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KSA shuts down FB group that promotes illegal online bingo


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Saudi Arabia, the Dutch regulator of online casinos and games, has deactivated a Facebook group that promoted illegal online bingo games.

KSA drops an ax on Dordtse Queens

“Dordtse Queens” promoted the activity through social media, with each of its eight directors advertising the games on their personal Facebook profiles.

The KSA has dubbed the ad hoc network “a spider’s web of illegal bingos” because of its interconnected nature.

In an even more alarming development, the regulator revealed that minors are also allowed to register.

However, the KSA quickly put an end to this behavior by reporting it to Facebook, which deleted six Dordtse Queens affiliate pages in one form or another.

“For some time now, the KSA has been warning Facebook when the network is used in an unauthorized manner,” the Dutch regulator noted. “It is illegal in the Netherlands to offer gambling without a license.”

He went on to reiterate his position on any party seeking to offer unlicensed gambling and issuing a warning, stating: “The KSA is monitoring to ensure that gambling participants do so safely and that the participation in illegal games of chance is prevented. . “Organizers of unauthorized lotteries and bingos face severe penalties.

About the regulator

Established in 2012, the Kansspelautoriteit (Netherlands Gambling Authority) is an independent regulator and supervisor of online and offline gambling in the Netherlands. . It regulates gambling and betting activities in the Netherlands, issues licenses and enforces the main gambling laws and regulations.