Steps Before Applying For Real Estate Financing

I always get questions on various topics, but the record-breaking question is “How do I apply for a mortgage?”

And today I decided to talk a little about the subject.

Unsurprisingly, most Brazilians want their own dreamed home , but many people are frustrated that they don’t know what to do before going to the bank and talking to their manager. I am absolutely sure that if people prepared, it would be easier and faster to buy your property .

With pencil and paper in hand write down these steps and with a little planning soon your dream will come true:

Dream is different from illusion, so stop living on illusion!

Dream is different from illusion, so stop living on illusion!

Even if it sounds a little tough, I have to say that a lot of people are fooled by the idea that financing is easy or even that the bank approves all requests. It is important to know that there are some impediments.
Main impediments: Credit restriction (“dirty name”), other financing, no proof of income, no bank account, government debt.

    1. Search for information

You will only know if you can make a loan if you know what the bank’s requirements are at least. So research a lot! Almost all banks now have online chat, meaning you can ask questions without leaving your home. In addition, on search engines you can find material on the subject commented by subject matter experts.
In our comparator you can get an idea of ​​the value of the installments and the interest rate. This may be the first step in your research process.

    1. Take a look at your financial life

One of the greatest financial dangers is to look only at the present or only for the future. If you look only at the present, you will no longer consider other priorities that may arise, for example children. And if you only look to the future you can compromise the financial peace of the moment. So do some financial planning considering what you have now projecting the impact of debt on funding periods.

Find the house or at least have options

Find the house or at least have options

If with the information you researched in the previous step the scenario remains positive to apply for financing then start choosing the house or apartment .

I am not saying that you already have to negotiate with the seller, this step is about having a list of real estate options and if possible visiting them.
I advise you to search the property, analyze if in another neighborhood the prices are better, visit the houses that are possible and try to go without a broker, so you will have more possibilities for future trading.

Get to work!

Get to work!

If you have reached this step, you are almost ready to face a financing commitment. So now the most important step is to apply for the credit . For this you can first compare with Good Finance and already know which bank has lower interest rate. With this information contact the bank for more detailed information. And request credit analysis.

Government-linked banks offer higher interest rate benefits, but the requirements are often tighter.

If you have questions or have suggestions for topics leave a comment, we work to do the best for you!

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