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Michigan approved to join online poker cash-sharing arrangement


Michigan has been allowed to join in the online poker cash sharing with New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. Licensed online poker sites could soon host players on a single network across these borders.

On Wednesday, the Multi-State Internet Gaming Association announced Michigan’s admission as a party to the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement, pending Wolverine State’s full execution of the agreement.

Michigan legalized online gambling, including poker, in 2019. The law on the books allows the state to allow its online poker sites to aggregate players with other states where the sites are also authorized. The idea is to allow online poker sites to bolster their respective products with larger tournament sizes and strong round-the-clock gambling offerings.

The Multistate Internet Gaming Agreement was reached by Nevada and Delaware in 2014, following the passage of Assembly Bills Nos. 114 and 360 in Nevada during the 77th session of the Nevada Legislature. Nevada launched online poker in 2013.

In 2017, New Jersey became a party to the agreement, extending the Association’s shared liquidity to full online casino games, not just peer-to-peer poker.

Nevada only has online poker, while Michigan, New Jersey, and Delaware all allow online slots and other online casino card games.

“The Multi-State Internet Gaming Association welcomes Michigan to its ranks, along with its nearly 10 million residents, who can now enjoy a full range of interactive games among Association member states,” said Rebecca Satterfield, Association Director and Internet Gaming Manager for the Delaware Lottery.

“The Association continues to be forward-thinking and welcomes the interest of other gaming jurisdictions in becoming parties to the Accord.”

the WSOPThe online poker site .com is the only authorized site in Nevada. Michigan and New Jersey allow WSOP and some of its competitors, products like MGM Resorts and PokerStars. It is not clear if MGMbased in Nevada, will be looking for a Nevada iPoker product.

It is not clear if poker sites licensed only in Michigan and New Jersey will aggregate players between these two states. the WSOPpowered by 888 Holdings, is the only operator capable of aggregating players in the aforementioned four states.

Pennsylvania is another state where online poker is legal, but it has yet to join the Multistate Internet Gambling Pact. It’s probably a matter of when, not if.