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Ontario Online Poker Players Unhappy With New Provincial Market – Casino Reports


Despite its many benefits, Ontario’s new online gaming market has still managed to frustrate a group of gamers in the province. More recently, many online poker players have spoken out against the market, as the privatization of the industry has restricted them to playing only on provincially regulated websites or platforms with other local players.

The Ontario iGaming and mobile sports betting marker was launched on April 4, 2022 and its introduction has essentially eliminated gray market operations. It is a way of preventing locals from pouring millions into offshore betting sites, and thus keeping some of the revenue in the province and reinvesting it as proceeds from other regulated gambling activities.

Lack of variety and players

The Ministry of the Attorney General has advised that currently the country’s Criminal Code restricts Ontario online poker enthusiasts to only playing with each other on provincially licensed websites. This led many players in the province to complain the lack of variety in the games, as well as the fact that they cannot play against residents of other provinces due to the new iGaming regime.

In an email Wednesday, ministry spokesman Brian Gray said many players didn’t realize they were play on unregulated platforms, before the introduction of the new iGaming market. In its own words, the new online marketplace aims to protect consumers, promote responsible gambling and provide opportunities for companies in the sector.

On top of that, Mr. Gray said operators and providers of the new gaming model need to adhere to rigorous standards game and operator integrity, fairness, player protection and social responsibility. He believes the measures will protect players, prevent underage access and ensure compliance with applicable laws, such as anti-money laundering rules.

However, recently there has been a boom in complaints from poker players on social media. One consumer even pointed out that there were less than 100 people playing on a poker platform on July 1, 2022. Other players even shared their plans for move to Calgary, Albertawhere there are no online restrictions, and the city hosts the best live events in the country.

Many online options

Besides poker, the new provincial market for online games and sports betting offers many other options. According to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, so far more than 20 operators and websites were allowed to operate in the market. One of the first brands is sports betting giant DraftKings, which entered the market in May 2022.

However, despite the many market advantages, the province reported a major concern with the new model. In early July, the AGCO reported that some users had taken advantage of a loophole in the market self-exclusion program, which allows bettors to cancel their losing bets. Due to the many operators, the self-exclusion option is not connected with each other, thus allowing players to take advantage of it.

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