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Relax Gaming launches the French online poker network


Unibet’s partner, Relax Gaming, is celebrating its fifth year of online poker business by making a game for the growing French shared liquidity market.

Relax Gaming is about to launch an online poker network in France, which means Unibet will be leaving iPoker Europe. (Image: Relax Gaming)

Announcing its intentions on February 28, the software provider will work with Kindred to launch a French online poker network in the second quarter of 2019. The move will not only inject new blood into a historically difficult market, but mark the next step in it. evolution of Relax Gaming.

Relax Gaming targets separate markets

Already operating its own dot.com poker network in various European countries, including Romania, Denmark, Sweden and the UK, Relax Gaming is far from a newbie in the industry. However, his next venture will be his first in a separate market.

“We have already had success with this product in many other Kindred markets and I am very excited to give even more poker players the chance to enjoy the Relax Gaming poker experience, with a base designed to be fun, fair and exciting, ”said Martin Stalros, COO of Relax Gaming on February 28.

Although details are limited at this point, the company’s French poker network will be removing Unibet from iPoker Europe. As a Kindred affiliate, Unibet Poker separated from the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) and joined Relax Gaming in 2013.

As part of this move, the online poker site has been overhauled to ensure it focuses more on casual players. As a result, Relax Gaming and Unibet won the 2017 Gaming Intelligence Award for Poker Provider of the Year.

With Relax Gaming unable to provide network service in France, Unibet Poker has found a home on iPoker Europe. However, once its new partner network goes live, it will move away from what is already an established player pool with a 24-hour peak of over 660 players.

Online poker is gaining momentum in France

Despite sacrificing his place on a workbench, Unibet bosses see it as a risk to take thanks to the current state of online poker in France. Since the signing of a liquidity-sharing pact with Spain, Portugal and Italy, the market has flourished.

Having previously suffered from high taxes and falling numbers, operators with access to the shared player pool are starting to thrive. PokerStars has published evidence of this in recent days.

Following the conclusion of its latest MTT innovation, the market leader said it has paid out more than $ 75 million in prizes since cash sharing began in January 2018. In addition to beating tournament guarantees, PokerStars has also seen several record-setting events.

Building on this type of success, Relax Gaming hopes that its French network will be just as popular. To facilitate this, CEO Daniel Eskola said he looks forward to adding more operators to the platform over time.

Although Kindred and Unibet will remain central figures in the network, the door is open to new poker sites and markets.

As the online poker industry is more entertainment-oriented than ever, Relax Gaming’s software should help attract players in France and, ultimately, the shared liquidity market in Europe.

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