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YouTube video shows a two-computer scheme


An unidentified player posting on the Two Plus Two poker forums under the pseudonym “godmode49” posted a video on YouTube which allegedly shows how cheat networks use two-computer setups to avoid detection at poker sites in line.

An anonymous poster uploaded a video to YouTube purporting to show a complex online poker cheat system using two computers. (Image: Djorta1 12 / YouTube)

The video refers to cheating in heads-up sit and go (HUSNG) tournaments and, in particular, the short-stack turbo versions which many players believe are essentially resolved due to the relatively limited number of strategy options. compared to other poker formats.

Results of complex technical setup in GTO Play

In the video, the poster shows how a main computer is used to log in and play at poker sites, as well as software designed to ensure clear and predictable multi-table layouts. This computer then broadcasts video from its screen to a second computer, where several other programs are running.

Key features of the second computer include optical character recognition software that can read the poker action that is being played from the first machine. Once the recognition software has done its job, the information is then put into software that has already been programmed with a game theory calculated for an optimal game for the given situation, allowing the user to play perfectly (or almost perfectly) in every possible location.

The video shows the hardware used to avoid detection of the second machine, as major poker sites attempt to detect such setups. It also shows examples of the setup being used, with dozens of tables being played by a bot in real time.

While the creator of the video suggests that many people are using this setup, especially a ring operating out of Bulgaria, but using VPNs to appear to be from other European countries, its primary target was “Xrab”, an individual which he also called Ivan.

“His squad is made up almost exclusively of Bulgarians, but they play from Germany and Malta on Partypoker,” the creator wrote in a text overlay for the video. “If the sites were to verify, all of their identity documents would be Bulgarian.”

The individual behind the video also reports that sites and networks such as WPN, Microgaming, and iPoker are under attack by Xrab and other cheaters.

Online poker cheating a constant concern for operators

The video ends with several minutes of screenshots of conversations between the poster and members of what they claim to be their former team of cheaters, including a programmer by the name of Sergei Radulov, who is believed to be the developer of the system. . Conversations date back to 2017.

This final part of the video drew a mixed reaction from other posters in the Two Plus Two thread, some of whom questioned if the person who came forward was simply a cheater seeking revenge after arguing. with his old team. However, almost everyone enjoyed seeing how such cheating would occur, regardless of the motivation.

Regardless of his motives, ”wrote the poster TucoSalamanca. “Catching those accounts will lead to catching more accounts and better understanding [of] how these mafias work.

In 2019, it is common knowledge that poker sites are in a constant state of war with bot operators, with major sites seeking to detect and ban as many as possible to prevent their legitimate player base from thinking that their games are overrun with cheaters. Some sites have even turned to public disclosure of their efforts, such as Partypoker, which regularly reports the monthly number of bot accounts banned from its site.

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