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FUNCTIONALITY: Who invented online bingo?


Bingo is an extremely popular game in modern casinos and has many fans online. However, this is not a new addition to the gaming landscape, as the game itself was invented over three centuries ago. The British were lucky enough to play it for the first time in the 18th century, but bingo was invented hundreds of years ago. The earliest versions of bingo date back to the early 16th century, with Italy considered the birthplace of the popular game.

Edwin S. Lowe made bingo famous around the world

The game was already popular at the turn of the 20th century when Edwin S. Lowe stumbled upon the Beano ‘in 1929. The New York toy salesman took some time to have a little fun and have a carnival. It was there that he heard people screaming Beano while playing a number-based game of chance. This call for victory would mark the moment when participants cover a straight line of beans, awarded with a symbolic prize.

Back then, people used to win teddy bears playing this fun game of chance, but today large sums can be won in a bingo game. Edwin S. Lowe found the concept of the game appealing and chose to bring it back to New York. When one participant shouted Bingo instead of Beano, he decided that would be the name of the new game. Apparently he made the right choice because almost 100 years later, the game is immensely popular with people around the world. whole.

Bingo is a constantly evolving game

The beauty of bingo is that it has endured and grown in popularity without straying too far from the original concepts. That said, the game has evolved and new varieties have been created over the centuries. Different bingo games can now be enjoyed in online casinos, as well as in dedicated bingo halls. They’re based on the same basic principles, with slightly modified rules to provide variety if needed.

The popularity of bingo spread beyond borders and it quickly became a popular pastime in many European countries. On both sides of the Atlantic, the game was popular with wealthy people as well as those who could not afford to wager small amounts. In this regard, very little has changed – and bingo is now played by anyone who enjoys healthy competition and a fun form of gambling.

Any discussion of the history of bingo would be incomplete without mentioning the creation of the online game. At the beginning of the 21st century, online casinos and new bingo sites seen here – were already quite popular and their portfolios were growing. Not surprisingly, many Internet operators have found it interesting to add bingo to the list of games available. This turned out to be such a popular move that over the next couple of years, dedicated online bingo halls were created. They are now the first choice for those who love online bingo.

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