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Microgaming CEO resigns after 17 years of service at the company


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Movies have Indiana Jones and video games have Nathan Drake, but what about the dashing adventurer of the iGaming world? There is only one clear example and it must be the debonair Rich wilde.

Almost ten years ago the world was introduced to Rich Wilde Slots through his first adventure Rich Wilde and the Aztec Idols. Of course, there had been adventure slots in the past, but Rich wilde arguably started the trend to create an explorer who was more than a nameless face.

It is through this that Rich wilde has become the coolest trendsetter in the world of slots. There may be many recognized adventurer locations, but they will never be on the same level as Rich wilde.

Popularize the Solo Adventurer Slot Machine

Prior to Rich wilde, the iGaming world had action-packed adventure slots but generic characters instead that had little personality or charm. That’s not to say these slots weren’t fun – but something was missing.

It’s there that Rich wilde changed everything and gave players a recognizable figure they could identify. This is the same for all mediums (like movies or books) – a familiar figure or icon will attract people better than something anonymous or unknown. Ultimately, players will see someone they trust and be guided to that character.

As soon as you see the Rich wilde logo or its brand profile, you know you are going to experience an exciting game that will keep you entertained. It’s not hard to see why other developers have followed Play’n GO’s lead in creating a memorable figure.

Inspire other franchises

Of our time, most online slots have a familiar character to mark the slit, but it’s a fair statement to say that Rich wildeThe success of has laid the foundation for this trend. While Rich wilde isn’t the very first franchise or familiar figure in the iGaming world – it’s certainly one of the most popular examples that has sparked the craze.

After the first Rich wilde insert, Gonzo’s quest came out almost a year later and became one of NetEnt’s mascots. In 2019, the two Jungle Jim and John hunter found life as online slots characters in adventure genres – but only John hunter managed to develop into a full-fledged series.

While the initial slit in the John hunter the series appeared to be similar to the original Rich wilde, the series quickly found its own identity and remains one of Pragmatic Play’s most popular titles. The series continues to thrive alongside Rich wilde, there is even a new location for John hunter in the form of John Hunter and the quest for Bermuda’s riches.

Without Rich wilde, popular online slots with notable personalities may not exist or may be drastically different.

Genres transcended

All slots within the Rich wilde franchise are naturally adventure slots – but there are many subcategories. The first two locations are standard adventure games taking Wilde on a journey to the Aztecs and India. For the third slot machine, the famous explorer goes to Egypt in the most popular game Rich Wilde and the Book of the Dead.

Following the mega-hit of the previous game, Play’n GO decided to take the series in a new direction with Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness which was inspired by the spooky novels of HP Lovecraft. It didn’t stop there – like Rich wilde extended to Greek myths with Rich Wilde and Athena’s Shield.

That’s the beauty of Rich wilde and why the franchise is loved – because it’s unclear where the next adventure will take it.

Expanded universe

After Rich Wilde and Athena’s Shield, fans were introduced to the darling daughter of the infamous adventurer named Cat Wilde. His presence was welcomed with open arms – so much so that Play’n GO presents the new hero Cat Wilde in his first slot machine called Cat Wilde and the fate of the dead!

Following in her father’s footsteps, Cat returns to Egypt to find the treasure she missed. In his slot machine now, Cat Wilde in the Solar God Eclipse, Cat sets out to discover his father’s first adventure by returning to the Aztecs.

The Rich wilde the series is constantly developing and growing, making its own universe with the same characters and the same environments. It’s amazing that these characters belong to a completely expanded world that they come back to often, meaning all games are connected.

Few online slots have a strong connection to each other, but the Rich wilde the series is one of the few. This has led to other slot machine franchises, such as the Reactoonz series, which connects Reactoonz, Reactoonz 2, Dr Toonz and Gigantoonz through a shared universe and opens up the possibilities of future payments.

The future of Rich Wilde

It’s a fair conclusion that Rich wilde is a pioneer in the iGaming world and it definitely does it in style. The Rich wilde series was not an overnight success, but by the third title, Rich wilde was known in the world of slot machines. Being able to release nearly ten different titles within this series and having the hype continue is a true testament to the power of the Play’n GO slots.

Everyone’s Favorite Adventurer remains as cool and suave as ever due to the unpredictability of what’s to come. The future is limitless for this series with the potential for more family members or even the mysterious Mrs. Wilde.

Rich wilde and his entire franchise won’t be retiring anytime soon as Wilde is in the prime of his life. It would be fascinating to see a Rich wilde crossing with another Play’n GO series or another explorer such as Gonzo. The Rich wilde The series will be celebrating its tenth anniversary next year and it will be exciting to see where the franchise goes next.