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What to expect from online bingo games in the modern age?


It may be approaching its 500th anniversary, but bingo shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

This iconic game has undoubtedly come a long way since it originated as a 16th century Italian lottery.

Fast forward to today and one of the best bingo sites at 888ladies highlights how much the game has changed over its history.

Read on to discover the history of bingo and assess how advancements in technology have helped propel the game into another stratosphere.

An introduction to bingo

Bingo has its roots in “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” – an Italian lottery game that later spread its wings to several other European countries.

It finally crossed the Atlantic Ocean at the turn of the last century, finding favor with visitors to local fairs and carnivals.

A version of bingo was spotted by New York car salesman Edwin Lowe, who tweaked the game to create the version played by millions of people today.

Its creation became the go-to entertainment business in the UK and USA during the 20th century, although its growth was not without challenges.

Easing of gambling laws sparks bingo boom

One of the biggest problems bingo faced in the 1900s was the presence of restrictive gambling laws in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Governments frowned on bingo as a commercial activity, forcing the game underground as people sought to circumvent the rules.

The revision of gambling laws in the UK in the 1960s transformed the landscape, providing a platform for bingo to become a global phenomenon.

Bingo halls have opened around the world as gambling operators clamor to take a piece of the action for themselves.

The draw threatens the future of bingo

While bingo has proven hugely popular, it’s safe to say that its working-class image has become a major issue as the new millennium approaches.

People started to get much more ambitious when it came to entertainment pursuits, and the future of bingo looked seriously threatened.

Other factors such as lack of investment in upgrading halls and banning smoking in public places have also derailed the bingo industry.

However, technology has emerged as a savior for the bingo industry, helping to resurrect the game’s fortunes and bring it back to the forefront of public consciousness.

Internet saves bingo bacon

It would have been brave to predict that the advent of the Internet would have such a transformative impact on the fortunes of bingo.

Inspired by the success of other forms of online gambling, gambling operators and developers soon realized that the Internet offered a wealth of possibilities.

While the early bingo sites didn’t offer too much excitement, they were undoubtedly the precursor to what has become a massive industry in its own right.

Advances in software capabilities, better payment security and improved Wi-Fi connectivity have all played a major role in bingo’s resurgence.

Bingo in the mobile age

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Improvements in smartphone capabilities were arguably the most important factor in the bingo boom of the 21st century.

People can now play bingo games whenever and wherever they want, making the game much more accessible than before.

This has helped attract a different demographic of players to bingo, helping it become one of the biggest growth areas in the gaming industry.

Once considered the preserve of the working classes, bingo is now one of the most inclusive entertainment activities on the planet.

Embrace the social side of bingo

When bingo reached its peak in the second half of the 20th century, the social aspect of the game was one of its main attractions.

People would use bingo as a way to get together with friends and family on a regular basis, and this philosophy has been expertly incorporated into online bingo.

Game operators use the latest instant messaging software to allow players to interact with each other, recreating the social element of gaming in a digital environment.

With some sites exploring how video chat technology can be incorporated into online bingo, the game will continue to provide people with a way to socialize for many years to come.

Bingo of the future

Since bingo seemed to be on its knees at the turn of the last century, the last two decades have witnessed quite a remarkable transformation.

Digital technology has proven to be a boon, allowing gaming operators to develop increasingly immersive online bingo sites.

They are unlikely to rest on their laurels, especially since technology is now advancing at quite a ridiculous rate.

Among the most significant changes seen in recent years is the evolution from standard variants such as 90 ball bingo to crossovers with other games.

These include Slingo and Flash Fives, each of which was a big hit. More such innovations are likely to impact the industry in the coming years.

Virtual reality (VR) technology has also been widely seen as the next big thing in bingo, with supporting hardware now capable of delivering stunning gaming experiences.

Some virtual reality social bingo games have already launched online and real money games are unlikely to be added before real money games are added.

While digital technology is expected to continue to advance over the next few years, these are exciting times for a game that continues to conjure the sands of time.