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MPN disappeared but online poker will not be forgotten at Microgaming


Just days after posting information on bot activity, the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) announced its closure in 2020.

MPN bosses have announced that the online poker network will close in 2020 after 16 years of service. (Image: MPN Poker)

In a press release released on September 20, Microgaming CEO John Coleman said maintaining the network was no longer viable.

Stating that the current business model no longer aligns with the company’s “strategic vision for poker”, Coleman said now is the time to focus on new businesses.

MPN Boss to manage closure with dignity

No official timeline for the shutdown has been given, but MPN players will have ample time to withdraw their funds. Additionally, a full selection of cash games and tournaments will continue to work as the process unfolds.

While the loss of an established poker network is a big blow to the industry, it is not the end of poker at Microgaming. Although shy, Coleman said the developer’s 16-year relationship with the game is not coming to an end.

“Ultimately, this decision will help the company realize this vision as we pursue a new strategic direction for the vertical, details of which will be revealed in due course,” Coleman said on September 20.

Doubling down, MPN Poker chief executive Alex Scott said the move comes after careful consideration. Considering the current state of online poker and comments from industry insiders, he said business will continue as usual until “Q2 or Q3 2020”.

Once the network is dissolved, each independent poker room will make its own arrangements as Microgaming takes a new direction with “dignity”.

“If you have money at one of the MPN poker rooms, you don’t have to worry. Each of our poker rooms have told us that they intend to find a new poker software vendor, and we intend to help them make the migration as easy and smooth as possible, ”Scott wrote. on the MPN blog.

What the future holds for Microgaming remains uncertain. As one of the world’s largest and longest-running game developers, his interests extend far beyond poker.

However, with sites such as 32Red, Grosvenor Poker and Betsson calling the MPN home, the shutdown could displace a significant number of players.

Online poker is not evolving at Microgaming

Responding to the news, 2 + 2 mainstay and online poker veteran Bobo Fett said the move was a sign of the times. With individual poker sites succeeding on their own, the need for managed networks has diminished.

Indeed, when online poker was in its infancy, networks provided a pool of players on which new sites could tap. However, with the evolution of the game, independence has become a more attractive option.

In 2013, Unibet Poker adopted this new dynamic. Leaving MPN and partnering with Relax Gaming, Unibet turned to casual gamers and has since won awards for its innovations.

Whether they like it or not, other MPN online poker sites will now have to do the same. While some may ultimately fall apart, the final announcement is less the sign of the end than the start of a new chapter.

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