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How hiring Julie Allison will affect Microgaming


One of the largest providers of live online casino software, Microgaming Casinos, successfully recruited Julie Allison to its management team in mid-July 2021. Ms. Allison joined the team as Chief Operating Officer. markets.

Julie allison

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What does Ms. Julie bring to the table?

The recruiting was a strategic decision for the already high-flying Microgaming casinos to strengthen their global presence, as Ms. Allison is already a big name in the gaming industry. With over 10 years of iGaming experience under her belt (including most of them have held top positions in big global names like NetEnt and Red Tiger), she is a big catch for the gaming giant. She has a wealth of experience in B2B and B2C marketing. In her previous roles, Julie Allison was responsible for overseeing the acquisition, retention and customer experience improvement of industry partnerships.

In her role as the new Director of Markets, Ms. Allison’s expectations are very high. In the words of the COO of Micro-gaming casinos, Andrew Clucas, Ms. Allison arrives with a unique and solid vision as well as a great deal of expertise in the business game that she has immersed over the years. Andrew says he is delighted to have her on the team and looks forward to a successful partnership as the company ventures into the global market.

A direct quote from Microgaming COO Andrew Clucas

A direct quote from Microgaming COO Andrew Clucas.

Julie Allison’s role in the company’s vision

In this role, Julie Allison’s main goal will be to provide a strategic plan and direction for the growth of Microgaming casinos in new markets by identifying and taking advantage of all available opportunities and using her sharp abilities to navigate the world. dynamic gaming regulatory landscape.

Ms. Allison is taking over as Head of Marketing at Microgaming Casinos’ premier content aggregator at a very critical time. Yet she is not at all intimidated by the challenge. Commenting on her new role, the new marketing manager said she couldn’t wait to get started. She is also delighted to have the chance to build on such an impressive foundation that Microgaming casinos already have in the market. She’s up for the challenge of guiding the gaming software vendor’s vision for future markets, navigating new regulations and offering customer support through changes.

A direct quote from Microgaming Market Director Julie Allison

A direct quote from Microgaming Market Manager Julie Allison.

So how does this new appointment affect Microgaming casinos?

Strengthen the top management of the company

Microgaming casinos the main goal is to expand their tentacles and venture further into regulated markets globally. Therefore, the appointment of Julie Allison at this point in this period is a strategic business decision. This gives a huge boost to the management of the company, especially the marketing department.

With ten years of industry experience, Ms. Allison has what it takes to take charge of complex marketing operations to successfully lead the business to new horizons. She is experienced and able to run Microgaming casinos new acquisitions and partnerships with various successful brands around the world and navigate regulatory requirements in new and existing markets.

Better equip the company for the constantly evolving regulatory mandates of games

With her vast experience in the industry, Julie Allison places Microgaming casinos in a position of strength. As she takes the reins of the company’s marketing department, her ten long years in the industry place her as a pillar of its growth strategy and all of its regulatory mandates. The company is in a better position to navigate the current and ever-changing regulations in the gaming market, primarily in the area;

She will be at the forefront of guiding the company to gain a foothold in new and existing markets.

Strategic plan for the penetration of new markets

In her role at Red Tiger Gaming and NetEnt (after the acquisition of Red Tiger), Ms. Allison was responsible for acquiring, retaining and improving the customer experience. With this rich experience, Julie Allison brings clarity to Microgaming casinos as they expand into new and regulated markets. As the new Director of Markets at the software vendor, Ms. Allison is responsible for identifying and leveraging all new opportunities around the world.

With roots already established in over 20 markets, Microgaming Casinos now have the team of power to venture into new territories and improve their global reach in 2021.

Microgaming Casino new partnerships

In the recent past, it is evident that Microgaming Casinos has already started to make new allies to strengthen its global appeal in accordance with its vision. In mid-July, the software developer already announced a new partnership with Doggo Casino (the new baby of DoubleUp Group).

DoubleUp Group is a relatively new company founded in the Netherlands at the end of 2020, but it has already established its name in the gaming world. This partnership proves that Microgaming Casinos has now made good progress in venturing into the Dutch community.

At the beginning of May, after reaching an agreement with the Italian gaming center BLOX, the Microgaming casinos announced their intention to increase their influence and the distribution of their products in the Italian region. This deal saw over 50 Microgaming titles uploaded to the BLOX game library.

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