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Online lottery ticket shopping just got easier in New Jersey


New Jersey lottery players had previously been able to purchase such tickets online. But as of the end of last week, another online option has been released: Lotto.com.

The site started offering lottery ticket sales with a web platform – no app needed – and no need to open an account with funds to withdraw. Instead, it’s a pay-as-you-go.

The company is also in partnership with QuickChek, the brick-and-mortar convenience store chain with 138 stores in the state.

Lotto.com is the second authorized messaging service in the United States, after Jackpocket.

Lotto.com touts Statista’s research showing that 57% of ecommerce sales in the United States occur outside of mobile apps.

No downloads, no deposits

“Our team is here to promote the lottery in a way no one else could have imagined – a first, user-centric digital way that requires no download or application deposit,” said Thomas Metzger, CEO of Lotto.com Inc., in a press release.

“At Lotto.com, our mission is to increase contributions to good causes, by linking them to each ticket sold. To help us achieve this goal, we’ve partnered with QuickChek, a leader in convenience and service. By combining this offering with our best-in-class lottery distribution platform, we are able to deliver a seamless online experience to players in the most secure way possible.

The service is open to anyone aged 18, the same minimum age for horse betting. Casino games and sports betting have a minimum age of 21 years.

Lotto.com notes that self-exclusion of problem gamblers is an option, and that there are age and geolocation checks to ensure “appropriate use”.

And while stories of misplaced lottery tickets range from heartwarming to somewhat tragic, in this case, the ticket is “digital” and cannot be lost. Plus, the company notifies you if you win, rather than reminding you to check the latest winning numbers against your tickets.

The power of the lottery

Lottery sales in the United States reached nearly $ 90 billion in 2020, with $ 27 billion going to fund various community programs and most of the rest going to lottery winners.

QuickChek reported four winners of $ 1 million or more between September and January last year, including a Powerball jackpot winner of $ 33.2 million on January 31.

Lotto.com intends to grow nationwide and aims to provide this level of accessibility to lottery players in many other states in the United States.

Jackpocket is already available in New Jersey as well as Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas and Washington, DC A 2017 law opened the door to such sales in New Jersey.

At the time, New Jersey Lottery Acting Executive Director James Carey said of Jackpocket: “In New Jersey, 5.5 million adults actively use their smartphones to make daily purchases for everything. , from food to music. Now, online players can use their smartphones to access a more convenient way to participate in the lottery within state borders. “

In the case of the two online lottery operators, if you win up to $ 600, you get paid directly. For larger prizes, the company will deliver the winning ticket which will be used personally by the player for tax purposes.

Lotto.com offers ticket sales for Pick-6, Cash 4 Life, Mega Millions, Powerball, Jersey Cash 5, Pick-4 and Pick-3 games. The company invoice fees 20 cents for each $ 1 bill and 50 cents for a $ 2 bill.

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