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BCLC improves online bingo play with more money – Casino Reports



PlayNow.com is ready to make the time at home much more captivating with its exciting game offers and the promotions it offers. Players have the opportunity to improve their prizes within minutes on special days when bingo activities come with these special features. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation is working to make social distancing less commonplace.

Online gambling has grown in popularity in recent weeks as more Canadians stay home and practice social distancing. This allows them to feel part of a community and experience the thrill of gambling. PlayNow.com has several ongoing promotions that could make life a lot more exciting for bingo enthusiasts.

Bingo games

The first peculiarity of the online bingo game British Columbia Lottery Corporationn brings to the table allows players to enjoy guaranteed bingo nights at C $ 500. The special promotion takes place every day, improving prize payouts through regular online bingo activities.

Players have the chance to take advantage of this online offer in the Suite 75 room, which welcomes players on a daily basis. This promotion is available to players who have registered on the PlayNow.com platform. There are a few easy steps that a player should follow to create an account and everything is easier after that. Registered online players must go to the Suite 75 room and be in the right place at the right time.

When it comes to the CA $ 500 promotion, that means evening. Around 6 p.m. PT players are invited to try their luck in the Special Zone online, as the action would net C $ 500 in guaranteed prizes. The bingo action would determine a player’s overall prize payout. The first player to complete a star figure on their bingo card is eligible for a cash payout of C $ 150.

Everything to gain

The person able to complete a full card would bring in CA $ 350. Players from British Columbia and Manitoba are invited to try their luck with a traditional bingo game that brings the spirit of nostalgia. Another bingo promotion is set to make their weekends even more exciting with the big prizes it brings in.

Some CA $ 1,000 for the last few days of the week are on their way for more players than ever. Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings are reserved for bingo action. Again, only registered bingo enthusiasts have the chance to explore the online offers once they have made their way to the Coast to Coast online rooms of Suite 75. They have the option to pre-purchase their tickets. bingo cards up to two weeks before the special promotion.

The promotion itself begins at 6:00 p.m. PT. The first player to complete one, two and three lines is eligible for a cash payout of CAD $ 100. The player who completes four lines wins CA $ 200 while CA $ 500 would go to the player who completes a bingo outage. Promotions are still in full swing and players are encouraged to try them out.



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