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Get It Together (Demo) Continues Microgaming’s Legacy


WarioWare is, without a doubt, one of the wackiest series in the Nintendo range. Considering the … unique personality of the main character, there might be no doubt that a series made after him would be idiosyncratic as it is. WarioWare: GatherThe demo launched recently, and while the full game looks like the demo, it’s clear that it will build on the eccentric trends of the series.

The demo for Do together set the scene for the game, a game development company run by Wario suddenly sucked into their final prototype. In the game, Wario and his team must complete a series of microgames to survive.

With around 15 microgames in the demo, there is a lot to try out.

The demo features around 15 micro-games, including chasing flies offscreen, keeping a ball in the air, navigating a small maze, and hypnotizing a younger Wario to fall asleep. Each on their own presents a challenge as there are only 3 to 5 seconds to access the situation and make the right decision. Every second is precious, as one wrong move could cause the player to lose one of their rare lives.

The demo features six of the game’s many characters, each with their own mechanics.

However, what makes these microgames especially difficult is learning how to play them with each character. As mentioned, Wario is joined by his team and each member has a different movement or attack mechanic. Wario, for example, uses his hoverpack to fly and can strike horizontally. 18-Volt, however, cannot move and shoots a mind ring. Orbulon, an alien, can hover like Wario but uses a tractor beam to lift objects from the ground.

These different character mechanics forced me to adapt to both the game and the way the character approached the game. These mechanics are definitely made for creative solutions. In a game based on keeping a ball above the ground, using a character like Mona who controls a boomerang meant keeping the ball up by hitting it from below with the boomerang. However, with Orbulon, I could go right over it and hold it with the tractor beam.

WarioWare: GatherThe demo of was promising, giving me a taste of what was to come. It’s fast, wacky and out there. But that’s exactly what WarioWare should be. The demo only reaffirmed that we are getting a game that is true to the legacy of the series.

WarioWare: Gather launch on September 10e, 2021.

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WarioWare: Get It Together (Demo) Continues Intense Microgaming Legacy

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