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Overcome the challenges of online poker


EvenBet Gaming talks about current trends and the toughest challenges for online poker operators that have caused the biggest headaches in 2021.

This year, as the pandemic slowly receded and the world returned to normal, the lockdown-driven growth of iGaming needed to be secured and supported by innovations and changes for further development. Online poker during the pandemic has seen a real revival with a notable increase in the number of players and revenues. What should traders do if they want to see the revenue curve rise further? EvenBet Gaming shares a few ideas.

Mobile UX: impossible to overestimate

Gone are the days when, when choosing a software platform, an operator would first check desktop or web applications. Even in conservative Europe, over 45% of gamers are already mobile, and in emerging markets, including the United States and Latin America, the share of mobile users is predominant.

In 2021, our overall focus in UX and UI development was definitely on mobile apps. Today, players demand that mobile poker have the same functionality as desktop poker: game selection, customization, game settings, and player-to-player interaction options must all be available. Still, the challenge is to keep the user interface simple and easy to navigate without sacrificing any functionality and to make it easier for the player to navigate the app to ensure engagement.

It’s exactly as complicated as it sounds: for the redesign of our mobile poker user interface, we had to use all of our expertise gained since 2004, video and casual game best practices, analytics data. on user behavior in our customers’ applications and information. But it’s totally worth it, because now mobile is the future of iGaming.

EvenBet’s redesigned mobile poker app will be available as an open demo in December 2021.

Best Advice: If your mobile app’s user interface hasn’t been significantly updated for more than two years, it’s time.

Marketing: tools specific to poker

Ignoring the game-specific promotion mechanics will surely decrease your income and the player’s lifetime value. While to acquire traffic, most iGaming companies rely on the same tools: affiliates and agents, PPC, etc., poker has unique loyalty and engagement boosters that have been proven to guarantee long-lasting success. term.

Now it is even more important for an online poker operator to create a rewarding rakeback program, constantly fine-tune a tournament grid to increase engagement for both newbies and seasoned players, and monitor pay close attention to the ROI of bonuses and jackpots. Among these tools, tournaments require special attention: modern poker platforms offer dozens of their variations, and with additional parameters such as KO and Bounty rewards, multiple entries, rebuys, etc., the flexibility of the game. operator is almost infinite. However, in most cases, each audience segment would be attracted to different types of tournaments: for example, new players will be eager to play in a freeroll but become an easy target in high stakes games with a guaranteed prize and a knockout bonus. There is a need to balance tournament patterns and stake sizes so that players can find themselves a perfect tournament, regardless of their skill set and budget.

Best Advice: Get to know all of the poker-specific tools. At EvenBet Gaming, we’ve created a free poker marketing guide: get your copy from our website.

Competition: is there room in the market?

With extremely strong players in the market – PokerStars, 888, GGPoker, PartyPoker – we hear this question a lot. And many casino and sports betting operators prefer to join an existing poker network rather than promoting their poker offering and creating their liquidity.

Yet many markets are far from saturated and the world’s poker giants often cannot deliver targeted deals to local players. In South America and Latin America, due to the complexity of localized payment processing, marketing and support, local businesses are winning. Whenever it comes to audiences with specific needs or preferences, languages, player skills (we all know how many pros and “sharks” there are in global networks!), There are a huge chance to open a successful poker room.

Above all, to be competitive, an operator must fully understand its market and identify its strongest assets.

Best Advice: You will probably never beat Stars or GGPoker in the world. That doesn’t mean you won’t have enough players.

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