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Microgaming helm change as CEO Coleman steps down


Global provider of online gaming software Micro games announced today its CEO John Coleman would leave his managerial position at the end of the year and be replaced by the company’s COO, André Clucas.

Resignation as CEO

Micro games chief Executive Officer Coleman will withdraw new year’s eve as CEO of the games software provider, having spent nearly 17 years spent in management positions within the company. Having served as chief financial officer (CFO) for almost 14 years, in 2018, Coleman was promoted to CEO.

Honored to have “run” the company as CEO, Coleman said this was a “natural time” for him to embark on his next adventure, leaving “a strong leadership structure in place” and “a exciting future ahead “. Introducing his successor, Coleman highlighted his genius and leadership skills, while expressing his confidence that Clucas “will lead Microgaming to further success”.

During the years of his tenure as CEO, Coleman has helped Microgaming guide its strategy and vision, diversify its product line and strengthen its position as a trusted software provider in the global gaming market.

Coleman’s openness and empathy have helped him place employee well-being, safer gaming and corporate social responsibility at the center of his decisions and will continue to support Microgaming’s global efforts as he will retain a non-executive role within the company.

The successor

“John has been an outstanding leader and ambassador for the company for almost two decades, and I cannot commend him enough for his many accomplishments and contributions,” said the Chief Operating Officer of Microgaming. Clucas, adding that he is “delighted to give him the role” and holds the position of CEO of Microgaming.

Clucas is determined to lead the business with “the same passion and the same commitment”, as Coleman demonstrates. Clucas has joined Based on the Isle of Man Microgaming in 2009, after building a successful career in the Royal Navy Air Force. Clucas held several positions in operations, including business development and sales, before being promoted to COO in 2018.

In another announcement today, Microgaming said it will unload its Rapid fire distribution activity and portfolio at Limited World Games in a transaction expected to close in the second quarter of 2022. World Games is about to acquire 25 game studios and more 3000 titles, including the Microgaming progressive jackpot network and distribution.