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Boston treasurer pushes to legalize online lottery


Massachusetts Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has called for iLottery to be adopted by the state legislature alongside online sports betting.

A few weeks ago, it became apparent that the state legislature was ready to legalize online sports betting as part of its latest economic development bill.

In a recent draft, iLottery also appeared to be included, but concerns have grown over a potential $3 billion in tax relief funds that the law will require from these new verticals.

Problems have arisen over how to separate fiscal funds between verticals, which as of July 31 means no final economic development bill has been produced.

Therefore, while online sports betting remains a guarantee, iLottery does not. Goldberg, however, hopes iLottery can become legal in the Bay State.

She says: “I am pleased that the Legislature explored new ways to generate sustainable revenue for the state this session. With sports betting coming online, I hope to work with the legislature to keep the lottery harmless.

“If members return this fall to finalize the economic development bill, I encourage them to allow the lottery to offer products online. We are ready to build a safe and reliable iLottery with the ability to generate significant additional dollars for the state, perhaps even exceeding sports betting revenue.

Massachusetts House and Senate leaders still plan to work through lingering issues with spending and policy initiatives throughout the year, in what appears to be a slow and drawn-out process for the state of the Bay.