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AP’s online lottery offers ‘Price Is Right’ and other new games


Bob Barker. The great wheel. Showdown Showcase. Dollar auction. Plinko.

For most people, the mere mention of The price is right creates a flood of familiar images. The iconic Game To display has been on air since 1972entertaining audiences for five decades and more.

And now the Pennsylvania Lottery borrows the brand to bring a little more fun to state scratch tickets and PA iLottery games.

The Price is Right, a new online lottery match-style game, features images and many other elements from the legendary series. Players can win up to $300,000with prices that can multiply the total gain up to ten times. A Autoplay option allows users to play up to 20 laps. And there are also two different bonus games that can be unlocked.

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The Price is Right joins the PA Online Lottery

One of the game’s bonuses is a Ferris wheel multiplier that can increase yields in five different ways (2x, 3x, 5x, 8x and 10x). There are also two bonus games based on the game show staples, Plinko and cliff hangers.

At Plinko, the bonus is activated when at least three symbols appear during the game. Players can receive three, four or five turns. Each round, a token falls on the famous board and the players receive the total on which it lands.

The Cliff Hangers bonus is also activated when at least three of these symbols appear during the game. The maximum multiplier amount varies depending on the number of symbols that appear:

  • Three: 50x the amount of the game
  • Four : 250x the amount of the game
  • Five: 500x the amount of the game

During each Cliff Hanger bonus round, a yodeler will head up the mountain. If the yodeler lands on a white dotplayers will receive the price indicated on this point.

And like on the show, if the yodeler falls off the cliff, the game ends.

New lottery players can take advantage of several offers by registering for the PA online lottery today. You will get a $20 bonus before filing, and until another $500 through a deposit match.

The new title even includes a Quick play coupon promotionwhere you receive a $10 Fast Play coupon after playing $50 on The price is right.

New online games and scratch tickets from PA Lottery

If The Price is Right doesn’t catch your eye, there are also a number of other new PA Lottery games.

Here is a brief overview of the new titles:

New PA Lottery Online Games

Bucks in flowers

A connect style online game with a chance to multiply the total won up to five times. In the flower-themed game, players can also unlock up to five free games and two bonus games (the picnic basket and money tree). The amount of the game varies from $0.50 to $30.

cash booster

A style collection online game with a chance to multiply the total won up to 10 times and a maximum prize of $300,000. The amount of the game varies from $1 to $30. Players can boost their win by 2x, 5x or 10x and an autoplay feature allows them to play 5, 10, 15 or 20 games in a row.

New PA Lottery Scratch Games

instant lottery

A $10 scratch game with ten first prizes $500,000. The game features six winning numbers (dollar symbols) and 15 money bags that will eventually reveal your numbers. In addition to the big prizes (amounts of $500,000, $10,000, $1,000, $500, $400, $200), the game also offers lower payouts and a “lottery” symbol that can offer the 15 prizes.

Hot red rash

The $5 The scratch ticket features five flames which are the winning numbers and 12 dollar signs which represent your numbers. This game offers 10 first prizes of $200,000. A “hot” symbol adds $20 to your win and a “blowout” symbol wins the 12 prizes.

Find $50

The $2 scratch game promises 10 first prizes of $20,000. Two stars represent winning numbers and players will scratch to reveal eight numbers hidden behind dollar signs. A $50 symbol wins 50 dollars instantly. A magnifying glass symbol provides the eight total prizes. In addition to jackpots, this game offers 40 price of $1,000 and smaller amounts too.


The $1 scratch ticket features 10 first prizes of $5,000. If a “lucky” symbol appears, players win the prize that is displayed. An “X5” symbol multiplies the total prize by five. This game will also provide 30 payments of $1,000 in addition to other prizes.

Whether you’re basking in the familiar nostalgia of The Price is Right or one of the other new games, the PA Lottery has plenty of ways to keep you entertained in the weeks ahead.

You can play a version of Plinko, frolic in some Bloomin’ Bucks, or maybe even get lucky five times. There are many ways to play. And lots of ways to win too.

Photo by: Associated Press/Damian Dovarganes