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New online poker software available soon on MPN


New online poker software available soon on MPN

Online poker network NPP is about to make some major changes to its software. The operator will roll out a new platform known as Prima which will be available as a browser-based client as well as a downloadable client for desktop and mobile from July 26.

The new platform will be distributed to several NPP skins with dozens of new features including a new and improved hand history replayer; player history tool showing overall player profit and loss; loyalty, bonus and achievement features; Tables in Ultra-HD mode and more.

The operator has also implemented a feedback mechanism in the client that will allow players to easily send their feedback after each session.

In addition, the lobby will be simplified. It will no longer display the traditional list of tables, settings, and spreadsheet style options that are traditionally found in online poker rooms and present a cluttered experience for the user.

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In an exclusive interview with Poker Industry PRO, Alex Scott, Product Manager (Network Games) at Microgaming, discusses in detail the thinking, strategy, plans and approach of the company behind the bigger upgrade. software update NPP the story.

A replacement for an outdated online poker experience

Scott describes the current state of MPN’s poker product as “an old-fashioned experience” while also explaining the need for a complete software overhaul. He says the existing poker client is based on a code base that is around 17 years old, has high maintenance costs, and is prone to bugs.

Things that were considered safe 15 years ago aren’t safe today, Scott explains. As a result, development cycles are long, modern security practices are more difficult to implement, and reliability suffers as well. Moreover, he said, NPP had to maintain six separate software clients in the past, and almost every client was built using a different code base, meaning each new software feature had to be developed six times.

“The network is going through a tough time right now,” Scott said. “We must restore a competitive advantage. We need a client who is easier to sell to new clients. We had to release something much faster.

Paving the way for product innovation and new features

Scott also goes on to say that its software has not kept pace with its competition and is far behind in terms of product innovations and new software features.

“We haven’t done something innovative for a long time, something truly innovative. I think the last thing I would put in that category would be Fish Party ”- MPN’s version of the sit and go lottery, with a single progressive jackpot -“ we were the first to market this. But in reality, we haven’t had a strong track record of innovation over the past couple of years. I want that to change.

“The only way to do this is to develop as efficiently as possible. This new client allows us to do just that. Instead of building things twice, programming in two different languages ​​and frameworks, we can do it once, ”he said.

Simply put, Microgaming didn’t think it was wise to maintain multiple applications for poker. A single codebase was the only viable means and so Prima was born.

Start with the essential features of online poker

The first version of Prima will not include all of the features of MPN’s existing desktop clients in order to facilitate a faster launch, PRO has been said.

“Our approach… was to take the features we knew to be of great value from the download client and implement them. [in Prima]Scott said. “We knew we couldn’t implement all of the functionality of our existing download clients within an acceptable timeframe,” he added.

The new platform will be deployed across the web, desktops and mobile devices and it is expected that most NPP skins including RedKings, RedStar, Guts and a trio of Betsson-Betsafe, Nordicbet and Betsson skins will adopt Prima.

In most situations, the existing client and the new poker software will be offered in tandem as some issues are resolved.

“We’re trying to find a balance,” Scott said. “We need enough people to try it out so that we can start to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Players on existing software will receive a notification in the client to try Prima.

Additionally, Scott points out that each version of the client (desktop, mobile, and web) will be built from the same codebase, allowing developers to introduce new features and fixes much faster.

Simply put, the company aims to give its players a smoother and faster poker experience by Prima.

Prima represents MPN’s ambition to reclaim its position among the industry’s elite: a fresh start, using modern technology that aims not only to match its rivals, but to surpass them.


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