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Decades of Reinvention – How Online Bingo Continues to Thrive


With the implementation of new technologies, bingo has seen a revival over the past decade, moving from land-based halls to online venues. It continues to enjoy consistent popularity, with long-standing iGaming brands launching their own bingo products and new operators joining established bingo networks. We asked Miroslav Pavlov – founder of one of the most popular sites for online bingo reviews – about the new type of bingo players, what makes a good bingo site and what to expect for operators and players. bingo.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about TopRatedBingoSites.co.uk? What made you decide to focus on bingo in particular?

Gambling has a long history in the UK where it has been a nation’s favorite pastime for decades. Of our time, online bingo is attracting a new generation of gamers, and interest in the game is reviving among a younger and more tech-savvy population. Bingo is still the interaction and fun that people have always looked for; only now, it’s more engaging than ever, adapted to the modern lifestyle of today’s gamers, and available on new, convenient channels.

There are hundreds of UK bingo sites and apps, so we started TopRatedBingoSites.co.uk with the idea of ​​helping our readers choose the best operator for them based on games, promotions and of the community engagement it offers.

Q: How many bingo sites have you reviewed so far, and what is your process for reviewing bingo operators?

We have over 400 reviews posted right now, and we’re constantly adding more as new bingo sites are launched. What we make sure to include in all reviews is first and foremost the level of security and reliability of the website, its licenses and certificates. Of course, we also test gaming and bingo halls and inform you about their quality and quantity. We also help people better understand wagering requirements, or what they will need to do to receive a prize or bonus. In short, we summarize our own experience with the bingo site and provide any additional information that will help our readers decide if this is the best choice for them.

Q: What can your readers find on your website besides the bingo reviews?

A: We aim to provide new players and those who have been playing online for years with helpful tips and advice. We provide step-by-step guides for beginners that help them better understand how online bingo sites work in terms of checking accounts, profiting from promotions, and participating in chat rooms. We also regularly post fresh content to our blog, which features the latest promotions and games, as well as celebrity news and current trends.

Q: What information can you share about online bingo players?

Every year we organize a investigation to learn more about our readers and build a profile of the average bingo player. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed an increase in the percentage of millennials who primarily play bingo on the go. Players also love to make new friends online and use bingo sites almost like social media where they can interact with other members. This has prompted the operators themselves to become more involved in their social media channels and to focus on building communities and rewards programs for their loyal players.

Q: What new trends do you see in online bingo player preferences?

One of the most interesting findings from our latest player survey is that bingo players use their accounts to play slots almost as much as they do bingo. You can see this is reflected in the content offered by the bingo operators: there are hundreds of slots on most sites, and free spins are awarded regularly as promotions. Another trend regarding bonuses is that nowadays players are much more likely to claim a smaller bonus with no wagering requirements than to go for an offer with high playing conditions.

Q: How will the online bingo industry change in 2020? What do operators and players need to know?

The most important aspect is, of course, Brexit. Last year, the number of new sites declined, while the launch of many new sites was suspended. We could see more operators shutting down their UK operations or moving to Malta. The UK iGaming industry as a whole is subject to scrutiny and strict regulation. Over the past two years, rising taxes have forced operators to abandon no deposit bonuses, and many have had to temporarily halt operations for an overhaul to meet new requirements for content that is appealing to children. As a result, we have seen fewer registrations compared to previous years. We expect 2020 to bring more challenges for bingo sites – like a ban on the use of credit cards for deposits, which means the focus will continue to be on compliance. industry.


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