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Why is Microgaming more and more popular in 2022? – Focus on entertainment


Microgaming is an award-winning online gaming software company that delivers experiences to sites around the world. The company is based in the Isle of Man but has a global influence in online gaming. Every year, Microgaming releases new games, and each set of releases creates significant buzz in the industry. Although not a universally known brand, Microgaming is a big player in the creation of software and has gained popularity through some of the best releases, such as those based on the television program “Game of Thrones” and the iconic character Lara Croft.

The question of why the company is growing in popularity is an interesting one, and let’s explore some possible answers.

Great titles and crisp graphics

There is no doubt that the main reason Microgaming is dominant is the focus on quality. Corralling the right partnerships with media companies means they can publish titles that carry brand power. When releasing games related to TV, movies, or popular culture, the games already have a grip on the market. Collaborations between the company and studios around the world provide great credibility.

However, the company does not rely too heavily on these titles and also ensures that the graphics and gameplay are of the highest standard. While early titles may have been basic, the company has invested heavily in visual and audio experiences for the user in recent years.

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Bringing games to mobile

Microgaming also pioneered on-the-go online gaming via a mobile device. These online gaming experiences were largely designed for the desktop or laptop and limited to people playing from a fixed location. Microgaming has always been at the forefront of innovation and has anticipated that the user will want to play on the go.

Recognizing the user experience on a mobile phone is completely different, which means they didn’t rely on mobile-friendly games, but opted for native mobile games, which made much better use of the functionality of the telephone. Websites like OlyBet are strongly focused on delivering great mobile experiences for their users.

Regular outings

The software company is famous for releasing between two and five games every month. There is a constant flow of fresh content from the creator of the software, which keeps the brand fresh and relevant. They are also dominant companies that cannot meet the same production schedule by constantly innovating.

While other software companies are gaining prominence, such as Playtech and Neteller, Microgaming has taken advantage of this competition to innovate and consider different markets for online gambling.

Why 2022 could be so different

2022 could be a bumper year as longtime CEO John Coleman is replaced by Andrew Clucas. Early signs are that Clucas is using Japanese-influenced graphics and gameplay in the new 2022 releases. A new marketing director in Julie Allison is also set to shake things up for the iGaming company. It seeks to extend Microgaming’s grip on the internet gaming industry.

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Online gaming will only grow as the smartphone market matures and everyone lives through their devices. Microgaming has always been at the forefront of maximizing technological change, and 2022 is unlikely to offer anything different.