, including:

    • Internet gambling taxes and payments – $24.1 million
    • Internet sports betting taxes and payments – $386,187

    Several Michigan brick-and-mortar live poker rooms are open, including:

    • MGM Grand Detroit
    • Motor City Casino
    • Greek Town Casino
    • Odawa Petoskey Casino
    • Fire Keepers Casino
    • Island resort and casino

    Casinos such as Keepers of the Fire attract players to Michigan poker rooms via major tournaments. The casino recently announced a $1 million guarantee USA Poker Tour event in October.

    Delaware poker and iGaming see the best month of 2022

    In July, online poker in Delaware had its best month of 2022. The state saw month-over-month growth and reported $43,943 in July, slightly above June’s $43,121.

    For the fifth month in a row, the state reported online gaming revenue of more than $1 million. According to the Delaware Lottery, iGaming showed a network of more than $1.25 millionthe best of 2022. New player registrations also reached a new high of 1,174.

    In Delaware, 888poker operates three different skins in partnership with Delaware Racetrack Casinos, including:

    • Delaware Park
    • Bally’s Dover
    • Harrington Casino and Racecourse

    Delaware Park again took the top spot and showed its best month of 2022. The operator brought in $28,228 in July and held the top spot every month this year.

    Delaware Park is the only open live poker room in the state and currently offers player bonuses for high hands.

    Credit card balances have seen the largest increase in 20 years. Get ahead of your debts.

    Months of high prices pushed more households to charge credit card expenses, boosting the national balance by $46 billion in the second quarter of 2022.

    Compared to last year, there was a 13% increase, according to the Center for Microeconomic Data at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    Although the second quarter is generally higher, this significant jump marks the largest increase in 20 years.

    While inflation has reached a 40-year high, wages have not kept pace. To make up the difference, more people are using lines of credit to fill the gap.

    Consumers fall behind on their monthly payments and in turn find themselves in debt.

    High inflation, high interest rates and low wages are an “imperfect storm,” said Jeff Arevalo, financial wellness coach at GreenPath. People who have used stimulus checks and pandemic aid to get out of debt are particularly vulnerable.

    “Clients who were debt free a year or two ago, they were able to take advantage of some of these help options, they’re in debt again,” he said.

    The Farmington Hills credit counseling service has seen a significant increase in the amount of debt among its clients. Last year, the average credit card balance was $10,000. In June, the average balance was $14,000.

    Nationally, an estimated 14 million Americans have debt of $10,000 or more, according to GOBankingRates.

    Add to that the interest rate hikes the Federal Reserve implemented this summer and customers are paying more but doing less damage to their debt, Arevalo said. At the end of July, BankRate reported that the average interest rate on a credit card balance was 17.25%.

    “Ultimately, people who hold these debt balances will pay more interest in the long run,” he said. “Unfortunately, if consumers don’t really get this under control or reduce their sales to counter this, they’re going to feel this pressure.”

    Here’s what financial advisors advise for paying down debt and budgeting for inflation.

    Have a responsible partner

    Financial wellness is about progress, not perfection, said Todd Mora, program director at Western Michigan University Sanford Center for Financial Wellness and Planning.

    “Like losing weight or training for certain types of sporting events like a marathon, it’s more about the progress you’re making on a regular basis than that absolute goal,” he said.

    Debt repayment and budgeting are rooted in changing habits. Mora adds that most people are motivated to avoid a loss rather than seek a gain.

    This doesn’t mean punishing yourself for spending too much of a week – Mora strongly advises against this as it’s more likely to derail you – but rather putting an accountability plan in place.

    Mora finds it more effective to have a partner. Think of it as a gym buddy but for your wallet.

    This responsible partner is not there to harass you. Mora said clients are successful when they write down goals and share them with their partner. If he doesn’t achieve his goal, then the client must do something he considers a loss, such as cleaning his partner’s bathroom or cooking him dinner.

    Beware of “buy now, pay later” options

    While shopping online, you may have noticed that companies like Afterpay, Klarna, and Affirm will pop up and ask if you want to pay in installments. If you already have an outstanding balance following you, be wary of these payment plans, Arevalo said.

    Often, Arevalo customers miss these payments or do not meet them within a specified time, then incur late fees or deferred interest.

    According to a survey by LendingTree, more than 40% of Americans who take out a loan now, repay later have made a late payment.

    LendingTree called it a “gateway to overspending” after survey results revealed nearly 70% of users admit to spending more than they would if they had to pay for everything upfront.

    “If the budget was not really able to support [the purchase] right off the bat, what you do is push things further or kick things that can go forward,” Arevalo said. “It’s just sort of adding on to your existing debt with really no plan to address it.”

    Read the fine print

    Debt consolidation loans are also growing in popularity. Although they may succeed, they give Mora a break.

    “There are a lot of ads on social media [saying] “Oh, debt consolidation will solve your problem,” he said. “The reality is that the reason there are so many of these ads is because it’s very profitable.”

    Typical interest rates on debt consolidation loans range from around 6% to 36%, according to August data from NerdWallet. To get this low rate, you will need a credit score of 720 or higher.

    Mora wouldn’t completely rule out consolidation, especially if the loan rate is lower than what your credit card charges. But it comes down to habit, he says.

    “What often happens is people do debt consolidation, and they take three credit cards and other debts, they consolidate into one loan, and then they walk away and they get another credit card.” , did he declare. said. “They haven’t really fixed the core problem.”

    Transferring balances from one credit card to another should also be done with caution. Mora directs clients to find the Schumer box which must disclose fees, interest rates and other key financing points.

    Mora said customers need to understand how the interest rate is structured. Ask questions like is there an introductory fee or a flat fee? Is it a fee or a tariff?

    If you’re paying off a credit card balance using the minimum payment each month, be sure to calculate how long it will take.

    “Debt is a fixed expense. This means that you are going to have to pay something. And as your fixed expenses increase, you run into the problem of less flexibility in your budget,” Mora said.

    Debt counseling services like GreenPath and the Sanford Center are free resources that offer phone, online, and in-person options.

    This story is part of MLive’s Wallet Watch series focusing on current economic issues. Do you have a wallet watch suggestion? Email us at [email protected]

    Learn more about MLive:

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    9 States with the Most Credit Card Debt

    Pintau Studio / Shutterstock.com

    For millions of Americans, credit card debt is a reality. Although many of us made good progress in paying off our debts at the start of the pandemic, we started spending with a vengeance again.

    In fact, Americans now owe over $1 trillion in credit card debt, according to WalletHub. The website recently analyzed figures from credit reporting company TransUnion to reveal the states where residents have accumulated most and least credit card debt.

    To determine which states have the “least and longest lasting credit card debt,” WalletHub considered a state’s median debt, the cost of paying off that debt, and the time it would take to clear. debt. He assumed the debt had an APR of 16.7% and used the median monthly state credit card payment to calculate the repayment cost and repayment period.

    Here is the list of states where credit card borrowers are most likely to have trouble getting out of the red.


    Andrea Izzotti / Shutterstock.com

    Median credit card debt: $3,206
    Cost to be reimbursed: $392
    Repayment period : 17 months and 27 days

    The Last Frontier finishes first among states where credit card borrowers are deepest in the knuckle.

    If you’re struggling to pay your credit card bills, stop by Money Talks News Solutions Center and find help from a credit card debt expert.

    2. District of Colombia

    United States Capitol
    Orhan Cam / Shutterstock.com

    Median credit card debt: $2,788
    Cost to be reimbursed: $328
    Repayment period : 17 months and 3 days

    The nation’s capital is known as the place where America’s deep debts are created. Citizens of the District of Columbia seem to be following their government’s lead when it comes to raising the bill.

    Need some inspiration to deal with your debts? Read “How I Zerod $25,000 in Credit Card Debt”.

    3. Washington State

    Grays Harbor Marina, Washington
    Bill Perry / Shutterstock.com

    Median credit card debt: $2,471
    Cost to be reimbursed: $249
    Repayment period : 14 months and 21 days

    The other Washington — the Pacific Northwest state — isn’t shy about going into plastic debt either.

    Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson offers great tips for getting back into the black and staying there in her podcast “How to Destroy Your Debt and 3 Things to Do Next.”

    The rest of the top 10

    Syed Bilal Javaid / Shutterstock.com

    Other states that made this ignominious list include:

    • Vermont
    • Wyoming
    • Oregon
    • Montana
    • New Hampshire
    • Massachusetts
    • Colorado

    To pay off the median debt in these states will take residents 13 months or more.

    Disclosure: The information you read here is always objective. However, we sometimes receive compensation when you click on links in our stories.

    3 ways to consolidate credit card debt

    Our goal at Credible Operations, Inc., NMLS Number 1681276, hereafter referred to as “Credible”, is to give you the tools and confidence you need to improve your finances. Although we promote the products of our partner lenders who pay us for our services, all opinions are our own.

    Paying off credit card debt can be accomplished through one of three credit consolidation methods: balance transfers, home equity, and personal loans. (Shutterstock)

    Credit cards can be useful financial tools. Unfortunately, they can also create financial hardship if you don’t pay off your balances on time. Americans paid about $120 billion in credit card interest and fees from 2018 to 2020, or an average of about $1,000 a year for each household, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

    With 83% of adults holding at least one credit card and most having an average of 3.84 credit card accounts, it’s easy to see how people are racking up debt. If you transfer credit card balances from month to month, these three credit card consolidation strategies can help you save money and pay off debt faster.

    A personal loan is a way to consolidate credit card debt. Credible, it’s easy to view your prequalified personal loan rates from various lenders, all in one place.

    1. Refinance with a balance transfer credit card

    Although it may seem contradictory, you can use a credit card to help pay off your credit card debt. A balance transfer credit card lets you consolidate your existing credit card debt onto one new credit card.

    Refinancing with a balance transfer credit card can be one of the the cheapest ways to pay off credit card debt if used effectively. Many credit card companies offer incentives for opening a balance transfer credit card, such as a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for a certain period of time. This allows you to pay off your credit card debt with one monthly payment without accruing more interest.

    But you usually need great credit to qualify for a card with a 0% APR offer, and you’ll only get that incentive for a limited time. If you still have a balance at the end of the promotional period, you will start earning interest at the card’s regular rate, which may be high. You may also be subject to balance transfer fees, which typically range from 3% to 5% of each balance you transfer.

    Talk to your credit card issuers about ways you can negotiate your credit card debt before removing a new card. But be aware that paying less than you owe on your credit cards or any other type of debt can hurt your credit.

    2. Take out a debt consolidation loan

    A debt consolidation loan is an unsecured personal loan that you can use to consolidate multiple sources of high-interest debt, such as credit cards. These loans usually have a fixed interest rate, do not require collateral and come with fixed monthly payments. They can also help boost your credit score by reducing your credit usage and adding to your credit mix (the different types of credit products you have).

    If you have good credit, you may be able to get a lower interest rate on a debt consolidation loan than what you were paying on your credit cards. The better your credit, the lower the rate you will receive.

    But you may need to pay some fees when you subscribe a debt consolidation loansuch as origination fees for processing the loan or prepayment penalties for repaying the loan earlier than expected.

    Consolidating several monthly payments into one payment can help you better manage your debt. Follow these steps to remove a debt consolidation loan:

    1. Check your credit. Request free copies of your credit reports from the three major credit bureaus by visiting AnnualCreditReport.com. Dispute any errors in your credit report and consider raising your credit score before applying for a loan if it can get you better terms.
    2. Shop and compare. Compare debt consolidation loan rates from several lenders, both online and at your bank or credit union. By comparing their interest rates, terms, fees, and other factors, you can choose the loan that offers the most benefit for your unique situation.
    3. Apply. Once you’ve chosen a lender that works for you, it’s time to officially apply for the loan. You will need to provide documents to verify your employment and income, such as pay stubs and W-2 forms. If you’re having trouble qualifying for a debt consolidation loan on your own, explore adding a co-signer to your application. This can increase your chances of approval and help you get a better interest rate. Keep in mind that using a cosigner financially obligates them to repay the loan if you don’t. Any missed payments will also negatively affect their credit.

    Credible, it’s easy to compare personal loan rates from various lenders, and it will not affect your credit.

    3. Use the equity in your home

    You also have the option of using the equity in your home to pay off your credit card debt. You can do this in two ways: through a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit (HELOC).

    • A home equity loan is often called a second mortgage which allows you to borrow up to 80% of the equity in your home. Home equity loans usually have fixed interest rates and must be repaid within a predetermined time frame. This loan is secured by your home, which means that if you don’t pay it back, your lender can foreclose on your home.
    • A HELOC is similar to a credit card: you can draw on this revolving line of credit several times up to a certain amount. Like home equity loans, this financing is secured by your home, which means you could lose your home if you don’t pay off the line of credit. Unlike home equity loans, HELOCs often have varying interest rates and payment schedules, so it’s more difficult to plan a consistent repayment schedule.

    The CFPB notes that while using the equity in your home is one way to consolidate your debt, many people are not able to reduce their overall debt by taking on more debt unless they also reduce their overall spending. .

    Ways to Stay Debt Free

    Effectively managing your debt is the first step to avoid going into debt in the future. Here are some ways to help you stay debt-free in the future:

    • Create a budget. Write down all your monthly expenses and subtract that amount from your gross monthly income. This will give you an idea of ​​where your money is going. Look for other savings opportunities or places where you can cut back to save even more. Review your budget periodically to see if you need to make any changes to stay on track.
    • Focus on building your savings. Try to save three to six months of living expenses in an emergency fund. If you have an unexpected expense in the future, you can use money from your emergency fund to cover it instead of charging additional credit card debt. Consider asking for a raise at work or taking on a side hustle to help you save even faster.
    • Consider nonprofit credit counseling. A non-profit credit counselor can talk to you about your financial situation. They will help you develop a personalized plan and give you tools to avoid getting into debt. Free or low-cost counseling services are available from many credit unions, nonprofits, and religious organizations. You can also contact your local attorney general to find reputable credit counselors where you live.

    Video Review: Microgaming’s Wolf Call


    August 11, 2022

    The admiring whistle The online slot is a five reel, four row game with 1,024 paylines from Microgaming. This game has a bonus round and bonus rounds, wild and scatter symbols, as well as multipliers and several jackpots. This medium volatility game comes with the Power Range feature and a return to player of over 96%. Moreover, you can also take the Wolf Call slot with you on your mobile.

    Answer the call of the wolf with 1,024 ways to win in this howling, action-packed adventure full of jackpots, Power Range, Multiplier Wilds and Bonus Spins. In the base game, the power range covers the middle two positions on reels 2-4. When a wild lands in power range, it awards a 2x wild multiplier that applies to all wins. There are also Diamond jackpots to be won as you hunt for even more Power Range prizes in the bonus rounds.

    The power range is the blue rectangle that you can see in the middle of the game grid. Wild cards that land inside the power range receive a win multiplier. In the base game, this is a 2x multiplier. In Free Spins, the Power Reel expands to cover all positions on the middle three reels and can create win multipliers of 2x, 3x or 5x.

    Each time a wild symbol lands in the base game, it is collected by the Diamond Meter. When the meter is filled, the Diamond Jackpot feature is triggered. The screen is covered in diamonds and players click on them to reveal yellow, red, purple or green diamonds. When 3 matching diamonds have been revealed, the corresponding jackpot is awarded. These are the green, purple, red or orange jackpots worth 20x, 50x, 200x or 5,000x the bet.

    Moving on to the paytable, we find a mix of low value 9-A card ranks and premium animals. These are eagles, deer, cougars, bears and wolves. Hitting five low wins results in a win worth 1 times the stake, while the bonuses range from 2.5 to 10 times your stake. The diamond symbol is a wild, replacing any normal payout symbol and also linked to a few features.

    Increase in credit card spending for essentials

    Billpayers struggling to cover their cost of living are turning to credit cards, with spending up 7.7% in July from the same month a year earlier. Here’s how to control your credit card spending.

    Barclaycard analysis found spending on credit cards was also up 1.6% from June as shoppers bought clothes and beauty products and services ahead of planned summer vacation stays .

    However, spending on overseas travel and restaurant food and drink has started to fall, with Barclaycard suggesting this is due to the need to offset higher spending as disposable income falls and wages grow continues to be overtaken by inflation.

    Credit card spending on essentials rose 7% year-on-year, largely due to higher fuel and supermarket prices, said Barclaycard – which accounts for almost half of credit card transactions. country’s credit and debit. He said rising gasoline prices led to a 29.9% increase in fuel spending.

    Additionally, nine in 10 Britons told Barclaycard they had noticed the cost of everyday items, including butter and milk, had risen just four weeks ago. Perhaps reflecting this, shoppers have reduced their weekly purchases, with the average value of a supermarket transaction falling from £23.67 in January 2021 to £19.33 in July 2022.

    June data from the Bank of England backs up increased credit card spending, showing people borrowed an extra £1.8bn this month, including £1bn of new loans on credit card.

    Analysis by the Office for National Statistics showed that it is middle-income people who stick more to their credit cards, with 23% of those earning between £15,000 and £30,000 borrowing more.

    Those with very low incomes don’t even make it. ONS records have revealed that one in 20 people earning less than £15,000 are behind on their energy bills and a similar number are behind on their mortgages or rent.

    James Gibson, insolvency practitioner at the Debt Support Centre, said: ‘Thousands of Britons are struggling to make ends meet and are turning to their credit cards for help, with more than 92% of Debt Support Center customers in 2021 in credit card debt.

    “When dealing with our customers’ credit card debt, we’ve found that preparation plays a vital role in helping them afford the essentials while still having enough money to deal with their credit card debt. .”

    Even savers suffer

    Meanwhile, Sarah Coles, senior personal finance analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said her recent research suggests the proportion of middle-income people with enough savings to be resilient will fall below 50% over the next 12 coming months.

    “Those at the lower end of the middle income scale are the hardest hit. They will see the biggest drop of all among those with sufficient savings – from 52% to 42%,” she said.

    “On the other hand, it could be worse. Low-income people will start with lower levels of savings and end up with less: only 30% of the lowest earning fifth have enough savings now, and only one in four will have enough in a year.

    Control your credit card spending

    James Gibson of the Debt Support Center shares his tips for dealing with credit card debt:


    A good first step might be a budget review. An easy way to identify how much money you can allocate to credit card debt is to categorize your spending into essentials and luxuries. Expenses that you consider “luxury” are usually the first payments you might consider reducing. From there, you can then look at your “essential” expenses such as food purchases and energy bills to see if there are any other cost-cutting changes you can make here.

    It’s also a good idea to know when payments are due and how much you need to set aside to make sure your credit card gets paid on time. Once you understand your budget and try to save money, you can save money and spend it paying off your credit cards.

    Try to repay more than the minimum

    People want to be able to balance the need to save money and not go into debt with enough income to enjoy life, so they often only pay the minimum each month. However, this strategy means that you could take decades to clear your debt, as most of your repayment will earn interest each month.

    Try breaking down the total debt into monthly installments and set up a direct debit to make it easier to manage your finances. If that’s not possible due to the rising cost of living, try switching to another credit card so you have a window of time without interest charges.

    To change

    With the recent increase in global prices, it’s worth checking out a comparison website to see if you can get a better deal to reduce your credit card debt. Many banks offer free money, rewards, and other perks to new customers who switch accounts. This may cover some refunds to your old credit card.

    Do your best to research properly and make sure it’s the right decision to make before taking drastic action. You don’t want to pay higher interest and fees once you’ve switched to another bank or provider – check to see if they have a lower interest rate or a better annual offer. The best option is usually to get a 0% balance transfer credit card, which lowers the interest you pay for up to two years.

    Acquire help

    If you have several credit card debts, several debt solutions may be available to you.

    One option is a debt consolidation loan, which pays off all your debts leaving you with just one payment. Some consolidation loans can be repaid over long periods, which means you can pay lower monthly payments over a longer period to increase your disposable income. However, it is important to note that a consolidation loan is only a good option for you if the interest and fees are lower than what you are currently paying on your existing debts.

    Pay off the most expensive card first

    Avoid taking more credit if you can. Attempting to take out more credit could make your financial situation much more stressful. You should try to get your current debt back before you consider increasing your current level of debt. If you are having difficulty, we recommend that you speak to a professional financial adviser for advice tailored to your needs.

    I’m a credit card expert – how to avoid getting stung by rising interest rates

    THE Bank of England last week raised interest rates to 1.75%, the biggest rise in 27 years – but what does that mean for your credit card debt?

    Millions of people struggling with the cost of living crisis may be tempted to take on more debt to cover the cost of essentials – but it’s important to understand how rising rates could affect you.


    Understanding what you owe is the first stepCredit: Getty

    Generally, credit card interest rates are variable, meaning they go up and down – but they are usually not tied to the base rate set by the Bank of England.

    However, credit card rates have been rising over the past few months and may well rise as interest rates rise.

    This means you could end up paying more if the interest on your card goes up.

    The ideal way to use a credit card is to pay the balance in full each month, because that way you don’t start paying interest – but that’s not always possible.

    The most expensive debit and credit cards to use abroad - some charge £8
    The Common Credit Card Mistake That Could Cost You THOUSANDS

    But Francesca from the budgeting and debt blog The silver fox said getting a handle on your credit cards now could help you figure out where you could save money.

    Here are his top tips for managing your credit card:

    Know where you are

    First, you need to make a list of all your debts and understand the interest rate you are paying – are the rates fixed or variable?

    “It’s important to know where you are right now so you can figure out if there’s action you need to take,” Francesca said.

    This exercise doesn’t have to be complicated – take all the cards out of your purse and write on a piece of paper how much you owe on each, what the interest rate is, and when that rate expires.

    Then you’ll know what you’re dealing with, even if it seems overwhelming at first.

    Consider Balance Transfer

    If you have a credit card with a high interest rate, it may be worth seeing if you can transfer the debt to another card with a better rate.

    A 0% Balance Transfer Agreement means you pay no interest on money you owe for a set period of time.

    This will help you pay off your debt faster because any repayments you make will reduce the amount of debt, rather than just paying off the interest.

    But these cards sometimes charge a fee to move your debt, so you need to read the fine print.

    “Check the conditions on these maps before you start,” Francesca said.

    She recommended using MoneySavingExpert’s online tool to check if you are eligible for a card before applying as well.

    Currently, NatWest, Sainsbury’s Bank and Santander all offer a 0% balance transfer card free of charge, allowing you to hold your debt on that card for 21 or 22 months, depending on which provider you choose.

    Choose what you pay

    If you can afford it, it’s worth trying to clear some of your credit card debt so you don’t get hit with higher interest rates if your provider chooses to raise them.

    It’s worth figuring out which debt to pay off first, but it depends on your situation and the different offers you have on different cards.

    “You might want to go for the higher interest rate to save money by paying more interest, or you want to go for the lower debt to make it disappear,” Francesca said.

    Even if you can’t afford to pay the full amount, repay more than the minimum payments each month if you can afford it.

    This lowers your overall cost because you won’t be paying interest on the debt for as many months.

    Establishing a budget for your overall expenses is the best way to determine how much you can afford.

    Consolidate your debt

    Credit card debt consolidation consists of consolidating your existing debts onto a single credit card.

    This can help simplify your repayments and make your debts more manageable because you only have one monthly payment to make.

    But there could be a one-time transfer fee to transfer the debt to a balance transfer card, and you could face a high interest rate after the low or 0% introductory period ends.

    Be warned – if you miss refunds, you could be hit with penalties or lose the 0% offer, which means you could end up in a worse position than you started out in the end.

    And interest rates could be high if you use the card for new expenses.

    “You can consider consolidation, but there are pros and cons.

    “Be sure to do your research and seek advice,” Francesca said.

    Ask for help

    Francesca said hiding your head in the sand about credit card debt won’t help you, even though dealing with the problem is scary.

    This is really important if you’re struggling to pay the minimum amount on your credit cards that you tell your lender because they’ll probably be able to help you out.

    Francesca said: “Talk to your lenders and explain your situation.

    “See if they are willing to freeze your interest or reduce it.”

    Providers should work with you to offer an affordable payment plan if you’re struggling to get your debts under control.

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    Homeowners must be compensated after overpaying council tax for 30 YEARS

    You can also use the Breathing Space program – it saves you from paying interest or penalties for 60 days to help you get back on track.

    You can also contact organizations such as Stage change Where Advice to citizens who will help you for free.

    Boston treasurer pushes to legalize online lottery


    Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has called for iLottery to be adopted by the state legislature alongside online sports betting.

    A few weeks ago, it became apparent that the state legislature was ready to legalize online sports betting as part of its latest economic development bill.

    In a recent draft, iLottery also appeared to be included, but concerns have grown over a potential $3 billion in tax relief funds that the law will require from these new verticals.

    Problems have arisen over how to separate fiscal funds between verticals, which as of July 31 means no final economic development bill has been produced.

    Therefore, while online sports betting remains a guarantee, iLottery does not. Goldberg, however, hopes iLottery can become legal in the Bay State.

    She says: “I am pleased that the Legislature explored new ways to generate sustainable revenue for the state this session. With sports betting coming online, I hope to work with the legislature to keep the lottery harmless.

    “If members return this fall to finalize the economic development bill, I encourage them to allow the lottery to offer products online. We are ready to build a safe and reliable iLottery with the ability to generate significant additional dollars for the state, perhaps even exceeding sports betting revenue.

    Massachusetts House and Senate leaders still plan to work through lingering issues with spending and policy initiatives throughout the year, in what appears to be a slow and drawn-out process for the state of the Bay.

    Argentinian Online Poker Player Wins ACR’s $10 Million Guaranteed Venom Event


    Americas Cardroom has put an ambitious $10 million guarantee on their latest Venom online poker event, and it paid off with 4,017 entries over five tee flights.

    The final prize pool was $10,042,500, making the tournament RCAis the greatest of all time. The record-breaking event took place during the site’s 21st anniversary celebration, which will run through October.

    After eight days of action, it was the Argentinian ‘manuma29’ who dragged the last pot, scoring the Venom title and first prize of $1,169,951.

    Incredibly, ‘manuma29’ secured the victory by making a royal flush in the final heads-up hand against runner-up ‘G26’. All the money went preflop with ‘G26’ holding AHeart Suit 8Club Suit against AClub Suit QClub Suit. The board missed ADiamond Suit KClub Suit tenClub Suit JClub Suit ASpades Suit and ‘manuma29’ was crowned champion.

    The final table also included players from Brazil, India and the United States. American poker pro Andrew Moreno won $633,681 for finishing third, playing as ‘Amo4sho’.

    Moreno is having a great year, having won a Venetian DeepStack event for $242,293 and finished second in Wynn Summer Classic for another $460,529. In 2021, he won the Wynn Millions for $1,460,106.

    Stephen Sweatt took fourth place with ‘KODA410’, Colton Blomberg finished fifth with ‘CBALLBOY‘, and Anuj Yadav took seventh place with ‘brockLesnar95’.

    You can watch a replay of the final table on Twitch with commentary from RCA ambassadors Justin Kelly, Michael Loncar and Chris Moneymaker.

    Final Table Results

    1 manuma29 $1,169,951
    2 G26 $879,723
    3 Amo4sho $633,681
    4 KODA420 $391,657
    5 CBALLBOY $219,930
    6 br3ak_th3_b4nk $118,501
    seven brockLesnar95 $94,399.50

    If you have not yet joined Americas Cardroom, you should register today.

    New depositors can benefit from the generous bonus of 100%, up to $2,000.

    Why wait? Sign up, use code CPNEW to make your initial deposit and claim your bonuses today.

    Online poker in Ontario


    August 9, 2022

    Ontario has become the first province to legalize and regulate online poker on April 4, 2022. Since then it has attracted some of the biggest names in mobile poker. 888Poker, BetMGM and PartyPoker are just a few of Ontario’s notable online poker sites.

    Ontario’s regulated market ensures that online poker players can play in a safe environment. It also requires operators to obtain a license so that only approved poker sites in Canada are legal. You can find out more about Online Poker Ontario below, including market updates, key regulatory points, legal sites and more.

    Latest Ontario Online Poker Updates

    The ON online gaming market is still in its infancy. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), the province’s primary gaming regulator, is monitoring the current situation. That said, Ontario players will see many changes in the future. Here is what has happened so far at the time of writing:

    Ontario-licensed online casinos, poker sites and sportsbooks have been legal since April 4, 2022.

    888Poker, BetMGM and PartyPoker are licensed in the province.

    BetMGM and PartyPoker form the main online poker network in the province (average of 140 paying players per hour).

    You can check our Canadian gambling page Gambling.com for future updates on the Ontario market.

    Ontario Regulated Online Poker

    Heartland Province once had an unregulated (aka “grey”) online gambling market like the rest of Canada. It did not include any law legalizing or criminalizing mobile poker. As a result, online poker operators catered to Canadian players with no regulations or rules.

    The provincial legislature, however, changed the market when it passed C-218 in June 2021. C-218 legalized and regulated online poker sites in Ontario. Now, online operators need a license and prior express written permission to serve Ontarians.

    The new market separates Ontario’s online poker games from the rest of the world. Therefore, the The ON online poker community is limited to the province’s 14.6 million residents. The good news, however, is that Ontario customers can play poker in the country’s largest province.

    Legal History of Ontario Online Poker

    Again, Ontario had a gray market and did not regulate online poker apps. This however changed when the province legalized online gambling in 2021. Legal online sports betting, poker and casino gambling in Ontario went live on April 4, 2022. Some online poker sites in Ontario were launched on or around this opening date.

    You can see a quick timeline of the events leading up to ON legal real money online poker below:

    Ontario Online Poker Timeline:

    The Ontario Senate passes C-218, which officially creates Ontario’s legal online gambling market. Specifically, online casinos, poker rooms and sports betting become legal.

    The AGCO creates the iGaming Ontario subsidiary to help manage the province’s regulated market.

    Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation launches Proline+, Canada’s first legal single-game betting site.

    Official launch date of legal ON game sites (in addition to Proline+). 888poker becomes the first legal poker site in Ontario to go live.

    BetMGM becomes the second ON-regulated online poker site to launch.

    PartyPoker ON becomes the province’s third poker client to launch.

    Ontario Land-based Poker Rooms

    Much of the Ontario news is about the game of online poker. But while playing online poker in Ontario is definitely trending, the province’s land-based scene is still just as popular.

    Toronto is undoubtedly the king of ON’s live poker rooms. It includes the popular Aces Club, Toronto Poker Tournament and Toronto Poker Game rooms. Windsor is also a hotspot for cash games and land-based tournaments. Caesars Windsor even hosts World Series of Poker events.

    Ontario Poker Operators

    BetMGM Poker Ontario

    • 📅 Tournaments: $215 per week on Sunday, rounds (lottery SNG)
    • 🃏 Types of poker games: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud
    • 📱 Mobile poker app: Yes
    • ⚖️ Platform: partypoker

    888Poker Quebec

    • 📅 Tournaments: Double or Nothing, Progressive Knockouts (PKO)
    • 🃏 Types of poker games: Hold’em, Omaha, Stud
    • 📱 Mobile poker app: Yes
    • ⚖️ Platform: 888

    PartyPoker Ontario

    • 📅 Tournaments: $215 per week on Sunday, $535 high roller, Spins (lottery SNG)
    • 🃏 Types of poker games: Hold’em, Omaha, Stud
    • 📱 Mobile poker app: Yes
    • ⚖️ Platform: partypoker

    Poker Games Available in Ontario

    The The best online poker sites excel in offering a variety of cash games. Poker sites in Ontario do a decent job of offering different game variations. The collective market offers Texas hold’em, Hi-Lo and pot-limit Omaha, as well as seven-card stud.

    You can enjoy hold’em and stud as limit and no-limit games. No other games are currently available in the Heartland Province. That could change, however, if more ON residents and visitors start playing poker.

    Ontario Online Poker Rooms

    This province currently has three poker sites in 888, BetMGM and Party. Each online poker site is available to Ontario residents and visitors. These rooms are committed to ensuring that players can play in a responsible, regulated and safe manner.

    Operators must also ensure that they only serve adults physically located within Ontario’s borders. To do this, they use geolocation software similar to online casino tools and sports betting state trackers. Geolocation ensures that only those within the province can enjoy real money games.

    Ontario Poker Tournaments

    Online operators are still groping the market. As a result, ON poker sites are slowly adding big tournaments to their schedule. BetMGM Poker, for example, has a big weekly event on Sundays for $215 buy-in.

    Deposit and Withdrawal at Ontario Poker Sites

    Ontario poker players can fund their real money poker accounts through a variety of payment methods. Common banking options available here include:


    • Interac
    • MasterCard
    • Neteller
    • Online banking
    • Play+ card
    • Skrill
    • Visa


    • Interac
    • Neteller
    • Online banking
    • Play+ card
    • Skrill

    Strategy and tips


    Yes, online poker ON became legal on April 4, 2022, along with casino games and sports betting. It’s legal and regulated by C-218, which was passed by the Legislature in June 2021. As a result, Ontario players can legally enjoy top online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks.

    The legal gambling age in Ontario is 19. Therefore, you must be at least 19 years old to play online poker in the Heartland Province. Poker sites may require additional identification during deposits and/or withdrawals to verify your age.

    Yes, you can legally play online poker in Ontario. However, you must meet geolocation and age requirements. As for the geolocation, you must be within the borders of the province. Minimum ON play age is 19+.

    You can start playing poker online by making sure you are in the province. According to Ontario authorities, poker sites can only serve those within the borders of the ON. Then you visit an Ontario licensed poker site and then register and deposit. You will then be ready to play in ring games and tournaments.

    PartyPoker, BetMGM and 888Poker are currently the only online poker sites available on the ON market. These operators each went through an extensive licensing process to gain approval. You can feel confident playing an Ontario licensed product.

    The Ontario online poker market currently offers Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud. Omaha is available in Hi-Lo and pot-limit formats. Hold’em and Stud, on the other hand, are available in limit and no-limit formats.

    Yes, you can win money at Ontario mobile poker sites. All you need to do is deposit at a licensed poker site to get started. Common deposit methods include Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Interac, Play+ Card and online banking.

    Credit card debt is skyrocketing, three strategies to reduce it and avoid high interest

    Everything is growing these days. as well as loans and some of them, like credit cards, are the most expensiveHaving a strategy to eliminate them should be a priority in personal or family finances right now.

    “It sounds obvious and easier said than done, but you need to pay off card debt as soon as possible,” advises expert (Associated Press/Keith Sarkosik, FILE)

    The New York Federal Reserve Center for Studies, in its report for the second quarter of the year, calculated that Americans owed $16.15 trillion, up 2% from the first quarter of the year.

    In total, there are two trillion dollars more in circulation at the end of 2019 than before the pandemic.

    To a large extent, the increase is “due to higher prices,” as the Federal Reserve noted on its blog. In fact, the effects of inflation are being felt in credit card balances which increased by $46,000 million in the quarter, the largest increase since 1999 and coincided with the sharp reduction in mortgage refinancing with which many family funders charge.

    For the moment, there are no signs of delinquency, but the weight of this debt is enormous, especially in an environment of rising interest rates.

    “It sounds obvious and easier said than done, but you need to pay off your card debt ASAP”Recommends Ted Rossman, Principal Analyst at Bankrate.com. “There are a lot of trends converging: rising interest rates, rising inflation and more debt on the cards, something that’s hard to get out of.”

    interest more expensive than fees

    Rossman explains that Rising interest rates show how expensive this loan is. At Bankrate, they calculate that the average rate on card balances is 17.35% and according to credit agency TransUnion, the average balance is $5,010. “If only the minimum payment is made with these parameters, the loan will be for 187 months (over 15 years) and $5,924 will be paid in interest only. This is more than the initial loan costs themselves.

    Every increase in interest rates increases the timing of monthly interest charges, which Rossman calls “brutal” math.

    Its purpose is to reset the balance to zero. It is a difficult task, but some tools can be considered and used at the same time.

    • Card balance transfers which are usually offered by banks to attract new customers and have 0% APR (interest) for up to 21 months.

    • Card debt consolidation with personal loans that can currently be 6% (significantly lower than the fees charged by card issuers) for six years.

    • Advice and planning from advisors from non-profit organizations such as Money Management International.

    check options

    In case of balance transfer, you should have a commission which can be 3% or 5%. However, the possibility of non-payment of interest generally compensates if this card is not used to add a new loan, since simple interest is normally charged on it, which also defeats the purpose of the set of deductions. given.

    From an economic point of view, the objective is to reduce the balance of the card to zero.  It's a daunting task, but there are tools you can consider and use to prevent debt from spiraling out of control and hurting your finances (Picture: Getty)

    From an economic point of view, the objective is to reduce the balance of the card to zero. It’s a daunting task, but there are tools you can consider and use to prevent debt from spiraling out of control and hurting your finances (Picture: Getty)

    Opening a new card may hurt your credit score a bit more for a while, but if you don’t have a line of credit, a high balance can lower it a bit more. Remember that it is advisable to use 30% of the credit line so as not to hurt the score.

    Rossman explains that the bank recognizes that this is a marketing strategy to attract new customers and that it is known that half of the transferred balance is not paid within the stipulated time, so customers will be billed for this loophole in the tariffs. facing growth again. This discount rate analyst gives advice Divide the balance by the given number of months and attempt to pay the resulting amount Or at least the closest to it on an ongoing basis to avoid reaching the end of the offer with a loan. You never get out of a hole with a minimum monthly payment.

    It’s not out of the question, although it shouldn’t be a habit, to do another balance transfer if you get the chance. Some banks offer this to certain customers and not just new customers.

    Although this first strategy is the most appropriate because it is practically free, in the event of large or non-repayable debts on time, the personal loan is an option to consider, although the interest rate will depend on the credit rating.

    Nonprofit counseling is one of Rossman’s best outlets because it offers similar terms to personal loans, doesn’t require a great credit score, and offers assistance during the process. Of course, the card must be deactivated as a bet.

    Prioritize, repay a debt or save?

    The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates to reduce inflation and keep the economy cool. The possibility of a recession is real and you need to prepare for it. Personal finance experts estimate that you will need to save around six months of living expenses. This is a very difficult goal and even more so if you also have expensive debts.

    “You can’t save everything and have huge credit card debt because it’s too expensive, but you don’t want to use every dollar to pay back what you earn because you’re not in a good position to have savings.” and an unavoidable expense,” says Rossman. Faced with the dilemma of balancing or reducing savings, this expert affirms that an intermediate position is appropriate at this time and works on both the objectives simultaneously with the budget in which one seeks to save expenses, even temporarily .

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    What is inflation and deflation? Practical guide to value for your money

    AP Online Lottery Instant Win Games: 2022 Review


    In May 2018, the PA Lottery debuted several instant win games on its website. The initial offering was very modest, just 11 games to start with, but that number has steadily increased as online gaming grows in popularity. Now you can enjoy dozens of instant games 24/7, and more on the way.

    Although popular PA lottery games like Cash4Life, Powerball, PA Mega Millions and Pick 3 Pick 4 can be mistaken for instant win games, they are slightly different.

    Instant games represent a middle ground between traditional lottery scratch cards and online slots, relying on simple automatic gameplay and incorporating interactive elements such as animated graphics, vivid sound effects and unlockable “bonus game” features. Let’s find out: below, we explore the different types of instant games available in PA and explain how you can have fun!

    Getting Started with Pennsylvania Instant Games

    Registering to participate in the online lottery is quite simple. There are only a few basic requirements for players to be eligible:

    • You must be physically located in Pennsylvania. Unlike some other states offering online lottery games, such as Michigan, there are no residency requirements to participate. You only have to be within state lines during real money play, residents of other states who will be visiting PA can even test the demo versions of instant games to see what’s going on. ‘they prefer.
    • You must be 18 or older. This is a standard lottery requirement, but an advantage over online casinos and sportsbooks in Pennsylvania which have a minimum age of 21.
    • You cannot be closely related to a lottery official. This limitation will not affect many people, but it is necessary to protect the integrity of the system. Having a cousin who works for a lottery retailer is not disqualifying, but do not live with an immediate family member who is a high-level Pennsylvania Lottery employee or iLottery contractor.

    Signing up is a simple process, all you need to do is sign up with basic contact information (name, address, date of birth, and gender), set a few security questions, and provide the last four digits of your SSN. The latter is a security check designed to verify and protect the identity of customers.

    New registrations are eligible for $10 in iLottery Free Playas well as all usual benefits of the Pennsylvania Lottery VIP Players Club, such as second chance drawings on non-winning tickets and special offers.

    Banking options

    Currently, you can place money in your online lottery account via:

    • ACH Electronic Check Transfer (VIP Preferred)
    • Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards
    • PayPal
    • PA Lottery Play+ card
    • PayNearMe
    • iLottery WebCash: Buy a voucher from an online lotto retailer and your money will appear in your online account

    Withdrawals are limited to ACH/eCheck, PayPal or PA Lottery Play+ cards. The minimum amount allowed for withdrawal is $10. Maximums vary by method.

    Different types of PA instant games available

    PA iLotto’s growing catalog of games can be divided into three categories.

    • Reveal Games
    • line games
    • Collectible Style Games

    Reveal Games

    This is the most traditional form of instant play, where symbols on a grid are hidden until play begins, and matching enough of certain symbols results in a prize. Reveal games are the dominant form of scratch card games in Pennsylvania.

    Featured game: Foxin’ Wins Reveal

    The Foxin’ Wins brand should be familiar to online slots enthusiasts, especially associated with Resorts Casino in neighboring New Jersey. This instant game – which features the same visual branding and character – is a simple standard 3×3 grid with 8 possible symbols to reveal. Matching three symbols from any outcome results in a predetermined prize. One of the symbols results in bonus games with increased prize values.

    Other revelation games

    • Volcano eruption revealed is the same game as Foxin’ Wins, but with different graphics. big foot has the same gameplay as Foxin’ Wins and Volcano Eruption, only you get 4 separate 3×3 grids on each ticket. This gives you multiple chances (although there is no chance of winning bonus games, so there are only 7 winning symbols). Yet, this translates to better chances of a winning ticket.
    • Robin Hood is a 4×4 grid game with 10 winning symbols and offering different prize values ​​resulting from matching 3 or 4 of a given symbol. The monster wins is pretty much the same as Robin Hood, just with a different design theme.

    line games

    Slightly more complex winning mechanics than in reveal games, these tickets require the player to connect enough symbols, numbers or letters along a line to unlock the prize.

    Featured game: Big Money Slingo

    Another title from a popular online casino brand, this instant win variant of slingos presents a different graphic background depending on the value of the ticket. This game basically allows you six number draws to try and complete a traditional bingo card. Complete a row, column or diagonal to win a prize.

    Other line games

    • crossword species is a typical crossword type instant game where you are given 18 random letters to try to complete as many generated words as possible on a crossword game. Increasing prizes are awarded for the number of words completed.
    • Cash in the lamp is a cross between an online game and a reveal game, where wins are awarded for matching three symbols in a row in any direction on a 5×5 grid. Additionally, uncovering three magic lamp symbols whichever either position or a red carpet unlocks a bonus game feature.
    • ballroom bingo is an extremely traditional bingo game, even down to a voice calling out numbers when played at low speeds.

    Collectible Style Games

    Collector-style games are much more complicated than other instant games, and therefore they are no longer comparable to traditional scratch games. These games require multiple rounds of collecting symbol values ​​or colors to fulfill a required number to win a prize. As these games are more interactive, they can be more satisfying to play, but also frustrating due to the difficulty of winning (and usually much slower than reveal games).

    Featured game: Super Ca$hbuster

    Super Cashbuster simulates the visual feel of a puzzle video game, with a grid of falling blocks that must be destroyed to collect colors.

    On each of the seven rounds, you roll a colored die to determine which colored blocks in the bottom row (and any corresponding blocks touching them) are destroyed, dropping the top blocks to redo the grid for the next round.

    Any blocks destroyed fill an inventory in an attempt to generate a prize, and some blocks unlock a mini-game or earn you a bonus dice roll.

    Other collectible games

    • great gems also appears designed as a falling block puzzle game, but there is only one chance to win as the entire board is replaced with each ticket. With each new grid, gems are destroyed if grouped into groups of five or more, with different prize values ​​depending on the size and color of the group. Once the clusters are destroyed, the gems drop changing the board, generating another chance to win additional prizes. There are also two very satisfying bonus mini-games. Super Gems is the fastest and most accessible collectible game.
    • Ca$hbuster Towers is another game in the Cashbuster franchise, except for the use of dice. The dice can reveal symbols which can be collected to trigger one of two mini-games or an instant prize.
    • The big one eats little is a very unique collecting game, where you have to guide a fish around a 5×5 grid trying to eat prize symbols and smaller fish while avoiding being eaten by bigger fish. Three matching symbols win a prize, and eating other fish allows you to grow and increase the value of the prize.

    The advantages of iLottery over scratch cards

    While many instant games seem designed to exactly mimic standard scratch tickets digitally, there are several key differences to set them apart.

    For one thing, even the most basic online instant games have enhanced quality of life features that make them more satisfying than retail tickets, such as party sounds and dopamine-triggering visual effects. This is a clear example of where instant game designers learned what worked best for online slots.

    Similarly, even slightly more advanced games incorporate additional gameplay for certain types of wins, essentially integrating a more complex different type of game into a simpler game. In some cases, even a standard reveal game can unlock a spinning prize wheel or a single choice from a group of prize boxes, engaging the player in a way that a piece of card stock with an ink coating would. scratchable cannot.

    These interactive elements are also necessary to counter what would otherwise be a mixed strength and weakness of instant games: ease of completion. Many games have a button to instantly complete the entire ticket within seconds of starting. This makes instant games much more convenient than retail tickets: not only do you not have to travel to the store to buy them, but you also do not have to spend more time with a penny to scratch every hidden number (and most importantly, you can’t mistake a winning ticket for a losing ticket and accidentally throw it away).

    However, without the effects that slightly slow down the process (and sometimes require a response), it would be too easy for someone to quickly skim through their entire repository without paying attention.

    Another interesting advantage of iLottery over traditional games is the demo functionwhich allows players to sample play money games and decide which gameplay suits them best.

    Latest Trends, Demand and Advancement by Top Key Players – 888 Poker, Playtika, Youda Games, Tapinator, Zynga, Appeak, Suprema Poker – Shanghaiist


    The Online poker games market The report is the most important research for who is looking for comprehensive information about the online poker games market. The report covers all global and regional market information, including historical and future trends for market demand, size, trade, supply, competitors and prices, as well as information on major global suppliers. Market forecast information, SWOT analysis, Online Poker Game market scenario and feasibility study are the vital aspects analyzed in this report.

    Get a sample copy of this report:


    Main leading companies of the global online poker games market are 888 Poker, Playtika, Youda Games, Tapinator, Zynga, Appeak, Suprema Poker, Gazeus Games, Octro, Bwin, Microgaming, Betconstruct, GammaStack, Softgamings, SBTech, EveryMatrix, Scientific Games, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, BetSoft, Tencent, Boyaa Interactive

    Market overview:

    By types:




    5 card draw

    7 Card Stud



    By request:



    Regions Covered in Global Online Poker Games Market:

    -The online poker game market in South America covers Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.

    -The online poker games market in North America covers Canada, the United States and Mexico.

    -The European online poker games market covers the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Russia.

    -The Middle East and Africa online poker game market covers the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa.

    -The Asia-Pacific online poker game market covers Korea, Japan, China, Southeast Asia and India.

    Explore the full report with detailed table of contents here:


    Crucial TOC Elements of Global Online Poker Games Market:

    Chapter 1: Overview of the online poker games market
    Chapter 2: Global Online Poker Games Market Competition, Profiles/Analysis, Strategies
    Chapter 3: Global Online Poker Games Capacity, Production, Revenue (Value) by Region (2018-2022)
    Chapter 4: Global Online Poker Games Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by Region (2018-2022)
    Chapter 5: Regional Highlights of Global Online Poker Games Market
    Chapter 6: Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers
    Chapter 7: Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders
    Chapter 8: Market Effect Factor Analysis
    Chapter 9: Market decisions for the current scenario
    Chapter 10: Global Online Poker Games Market Forecast (2022-2028)
    Chapter 11: Case Studies
    Chapter 12: Research Findings and Conclusion

    Answers to key questions in the report:

    • What is the growth potential of the online poker games market?
    • What growth opportunities might arise in the online poker gaming industry in the coming years?
    • What are the most important challenges that the online poker games market may face in the future?
    • What are the key technologies and online poker games market trends shaping the data analytics services market?
    • What should be the entry strategies, economic impact countermeasures and marketing channels for the online poker gambling industry?

    Finally, the Online Poker Games Market report is the credible source for getting market research that will exponentially accelerate your business. The report gives major locale, economic situations with item value, advantage, limit, generation, supply, demand and market development rate and figure etc. The online poker game industry report additionally features a new task SWOT examination, speculation accessibility survey, and company return survey.

    Buy the full report at


    Additional paid services: –

    1. Customer will receive a free upgrade upon purchasing an Enterprise User License.
    2. Quarterly industry update for 1 year at 40% of report cost per update.
    3. A dedicated research analyst assigned to the client.
    4. Fast query resolution within 48 hours.
    5. Industry newsletter at $100 per month per issue.

    Contact us:

    Irfan Tamboli (Sales Manager) – Market Intelligence Data
    Phone: + 1704 266 3234 | +91-750-707-8687
    [email protected]|

    A Deeper Dive into Online Bingo Game Software – SEENIT


    Bingo is a very popular game around the world, especially among UK players. This game has had several variations and renovations that have made it more popular over the past few years.

    Online bingo is currently the most popular way UK bingo players access this game as it allows them to access bingo from the comfort of their mobile. However, there can be no bingo sites in the UK without software providers for this game.

    Software providers are responsible for the immersive gaming experience enjoyed by bingo players. They make sure the games are interesting, engaging and fun for players.

    Additionally, with over 400 bingo sites online, there are only 7 active software developers responsible for these sites. Let’s take a look at some of these developers.


    Playtech has been in the gaming industry for decades and it never let up for once. It is an authorized provider considered to be one of the leading game developers in the gaming industry. Playtech not only specializes in casino games and slot machines, but also in the design of casino games. bingo. Several reputable online bingo sites in the UK get their games from this provider.

    Also, this software designer was at the forefront of converting Flash-based bingo games to HTML 5. The transformation made it possible to play bingo games from mobile devices such as tablets, telephones and desktop computers. Also, 90 ball bingo games like Age of the Gods are new versions of the game released by Playtech.


    Established in 2001, Gamesys has long made a name for itself in this industry, especially in the UK. It is an eCOGRA certified member who mainly specializes in online bingo games. This company has developed several innovative game ideas, among them being the first provider to launch real money games on Facebook. Various types of online bingo titles have also found their way onto renowned gaming platforms.

    Any game designed by Gamesys is sure to be user friendly and have top notch graphics. In addition, several awards and trophies awarded to this company testify to its prowess. Gamesys has won awards such as:

    • Best Innovation in Bingo – 2015
    • Innovation in slot machines – 2013

    Micro game

    We cannot talk about the best bingo software developers without mentioning this highly rated company. Microgaming, widely known for designing the first online casino site in 1994, has had great success in online gambling. It was first known for providing slot machines and casino games before moving into bingo games in the mid-2000s.

    Since Microgaming has become a regular provider of bingo games on online sites. Additionally, this provider’s software now offers 75 ball, 90 ball and fast bingo games.


    Bingo is a very enjoyable game and with the right software developer it is even better. Different developers have their software techniques that give their release a unique feel. This is one of the reasons why gaming software differs and is really important. Either way, try bingo games from different developers and see which one you like best.

    Credit card debt: 22% of Americans would rather let someone see their text messages than their credit history

    REDPIXEL.PL / Shutterstock.com

    With rapidly rising interest rates and skyrocketing prices due to inflation, accumulating credit card debt is one of Americans’ biggest regrets. A new survey reveals that one in five people would rather let someone read their text messages than show them their credit history.

    Small Business Spotlight 2022: GOBankingRates celebrates small businesses across the United States
    Find: The best purchases you should ever make with a credit card

    The Upgraded Points survey reveals that 35% of respondents said they immediately regretted a credit card purchase. Additionally, 24% say they would rather go to the dentist than share their credit history with their partner.

    Impulse purchases, which provide instant gratification, are also big regrets, with 36% of respondents saying they bought something with their credit card that they couldn’t afford but didn’t want to wait.

    According to Creditcards.com, the average credit card interest rate is 17.46% as of July 20, and with the Federal Reserve set to raise rates again on July 27, this will likely continue to rise and “would cause average credit card rates. to quickly reach historical records.

    “Now that the Fed is raising rates at its fastest pace in decades, credit card issuers are quickly adapting with their own matching rate increases. As a result, consumers are seeing card offers change at a rapid pace. dizzying, with several credit cards now advertising higher rates than they have advertised in years,” according to Creditcards.com.

    In turn, “such an aggressive approach could help curb price growth, but is unlikely to help borrowers who are already in debt. With further rate hikes underway, borrowers who are already struggling with rates much higher than just a few months ago will have little time to pay off their current balances before their APRs rise again,” added Creditcards.com.

    Along with rising rates, there is also an increase in debt. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, credit card balances are $71 billion higher than in the first quarter of 2021 and represent a significant year-over-year increase.

    According to the Senior Content Contributor of the Upgraded Points website and Founder and CEO of AuPACS, Stephen Au said that setting up automatic payment on your credit cards and forgetting about it is the best solution. “It’s automated and will help you maintain a perfect payment history for your credit score.”

    Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at CreditCards.com, told GOBankingRates that many people are afraid to look at their credit card statements because they can be overwhelming.

    “TransUnion says the average American has a credit card balance of $5,010. Credit cardholders carry month-to-month balances on 40% of accounts, according to the American Bankers Association. The average credit card rate is 17.25%, which is approaching an all-time high,” Rossman said.

    He added that credit card debt is easy to get in and hard to get out of, with half of people having credit card debt for at least a year and about a third having it for at least two years.

    “If you only make minimum payments towards the average balance at the average interest rate, you will be in debt for more than 15 years and will owe about $6,000 in interest. It’s an unpleasant reality, but there are some things you can do to help,” he said.

    Rossman says his best advice is to sign up for a 0% balance transfer card, which can pause the interest clock for up to 21 months.

    “Other good strategies might include using a low-rate personal loan as a form of debt consolidation or engaging with a reputable non-profit credit counseling agency like Money Management International,” he said. -he declares.

    Additionally, personal loan rates go down to around 6% over five years if you have good credit, and debt management plans offered by reputable credit counselors often have similar terms and are more widely available. , did he declare.

    Take our survey: Do you tip for service?
    Learn: how to correct an error in your credit report

    “The fundamentals matter too. Boost your debt repayment strategy by looking for ways to increase your income and/or reduce your expenses. Ideas could include a side hustle, selling things you don’t need, or canceling infrequently used subscription services and going out to restaurants less frequently,” he added.

    More from GOBankingRates

    About the Author

    Yael Bizouati-Kennedy is a full-time financial journalist and has written for several publications, including Dow Jones, The Financial Times Group, Bloomberg and Business Insider. She has also worked as a VP/Senior Content Writer for major New York-based financial firms, including New York Life and MSCI. Yael is now independent and most recently co-authored the book “Blockchain for Medical Research: Accelerating Trust in Healthcare”, with Dr. Sean Manion. (CRC Press, April 2020) She holds two master’s degrees, including one in journalism from New York University and one in Russian studies from Toulouse-Jean Jaurès University, France.

    Debt Consolidation Loan Vs. Balance Transfer Credit Card – Forbes Advisor

    Editorial Note: We earn a commission on partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect the opinions or ratings of our editors.

    If you are looking to consolidate your debts, you may consider using a balance transfer credit card or a personal loan (aka debt consolidation loan). Both options can simplify debt repayment while potentially lowering your interest rate.

    Learn about the differences between a balance transfer and a personal loan to decide which debt consolidation approach is right for you.

    Balance Transfer vs Personal Loan: What’s the Difference?

    A balance transfer involves transferring the balance of one or more credit cards to a new credit card, usually one with a 0% APR promotional period that spans 12-21 months. As long as you pay your balance before the end of this promotional period, you will not owe any interest. If you have a balance at the end, however, you could face high interest charges.

    A personal loan, on the other hand, is usually an unsecured loan that you repay in monthly installments. You can use the funds to pay off your existing debts or a lender could pay off your creditors for you. Then you’ll make fixed monthly payments on your loan over a set period of time, usually between one and seven years. Depending on your credit, you may qualify for a competitive rate.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Balance Transfers and Personal Loans

    Balance transfers and personal loans have advantages and disadvantages. A personal loan can often offer higher loan amounts and a longer repayment term than a balance transfer, for example. However, you will have to pay interest on a personal loan, whereas some balance transfer credit cards waive interest charges for a year or more.

    Benefits of a personal loan

    • You can use a personal loan to consolidate several types of debt, such as credit card balances, medical bills, or other personal loans.
    • Some lenders will repay your creditors directly, which will simplify the debt consolidation process.
    • You might be able to borrow up to $100,000 and get seven years to pay it back.
    • Fixed interest rates and monthly payments make it easy to budget and work towards a specific repayment date.

    Disadvantages of a personal loan

    • You can’t get a competitive rate if you don’t have strong credit.
    • Some lenders charge origination fees.
    • You’ll pay interest up front, unlike a balance transfer credit card with a 0% promotional period.

    Advantages of a credit card with balance transfer

    • You could qualify for 0% APR for up to 21 months, depending on the card, which can save you money on interest.
    • Without interest, you may be able to pay off your debt faster.
    • Some cards don’t charge an annual fee and offer rewards, such as travel points or cash back.

    Disadvantages of a credit card with balance transfer

    • The 0% APR period won’t last forever, so you could face high interest charges if you still have a balance at the end.
    • Some cards charge a balance transfer fee of 3% to 5% of the amount you transfer.
    • You may need excellent credit to qualify, and the transfer limit you get may be lower than what you owe.

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    5 questions to ask when choosing a balance transfer or personal loan

    Choosing a debt consolidation strategy is not always easy. Ask yourself these five questions to help you understand which option is best for you.

    1. What are the interest rates and fees?

    When deciding between a personal loan and a balance transfer, consider which option would save you the most interest and fees. A balance transfer may be the cheapest option if you can pay off your balance in full before the end of the 0% APR introductory period.

    Be sure to read the fine print, though, as your interest rate could skyrocket to 16% or more when the promotion ends. Also, beware of balance transfer fees, as this could factor into your savings.

    Some personal lenders charge no fees for taking out a personal loan, while others charge origination fees of up to 8% of your loan amount. If you opt for a personal loan, compare the rates of several lenders to find the best offer.

    2. How much and what types of debt do I have?

    If you have significant debt, you may prefer a debt consolidation loan to a balance transfer. Balance transfers usually reach a certain percentage of your credit limit, while you can borrow a personal loan up to $100,000.

    Additionally, you can use a personal loan to consolidate several types of debt. Balance transfers, on the other hand, are usually reserved for transferring credit card balances. If you want to consolidate a large amount of different types of debt, a personal loan might be the best solution.

    3. What is the repayment schedule?

    When you take out a personal loan, you usually agree to pay it back in fixed monthly payments over a number of years. Since your payments stay the same month after month, you can budget for them more easily.

    With a balance transfer credit card, you can choose how much you pay each month, as long as you make the minimum payment. To fully pay off your balance before the end of the 0% APR period, you may need to use a calculator to determine your monthly payments.

    Then it’s up to you to stick to that payment schedule and avoid racking up additional debt. If you start racking up new charges on your credit card, you could find yourself in worse shape than when you started.

    4. How will this impact my credit?

    Opening a new credit card or loan account can impact your credit in different ways. At first, your credit score might drop a few points when the creditor conducts a thorough investigation to check your credit. As long as you pay off your debts on time, your score should bounce back.

    Opening a new credit card can also impact your credit utilization ratio, which is the amount of credit you use compared to the amount you have. To protect your credit score, keep your credit utilization below 30%.

    Having a credit mix can also improve your score. Credit cards represent revolving debt, for example, while a personal loan is a type of installment debt. If you don’t have any installment debt, borrowing a personal loan could diversify your credit mix.

    However, perhaps the biggest influence on your credit score is how you manage your balance transfer card or personal loan. Making payments on time and paying off your debt can improve your credit.

    5. What are the credit requirements?

    You’ll likely need a good or excellent credit score to qualify for a balance transfer credit card or personal loan. On the FICO scoring model, a good score starts at 670, a very good score starts at 740, and an outstanding score starts at 800.

    Some personal lenders have looser borrowing criteria, allowing you to qualify with a fair credit score (below 670) or a creditworthy co-signer.

    You may be able to prequalify online for a personal loan without impacting your credit score. Prequalifying can give you an idea of ​​your loan rates, terms and amounts, but your offer won’t be locked in until you submit a complete application and allow for a firm credit check.


    A personal loan and balance transfer can help simplify debt repayment and potentially save money on interest charges. If you have high balances on multiple types of debt, a personal loan could give you the flexibility you need. But if you owe money on a credit card or two that you can pay off in 21 months or less, a balance transfer credit card might offer greater interest savings.

    Whichever option you choose, make sure you have read the details of your loan or credit card agreement, including rates and terms. By sticking to your payment schedule and avoiding accumulating additional debt, you can move closer to a debt-free life.

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