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20 good causes from Microgaming |


Microgaming will be donating 20 Isle of Man charities this year as the company celebrates 20 years since arriving on the island’s shores.

Through its PlayItForward corporate social responsibility program, Microgaming is supporting 20 organizations this year that reach out to all areas of the community.

The company, based in Circular Road, Douglas, creates online gaming software.

Having previously supported the North Ramsey Bowling Club, Ramsey Grammar School, the Isle of Man Food Bank and a youngster in training to become a paramedic, 16 more donations are expected to follow in 2021.

Since moving to the Isle of Man in April 2001, Microgaming has supported the local community here, contributing over £ 3.5million to charitable initiatives.

To further celebrate the 20-year milestone, Microgaming plans to create a ‘microforest’ in the Manx countryside that will benefit wildlife and biodiversity for years to come.

In collaboration with the Manx Wildlife Trust, company staff will plant 1,500 native trees in the south of the Isle of Man in October.

Microgaming Managing Director John Coleman said: “This is a special year for all of us at Microgaming, and I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to mark 20 years on the Isle of Man than to support 20 great causes on the island. I am proud that we continue to extend our roots here year after year, playing an active role in the community through PlayItForward. ‘


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