Honest Bank has been selected by Good Finance

The Honest Bank investment fund selected a new group of entrepreneurs for its Latin America program. Honest Bank is one of them.

How does it feel to be chosen by Good Finance for your new batch in Mexico? An emotion like few . Better than finishing the race and receiving the title. Better than beating the invincible teacher. Better than doing the first business. Better. It is evidence that we have opted for an idea and a group of experts bet on it.

Opening a startup means facing the unknown. You discover a problem that society is not addressing properly. You create a way to solve it through digital technology . You start dreaming of bringing your solutions to many people. Sounds great. But the point is that, in most cases, you open a business that does not have much experience in the world.

Many people with mortgage transfers


There are not many examples of advisors who want to lower the accounts of many people with mortgage transfers (purchase of credit by another bank) and debt consolidation. It is necessary to experiment and learn, hopefully from the hand of good teachers.

What is Honest Bank?


That is why there are investment funds such as Honest Bank supporting enterprises. Honest Bank was selected for the ninth batch and will participate in its seed program from October of this year.

We will be in a “batch” of Latin American entrepreneurs who will receive the support of mentors and investors to continue the rapid growth of their companies. In total, the seed program will host eleven entrepreneurs from different countries in Mexico City: two from Peru, three from Colombia, five from Mexico and one from Chile.

Honest Bank is a capital investment fund that was born in Silicon Valley. The Latin American office is in Mexico City and has already completed nine calls for the seed program. He has made investments in about 130 new ventures from Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Spain for more than eight million dollars.

Achievements? These companies reach sales above $ 200 million.

Achievements? These companies reach sales above $ 200 million.

The program for which Honest Bank was chosen consists of 16 weeks of intense training and strategic contacts with expert people who will help us apply the right tools to grow vertiginously in the region. The idea is to overcome the initial stage and develop our full potential of great company.

Honest Bank will have the possibility of putting together expansion plans with Honest Bank team members, a network of more than 250 national and international mentors and the global fund.

We will be part of the ecosystem of new companies that grow exponentially!

We will be happy to share our experience!

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